The Cupertino tech-giant has moved into the world of horology with their flagship smartwatch.

OPINION: What would you rather, an Apple Watch, or one of these?


What do Apple and Kim Kardashian’s derriere have in common? They both broke the internet – Apple did it yesterday, finally announcing the release date, specs and pricing for the Apple Watch. The burning question, right away, was, who actually cared? There was a deja vu atmosphere to the announcement as the first one, in November 2014, brought all the pundits out prophesying again the doom – or boom – of the Swiss watch industry as a result. It all happened again yesterday, with much the same result – a general bemusement from the industry. No-one in Switzerland is running scared. No-one at the Time+Tide office is looking for work elsewhere. And no-one who loves watches is going to wholesale replace them with another gadget. If there’s any interesting twist here, it’s that we at Time+Tide are watch people AND Apple people – we all use MacBook Pros, we all have iPhones – so what about us? What about you guys? A huge amount of our traffic is from Apple products. So the next question, the by far more interesting one, was who was going to buy one and how were they going to use it? We took to Instagram for… Read More

INTERVIEW: Meeting Apple’s Marc Newson (WATCH PICS)


With the news that Australian designer and multidisciplinary artist Marc Newson is to join friend Jony Ive at Apple still ringing in everyone’s ears, it’s probably a good time to look at one of their earlier collaborations; a wristwatch they co-designed for Bono’s (RED) auction in November which raised $26.2-million for charity. The watch alone, pictured below – in all its grainy iPhone glory – was listed as an item worth $10-$15,000. When I met Marc and he told me the story he said, “I think it sold for $300,000 or something.” It was $365,000 to be precise. So reason enough for a quick recap on my recent interview with Newson in his office in London. First, Jony Ive on Marc (as quoted in Vanity Fair): “Marc is without question one of the most influential designers of this generation. He is extraordinarily talented. We are particularly excited to formalize our collaboration as we enjoy working together so much and have found our partnership so effective.” Marc on Jony: “I’m full of admiration and respect for the extraordinary design work that has been produced by Jony and the team at Apple. My close friendship with Jony has not only given me a… Read More

NEWS: Apple announce the Apple Watch, and (finally) enter the smart watch game.


In the wee hours of the Australian morning, Apple finally announced its entry into the smartwatch field – the, drum roll… no, don’t bother, ‘Apple Watch’. To paraphrase one of our former PMs, it’s the smartwatch we had to have. But rather than focus on the iOS, the battery life (clue – it’ll be terrible), the vaguely creepy Apple emoji, or any of the other technical aspects that you can read about on your favourite tech blog, we’re going to try and look at it as a watch. Compare ‘apples with apples’ if you will. So my first reaction upon seeing the Apple Watch seconds after I woke this morning was “I’ve seen that before.” While the Apple Watch certainly looks a lot like an iPad or any other Apple product it also bears a suspicious resemblance to the designs of Dieter Rams, famous for his work with Braun. It also reminds me of some more recent Braun designs as well as little known mechanical/digital hybrid watches from Ventura. These associations shouldn’t be taken as negatives, it means that the Apple Watch fits comfortably into the existing watch design canon – making it something more of a recognizable and familiar object. This… Read More