VIDEO: Fantastic 4 – the best TAG Heuer watches from Baselworld 2017

TAG Heuer is a brand with the pedal to the metal – which is appropriate given their motorsports heritage. Having said that, TAG Heuer’s Baselworld 2017 releases have been both diverse and prolific. There’s the heritage hotness of the Autavia, but there’s also the slimmed down and blinged up versions of the aggressively modern and technical modular Carrera. But the real surprise is a completely revamped and reimagined Link – what was once bold and chunky is now sleek and dressy…

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HANDS-ON: Barely there brilliance – the Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatic

Some of the most important, exciting watches are those made by watchmakers who push the barriers of what’s possible. The deepest, the most complicated, or in the case of this Bulgari, the thinnest. Bulgari has a proven record when it comes to high-end, ultra thin horology. They hold the record for the thinnest tourbillon and the thinnest minute repeater. Now they can add the thinnest automatic movement to the list. The movement in the new Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatic is a mere 2.23mm thick, 0.7mm thinner than Piaget’s legendary 12P. On top of that the whole watch comes in at a mere 5.15mm thick. This extremely slight movement, paired with the lightweight titanium case means that the Octo really is a feather on the wrist. The real trick to making a thin movement is to make one that is robust enough to stand up to regular daily wear, and on that front the Octo certainly delivers. Beating at 3hz, and with a platinum micro-rotor that’s able to generate an impressive 60 hours of power reserve, the Finissimo is no delicate dress-only piece. On top of that the Caliber BVL 138 has been designed to very tight tolerances, with many elements…

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NEWS: This beaten-up Tudor Oyster Submariner 7923 is about to sell for more than $100,000 on eBay

Buying vintage watches on Ebay can be a risky business. There’s a lot of sharks and gussied up pieces in those murky waters. But, every so often those incredible barn finds do happen. Like this reference 7923 Tudor Submariner, which at the time of writing has a high bid of $99,999 USD, with 2d 16h to go. Yes you read that number right, a buck below one hundred grand. And to think that the seller originally listed it with a starting price of $3500, and the following sparse (almost poetic) description; The model number is 7923. This is one of the few manual winding  watches. There is no band. The watch does NOT function. There is a ding in the crystal @ 5:27 with scratches front and back. It seems that on March 20th the San Francisco seller realised what they had on their hands, possibly due to the presumed deluge of interest in Tudor’s first ever dive watch, as they updated the description to let us know the watch was now in a safe deposit box and to provide geiger counter readings and other information expected of a watch of this rarity. Of course we can’t know for sure if…

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28.03.2017  |  Andrew McUtchen

MY WATCH STORY: Running into last year’s crush in Hall 1, Jared’s Breguet Type XXI 3817

There are watches you see that have an immediate impact, but then the feeling fades. You see the same watch some years later and you can remember thinking it was amazing, but sometimes the desire to own it is gone. The opposite happened when I spotted Jared’s Breguet Type XXI 3817, which was released at Baselworld last year. It remains one of the finest pilot’s chronographs available, and one of the best value in terms of materials, quality and finishing with pricing at $17,800. And that’s without mentioning its looks. My mancrush on this perfectly chiselled piece is more intense than ever. Time has only made its combination of rugged machismo and fine guilloched detail stand out even more off the wrist. Below my misty-eyed iPhone shots, you can find a much better quality selection we took last year. Thanks to Jared for letting me fawn all over it and try it on, yet again. Why did you choose this one? With my style I am more of a sporty person and I like to have a watch I can wear every day with every outfit. I also really like the vintage style of the strap. At the same time it keeps…

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