FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 21st July, 2016 – the drama edition


Given that this past seven days have been all about Barry Conrad’s dramatic take on the Longines Military COSD, we thought this might be a good week to inject a little drama into our lives. So sit back, grab the popcorn and settle in for the Friday Wind Down (cue dramatic music and soap opera stares). What happened? James Dowling is one of the elder statesman of the vintage watch world, and a well-known dealer. He’s also co-author of the canonical ‘The Best Of Time Rolex Wristwatches: An Unauthorised History’ – a weighty, 400-page tome. And until very recently he was a moderator over at Timezone. Well, it looks like Dowling isn’t having such a great time these days, as he’s being sued by energy-drink billionaire J. Darius Bikoff, for misrepresenting the value of watches Dowling sold him for a cool $700,000 US. But even worse, a second dealer and no less a personage than Phillips Watch supremo Aurel Bacs has called the legitimacy of some of the pieces into question. Piaget launched its premium steel sports watch, the Polo S at a star-studded (well, Ryan Reynolds was there at least) affair in Brooklyn. But there was a problem – and we’re not talking…

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INTERVIEW: “I’ve got a god-given gift in my ass.” 5 legendary quotes from legendary driver, Allen Grant

He’s been George Lucas’ “hero” since they were kids (but he didn’t watch Star Wars until his own children forced him to), he’s one of the key players in the story of the Ferrari-beating Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe and he now has a watch named after him. Race car driver Allen Grant has led quite a life. And that’s the right turn of phrase. Allen Grant has spent a lot of it in the lead. As for the eponymous watch, it’s the rather comely Capeland Shelby Cobra 1963 Allen Grant model to be precise, limited to just 15 pieces. And it’s probably not gilding the lily to say that – in the same way that the Shelby Cobra changed the game on Ferrari, who’d won 10 of 12 FIA sports-car titles in the previous 12 years up until 1965  – the sporty Capeland Cobra has changed the game for Baume & Mercier. A few months ago, after an adrenaline-fuelled lap of the historic Paul Ricard racetrack in Provence, I sat down with this legendary driver to find out about his life behind the wheel. These are the five quotes that sum it up. ON HAVING A WATCH WITH HIS NAME ON IT:…

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GONE IN 60 SECONDS: Presenting for duty – the Longines Heritage Military COSD video review

Typically it’s the Time+Tide team that are the wrists behind our ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ reviews, but today we’ve asked singer-songwriter-actor Barry Conrad to step up to the plate. He’s already delivered the thespian goods with his role as anonymous airman (we just made that title up; we have no idea if Barry named his monologue character or not) and told us how a good prop can make or break a performance. So it seemed only natural to let Barry tell the final chapter in the Heritage Military COSD tale – that of the watch itself. The COSD comes in black, above, as well as the white-dialled version Barry fell in love with. Seriously, he’s so besotted we’re predicting wedding bells in the near future. Anyway, without further ado, take it away Barry! Longines Heritage Military COSD Australian pricing Longines Heritage Military COSD, $2225 on NATO, $2500 on leather.

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18.07.2016  |  Andrew McUtchen

MY WATCH STORY: Brendan’s Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra

image1 (6)

Editor’s Note: As I’ve raised recently there are times, like on public transport, or when your wife’s giving birth, that you wish you could switch off the instinct to spot watches. Just not notice them. You know, actually enjoy the commute, or the moment your child comes into the world, without squinting furiously (damn that astigmatism) at somebody’s wrist and speculating as to the timepiece’s model, its make, its origins. But the fact is, I can’t. The proof? This watch story. I’ll say no more, just cross my fingers that my wife doesn’t notice this post. Why this one? It took me ages to decide, but this one was the best value for money. I used to read a lot of ablogtowatch. I did a lot of reading and research. Obviously I had a budget, and it was a question of what’s the best watch I can get for that price. And this was it. What about its style appealed to you? I didn’t want anything too sporty and I wanted something I could wear away from work. It fits everything. I can wear it every day. I thought I’d rather get one with a bracelet, though I do have one now with a…

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