HOW TO: Build a potentially profitable vintage watch collection with a budget of $3000-$12000 per piece

A few years ago I attended a talk called, ‘How to Start a Collection’. The focus was on vintage rather than modern and the speaker was a prominent collector, so I looked forward to picking up some great tips. His advice was to anchor a collection with some key pieces, and he gave some examples. Impeccable reasoning, but there was a catch: the name of every piece began with Patek, Rolex or Panerai – and none could be had for less than $80,000. Most were some way north of $100k. So, what if you’re a watch addict of far more modest means? One for whom every $500 increment in price gives real pause for thought. And one who both wants and needs to feel that he or she hasn’t done something dumb with their hard-earned money. Someone who, even at a more accessible end of the vintage market, wants the watch to have a fighting chance of holding its value over time, or better still, to appreciate? I asked a range of experts for advice – Jonathan Darracott of Bonhams (London), Pedro Reiser at Sotheby’s (Geneva), Toby Sutton at Watches of Knightsbridge (London) and Alex Ghotbi and Aurel Bacs at Phillips (Geneva). On…

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VIDEO: A slightly smaller statement watch, the TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 43mm

TAG Heuer’s avant-garde new take on the classic Carrera, the Heuer 01, has become an increasingly bright – and big – star in the brand’s firmament since its release in 2015. TAG Heuer have used the modular case as a vehicle to release everything from tourbillons to smartwatches. The only bone of contention thus far has been the size. 45mm is not small by any means, especially when you factor in the height of the Heuer 01 movement. The new (slightly) smaller 43mm version is a smart solution. Make no mistake — it’s still a large statement watch, but slightly less intense on the wrist than the mighty 45mm version. You might say this latest Heuer 01 offers the best of both worlds.

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HANDS-ON: The Longines Legend Diver, now on mesh 

Earlier this year we had a look at one of the classic watches from Longines’ catalogue, the Legend Diver – a heritage diver inspired by old-school super compressors. The Legend has always been popular amongst watch lovers, and an important precursor to the heritage trend that has slowly grown to become all-encompassing. Turns out that the Legend Diver celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, and Longines has celebrated by popping on a new strap option – a heavy and handsome Milanese mesh bracelet. And while the watch itself is unchanged, this woven steel bracelet is a great example of the old-watch-chestnut that changing your strap is the next best thing to getting a new watch. The thick and supple Milanese is a choice that’s entirely appropriate for a diver, but functionally it gives the Legend a far more dressy feel — more work, less weekend. Quality-wise the mesh is there too. It’s firm, substantial, and not prone to flopping around on the wrist. It’s also worth noting that I had no issues with pinched hair while it was on my wrist. I’m really pleased that the Legend Diver has enjoyed such a long run, and this latest iteration is a…

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Longines Legend Diver Milanese loop
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24.07.2017  |  Andy Green

SPOTTED! BY AG: Dispatch 10, July 2017 – the watchfam edition

This month really flew by, which, going by the past six months, is the new standard. It started with a quick visit from Nick Kavvalos (@Nikokav) who was down from Sydney for ‘work’ with his Omega Planet Ocean. A couple of local watch collectors and I took him out for coffee and some car shopping. Nick is still revelling in his most recent purchase, an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver. Later in the month, I snuck along to a meet-up with the RedBar Crew Melbourne Chapter, which is headed up by Ernie Tang, a regular fixture on Time+Tide and the local scene. Like their fellow international chapters, RedBar is held at a secret location (for obvious reasons), tucked away in one of Melbourne’s many laneways. Here are some of the spotting highlights of the night. The first piece that caught my eye as I walked in was an IWC Big Pilot Heritage 48 on the wrist of member Yumie (@Yumie88). It was great to see the ladies well represented on the night, and Yumie was out in force, with a 48mm Big Pilot no less. It turns out Yumie has quite the collection, something we’ll be sure to cover in…

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