WATCHSPOTTING: Which tennis player wears what in 2017?


Editor’s note: Whether they know it or not, anyone in a highly visible profession is likely to have their wristwear critiqued by a cadre of hardcore watch geeks. Politicans, actors and athletes are all fair game. Today in a special guest post, Paxton Wong casts his ever-watchful eye over the watch choices of some of the world’s best tennis players, just as the Australian Open heats up in week two. They say tennis is all in the wrist. Perhaps here is where the secret lies? Looking a little closer, players appear to be balancing the weight of the racquet in hand with a timepiece on the other wrist.  Should make sense – right? Back in the day it was fashionable for a tennis player to wear a watch on court. Tennis was a gentleman’s game. Funnily enough, John McEnroe was associated with Omega’s titanium watches at a time. Boris Becker and Stefan Edberg wore Ebel, and they wore them when they played. Boris even wore a TAG Heuer Kirium, though these days he’s more often seen wearing IWC and the Cartier Calibre de Cartier Diver. For whatever the reason, there’s always been a close relationship between watches and tennis. Perhaps…

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VIDEO: Our top 10 watches from SIHH 2017 – featuring some *seriously* hot shots

There’s a case for letting the dust settle before you start writing lists after a watch fair. You know, the fullness of time, emotions recollected in tranquility, all that. Or, you could just ride the wave of enthusiasm/delirium while it’s still surging and put it out there, on the spot, from the ‘backstage area’ of one of the booths. Which is precisely what we did on the final day of SIHH 2017 after some frantic notebook scribbling and hurried discussion. We ended up not agreeing enough to do a team list just yet (after all, we’re different people). So we stuck to five each. We’re quite sure that when we get home and start poring over all the photos and videos with fresh eyes that things will change. But until then, these are some piping hot croissants, fresh from the SIHH oven. And boy, are the watches (and our photographer Marcus’ shots of them)  toasty. Enjoy with a cup of coffee.

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INTRODUCING: The new Panthère de Cartier – an ’80s icon back on the prowl

No one was quite sure what to expect at SIHH this year, so it was a thrill to see Cartier getting on the front foot with a female-focused re-release of the Panthère de Cartier. First launched in the 1980s, it sat well with the cultural cues of the time: big hair, shoulder pads, Dynasty. Charlie Sheen’s character, Bud Fox, wore one in Wall Street. And one of our favourite photographs shows the Panthère on the wrist of a fresh-faced, blow-dried Pierce Brosnan, accessorised with a pinky ring and a luxuriant pectoral thatch, his top four buttons left undone, as was standard in the era. That, friends, was how you rocked a Panthère. The theme goes back way further than that, though. The big cat first slunk into the picture in 1914, when Louis Cartier – who was running the company at the time with his brothers Jacques and Pierre – commissioned a painting by French artist George Barbier, featuring a woman with a panther lounging at her feet. Just a few months later, the creature appeared on its first piece of Cartier jewellery, and ever since then it’s been an ongoing motif across both the brand’s male and female collections, with everything from watches and…

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16.01.2017  |  Andy Green

SPOTTED! BY AG: Dispatch 4, January 2017


There you have it – another year done and dusted. Now we’re all trying to get our heads around writing 2017 instead of 2106, and ramping up the excitement about the new releases we’ll be seeing at SIHH and Baselworld. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been able to take advantage of time off work to catch up with a few long lost friends, and to do some summertime watch-spotting. Most businesses might have shut up shop for the Christmas break, but that didn’t stop me from finding a few open cafes. After what feels like a lifetime of research and shopping around, good mate Stefanos FINALLY sought and bought his grail – a Rolex DateJust 1601 ‘Wideboy’, while in Japan. As you can see, the hard work definitely paid off, and he’s scored an excellent example, which is no doubt a keeper. There’s a lesson to be learnt about patience here. And now he’s got a taste for Rolex, I doubt this will be his last piece. Friend of Time+Tide, @Syn.chronus (AKA Glen) was back in town, this time with a pretty special Christmas present. After several weeks travelling around Europe, all roads led to Taiwan, where he picked up…

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