BREAKING: TAG Heuer release a tribute to Muhammad Ali – the Carrera Calibre 5 ‘Ring Master’


On the third of June this year, one of the greatest sportsmen of our times passed away at the age of 74. And though Muhammad Ali’s legacy encompassed more than boxing – his civil rights activism is particularly noteworthy – it’s his style, his personal swagger and success in the ring that will remain his greatest legacy. It’s a legacy that TAG Heuer, along with the Muhammad Ali Centre is celebrating in Gleason’s Gym, Brooklyn, where Ali trained. In tribute to the great man, TAG Heuer has created two versions of the Carrera Calibre 5 ‘Ring Master’ a regular steel version and a one-of-a-kind gold model that will be auctioned off, raising funds for the Muhammad Ali Centre. But what, you might be asking, exactly is a ‘Ring Master’, and how does it relate to boxing? Well, as you may know, Heuer has a long and distinguished history of specialised sports timing, including some specialised instruments made to time boxing matches. In particular, the timing scale on the 1957 stopwatch called, you guessed it, the ‘Ring Master’ directly inspires the distinctive ‘roulette’ style internal bezel on the Calibre 5 Ring Master model. This bezel indicates 15 three-minute intervals, each separated…

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HANDS-ON: The Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Perpetual Calendar, now in black

One of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s finest releases for 2016 was also one of the easiest to miss. Firstly because it’s not a Reverso, secondly because it’s not really a ‘new’ release. We first saw the Master Ultra Thin (MUT) Perpetual Calendar back in 2013, but this year JLC treated this exceptionally stylish stainless steel version to a snazzy new black dial. Perpetual Calendars are enjoying something of a renaissance at the moment with ‘accessible’ offerings from Montblanc, Frederique Constant and now Baume & Mercier helping to popularise this complication combination. It’s important to note that accessible is a relative term, as all these examples are still north of $10k. While they’re all attractive watches, for me none of them have the edge on the JLC in terms of looks or sheer élan. For me, this largely comes down to just how slender the watch is – 9.2mm thick for a perpetual calendar is very impressive – but also the harmonious design. Thirty-nine millimetres is a perfectly sized case, large enough to be contemporary, but still quite orthodox. And the dial is supremely well balanced; with no sense of the overcrowding or illegibility that can plague complex pieces like this. The only possible jarring…

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LIST: 5 things you (probably) didn’t know about 5 (very) special Seikos you can see in Sydney right now

If you’re in Australia and a fan of Seiko, we have good news; you are in luck. Until this Wednesday, the brand has some of their most exclusive and high-end pieces on display – we’ve picked out five of our favourites. So, if you already know all about the Micro Artists Studio and want to see their work up close, or if you only thought that Seiko made well-priced dive watches we’d highly recommend stopping by Seiko’s Sydney boutique and taking a closer look. Credor Tourbillon Fugaku The crowning jewel in Seiko’s 2016 collection is the Credor Tourbillon Fugaku. It’s a watch that’s significant and surprising in equal measure. Surprising because this limited edition of eight delicate, heavily jewelled and engraved tourbillons is not what you’d expect to see from Seiko. Significant because its Seiko’s first ever tourbillon, and the world’s smallest by volume. But that’s not what blew our mind’s about the Fugaku, that violent reaction was caused by the incredibly precise engraving. Mr Kiyoshi Terui, the craftsman behind this work, is capable of such precise cuts in the bridge, so that in places it’s a mere 0.005mm thin. Grand Seiko Spring Drive 8-Day Power Reserve At first glance you’d…

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13.10.2016  |  Andy Green

SPOTTED! BY AG: Dispatch 1, October 2016


Editor’s Note: It will surprise no-one to learn that Andy Green spends a significant amount of time each month in cafés, handling watches – of fairly staggering scope and value – and meeting people. That was pretty much our brief to him when we started working with Andy officially back in the early days of Time+Tide. Go forth. Get buzzed. Take photos. We called the position the ‘Community Engagement Officer’. Whether or not we can take credit for creating the single origin snuffling watch monster he’s become, decorated almost daily in mouthwatering wristcandy, is debatable. But the fact is, we may have, and we feel it’s time we published his diary. Passed on his stories. They’re too good not to share. The column is called Spotted! by AG The idea is that it’s the people and the timepieces he spotted in recent times. If you’re wondering about the exclamation mark, it’s intentional. Have you met Andy in person? There will be passion. If you want to be #spottedbyag you know what to do, drop him a line at We’ll look forward to reading about you right here in months to come! Thanks Andy, and all in our wider community for making…

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