EDITOR’S PICK: Hail to the Chief! The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 review


Editor’s Note: Perhaps it’s because Ceri has been spotting them on the wrists of the rich and famous, or maybe it’s thanks to the handsome green-dialled version released at Baselworld that we’re still more than a little infatuated with. Whatever the reason, the solid-gold Rolex Day-Date remains the undisputed king of power watches. We take another look at 2015’s Day-Date 40.  The story in a second The ultimate power watch has had a major upgrade. The big question How long will it take for the next-generation movement technology showcased in the Calibre 3255 to trickle into Rolex’s more accessible collections? There’s a weight to a gold Rolex that’s measured in more than grams. A gold Rolex is a powerful signifier – of success, of prestige, and of quality – far more so than any other comparable gold watch. And the most iconic iteration of the gold Rolex is, without doubt, the Day-Date, commonly referred to as ‘the President’. The President There is some confusion about exactly what a Rolex President is. The term is used to variously describe the Day-Date model, the jubilee bracelet, or the combination of the two. What’s less confusing is the inspiration behind the name; Presidents Dwight D.…

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Friday Wind Down 9

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 26th August, 2016 – the shady edition

Birds are chirping, flowers are budding, and there’s a renewed sense of optimism in the air. Yes, springtime is almost here. Not sure about you, but this impending seasonal change calls for a celebration. So, charge your glasses with something that possesses refreshing citrus notes and find out what happened this week in watches. What happened Fresh off their Olympics high, Omega decided to get into the sunglasses business, with a range of Clooney-esque, watch-inspired designs made in partnership with Marcolin. Somewhat surprisingly they’re far from the first watch brand to venture onto our noses. Here are a few of the others. TAG Heuer is arguably the best known player in the eyewear space, offering an extensive range of avant-garde specs, in sun, regular and golf varieties. Stylistically they sit somewhere between frat boy and lab tech. Which works in a weird way. Hublot are no stranger to the fun and fanciful – so their collab with the colourful Lapo Elkann and his brand Italia Independent makes perfect sense. Of course the glasses, made from unobtanium – sorry, Texalium – is very much on brand. Over their long history Rolex has made all sorts of promotional items and gifts, including…

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INTRODUCING: The warm tones of the A. Lange & Söhne Saxonia Automatic in Terra Brown

When A. Lange & Söhne release a new watch there is always a collective “ooh” and “ahh” that resonates within the watch community. Germany’s most prestigious brand has always earned respect and admiration for staying true to their design philosophy. So it isn’t too often that we get to see an ALS special edition that offers a new look on a classic model, but with the arrival of these new Saxonia Automatics that’s exactly what you get. In celebration of the reopening of the Lange boutique in Ginza, Tokyo the watchmaker has produced two Saxonia Automatic models with ‘terra-brown’ coloured, solid-silver dials. Luckily for everyone not in Japan they will be available globally. It’s a little surprising that Lange created these models given that as a whole, they are quite reserved in terms of taking risks with design. The Saxonia is a success precisely because A. Lange & Söhne rarely mess with it. It’s a prime example of the quintessential dress watch. Simple, clean, and utterly elegant in its presentation, paired with a modest case size and dressed-up leather strap. Although Lange has tinkered with the Saxonia in the past by adding a gray dial to the line in 2015 with their Boutique Edition,…

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12.08.2016  |  Andy Green

MY WATCH STORY: Ted from Petrolicious and his Rolex GMT Master 1675


Editorial Director of Petrolicious, a site and production house dedicated to showcasing the world’s finest classic cars and their owners, Ted Gushue has an instagam feed (@TedGushue) that’s unsurprisingly dominated by breathtaking cars. So, when we began spotting the occasional timepiece dotted among the vintage BMWs and Porsches, we wanted to know more from this LA-based man of style – starting with this beautiful example of a Rolex GMT Master 1675. What’s the story behind this watch? My dad wore what could very well be this exact watch while he raised me, up until about age 14. It was an engagement gift from my mother – they’ve always been into timepieces as symbols of major life events. He sold it when he bought the stainless Daytona, when that was released. I was always kind of heartbroken that the watch left our family, so in the back of my head I’d been looking for one. I have a really close relationship with my watch dealer, and when I told them the story, they went above and beyond to help me track down something that fit the place in our family’s history. In all honesty there’s no way for me to verify that…

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