HANDS-ON: The Haigh & Hastings Classic – Aussie style with a serious Swiss pedigree


Editor’s Note: Last year we held a special week of stories focusing on local watch brands, and in a fit of creativity we called it ‘Australian Watch Week’. Twelve months down the track, many of the brands have come up with a fresh crop of models, and we’re going to be having a close look at some of the stand outs over the next few weeks. First up, Haigh & Hastings. Perth-based Haigh & Hastings has spent the past few years developing a reputation for solid sports and diving watches, as we saw with the M2 Diver last year. The brand continues to go from strength to strength, bringing in former Audemars Piguet head of design Emmanuel Gueit to lend his expertise to their latest model: the Haigh & Hastings Classic. Gueit’s input on the Classic is immediately obvious; it’s a clean, simple design that’s very well balanced, and avoids many of the design pitfalls that so often plague young watch brands. Things like short hands, poorly sized date windows – the sort of problems you get with an off-the-shelf product. The Classic is a strong design and the decision to bring Guiet’s skills onboard has clearly paid off. Firstly,…

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EDITOR’S PICK: That time the Tissot T-Touch almost broke us (video)

Editor’s Note: Most days, Time+Tide is a pretty ordinary office job – emails, meetings, you know, the usual. But then there’s the one per cent of days that are far from normal. Last year Andrew had one of those days. It involved the Tissot T-Touch, helicopters, and a lot of pain…. It was one of those decisions you make on the spot, thinking that somehow, things will just work out for the best. It was made in a meeting with Tissot talking about the new T-Touch Solar: “Do you want to participate in this physical challenge launch with some other guys, probably ex-AFL footy players? It would be cool for Time+Tide to do more than just spectate….” Sure, we’re all about participation, about the watch in context, about real reviews on real wrists, ok great, bang, lock us in. What’s the worst thing that could happen? The answer to that question hit me at precisely 10:35am on game day. Right at this point, pictured. A lot of bad things can happen when you’re running up one of Victoria’s highest mountains in competition with a group of guys – ex Hawthorn players Brad Sewell, Campbell Brown and Michael Osborne – who…

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EDITOR’S PICK: The IWC Mark XVIII Pilot’s Watch flies high

Editor’s Note: IWC’s new Pilot’s range is finally in Australian stores, and boy does it look good. While we lust over the solid gold Little Prince edition of the Big Pilot Annual Calendar and get our heads around how the Timezoner works (magic, basically), there’s one watch in the collection we keep coming back to – the Mark XVIII. Simple, classic, awesome.  In a world where the word is fast losing its value, IWC’s classic pilot’s watch is an icon in the truest sense – a utilitarian workhorse that represents the best about the brand. SIHH 2016 saw IWC give their entire pilot’s collection a revamp, with numerous new references as well as revised case sizes and dial designs for many others. While the brand’s Big Pilot and the Top Gun models tend to be the perennial buzz pieces, it’s the classic, entry level Pilot’s Watch that has always been the unshakable core of the collection. The Mark XVIII is the latest generation in this venerable family, tracing its ancestry back to the military issue Mark X which emerged in 1944, but getting most of its good looks from the Mark XI, first issued to RAF pilots in 1948. Here’s…

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15.05.2016  |  Ceri David

MY WATCH STORY: Lindy Klim’s Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra


Debating whether to describe oneself as ‘businesswoman’, ‘model’ or ‘Balinese princess’ is a dilemma most of us will never have to grapple with – and what a time-saver that is. Of course, that’s not the case for the fabulous Lindy Klim, who flew in from her home in Bali for our Melbourne event with Omega last week, to celebrate women’s watches through the ages. She was just one of a formidable group of women who joined us on the night from across business, fashion, architecture, media and more, to hear Omega’s International Heritage Manager Petros Protopapas reveal the huge role women’s watches have played in shaping society. We caught up with Lindy a few days later to find out if she enjoyed herself. First up, paint a picture for us of where you are right now. I’m in Echo Beach, which is in Canggu in Bali. I’m near the ocean, laying on the daybed. Sounds awful. I know! I’m very lucky to be able to split my time between Australia and Bali and Europe. Well, thanks for joining us at the Omega event. It was beautiful. That’s the second time I’ve heard Petros speak, too. What a wealth of knowledge.…

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