EDITOR’S PICK: Lest we forget – an Anzac watch story

Editor’s Note: Few heirlooms have the emotional potency of a watch. They’re objects that accompanied their owners throughout their lives, and bore silent witness to their trials and tribulations. This is especially the case with watches worn by men and women who served, which goes a long way to explaining our fascination with military timepieces. Today Australia and New Zealand commemorate Anzac Day, where we remember those who served and died during war, armed conflict and peacekeeping missions, so we’re sharing a story from last year about an old watch with a story to tell. At first glance this rusty old Cyma doesn’t look like much, but it’s now one of Rhonda Marchant of Gloucester New South Wales’ most treasured possessions. 72 years ago this watch was on the wrist of Rhonda’s uncle, pilot officer Sergeant Ronald Cecil Martin, as he was flying in an RAAF Lancaster bomber over south-west Germany when he was shot down. Martin was declared MIA, presumed dead. In 2013 the crash site was uncovered, along with Martin’s monogrammed watch in late-2015. Yesterday the watch made its journey home and was presented to Rhonda Marchant on Anzac-day eve. Anzac Day (Anzac being an acronym for ‘Australian…

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LIST: 5 out of this world watches perfect for the Guardians of Galaxy, just in time for Vol. 2

As Marvelites and Comic-Con attendees undoubtedly already know, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the much-anticipated follow-up to the 2014 original, is in Australian cinemas today. As a closet Marvel fangirl (Pssst, Antman. You never return my calls.), this is a big deal for me. So to celebrate I’ve put together five (very different) watches, for the five (very different) Guardians, and added an auditory accompaniment taken from “Awesome Mix Tape #2”, just for fun. Enjoy. Star-Lord (Peter Quill) According to his Marvel bio, infant Peter stared up at the stars in the night sky for nearly an hour before his mother found him, after surviving an attempted murder by his step-father. It is this legend that helped give Peter his character name of Star-Lord, and in turn led me to the Seiko Astron GPS Solar made in partnership with Giugiaro Design. Not only is the word “Astron” derived from the Greek word meaning “star”, but the titanium case, ceramic bezel, and high magnetic resistance make the piece both extremely lightweight and tremendously durable; traits that are ideal for, say, flying through galaxies at high speeds. Associated track: “My Sweet Lord” – George Harrison Gamora This ass-kicking Zen-Whoberi gives new meaning to the…

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VIDEO: Back to basics – how a mechanical watch works

If you take a keen interest in the world of watches, you’ve likely heard of Carson Chan. Carson works for the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, an organisation dedicated to building knowledge around fine watchmaking. And while we seem to now run into Carson every time we’re in Switzerland, we first met him in Hong Kong, at the last Watches & Wonders fair. We took the opportunity to get Carson to explain, in his calming, erudite tone, just how a mechanical watch works. Now, we’re well aware that the majority of people reading this know their mainsprings from their pallet forks (though a quick refresher never hurt anyone), but we also get asked with reasonable regularity some version of “Just how does a mechanical watch work?” So now, rather than rehashing the same old conversation, you can just send them the link to this video. Job done, and you’re welcome.

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22.04.2017  |  Andy Green

SPOTTED! BY AG: Dispatch 7, April 2017

Last month’s dispatch was written in an airport lounge as I waited to fly out to Basel, via London, for my very first Baselworld experience. Now to report back on what was a big month, to say the least. My trip to Baselworld started in London, where I shook the jetlag and spent a few days catching up with friends and family. The stars aligned and Ted Gushue, Editorial Director of Petrolicious, happened to be in town. We spent the morning driving round London in a lovely Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 (thanks to the London City Car Club). On Ted’s wrist was an Autodromo Group B Evoluzione – Ted’s watch of choice when globetrotting, and one that’s always a big hit with the car guys. Next on my London itinerary was a visit to the Phillips auction house, where I caught up with their watch specialist, Paul David Maudsley. Paul started the conversation by apologising that he didn’t have too much to show me. He then proceeded to unveil the entire Crosthwaite & Gavin Collection, which is going up for auction in November. Paul also happened to have with him a piece from his personal collection, a 1954 Rolex Datejust ref. 6309 Thunderbird, as well as the…

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