IN-DEPTH: Future classic? The Rolex Explorer II ref. 16570

Editor’s note: Today’s review is a little unusual on several accounts. Most significantly it’s of a watch that’s been discontinued for seven years. Given this fact, Bruce (of BLNR fame) has written a more personal, evocative piece, which makes sense as much ink has already been shed in tribute to the details and intricacies of this particular Rolex Explorer II. So why talk about it now? Well, I’m of the firm belief that the star of the Explorer II is on the rise — especially the polar version — so it’s the perfect time to shine a little light on it. Plus, you never know what we’ll see at Basel tomorrow … Back when I was shopping for my first Rolex, I was offered a ‘new old stock’ Explorer II 16570 by the local boutique at a decent discount. I brushed it off at the time due to a fixation with the Submariner (which ironically ended up as a Datejust) and also the limited knowledge that it was a past model and recently replaced by an improved 216570 in 42mm. Why in the world would I have bought that old 16570? It made no sense to me at the time.…

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VIDEO: What the hell is being at Basel *actually* like, can somebody please show me?

Stop us if you’ve heard, or seen, this one before (and the odds are increasingly high that you have, as this video was filmed a couple of years ago), but as unbelievable as it may be to the watch journos in the house, some people don’t have any clue what this ‘Basel’ thing is and what being there is actually like. The Time+Tide team is in various states of migration, all heading from different points – Dubai, Canada, Brisbane, Amsterdam, Melbourne – to Basel, and while we’re travelling, I guarantee you one thing: when you say you’re going to Baselworld, you more often than not get met with blank looks. Airline staff, family members, non-watch-addicted friends. Look, the concept is comprehensible enough. A watch fair. A lot of hype. An exhibition hall. But that just doesn’t cut it. I say over and over, “It’s BIGGER than a ‘fair’, it’s more like a world expo, or Vegas, or …” Then I invariably reach into my pocket, hit the YouTube app and play this one again, Sam. It captures everything I love about the big dance, this big watch fair. The energy, the affluence, the bloated distortion of scale and perspective. It’s…

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INSIGHT: Predicting the Rolex Basel 2018 releases, using the last 7 years as a guide

With Baselworld 2018 just around the corner, fevers around the Time+Tide office are running hot, contemplating what Rolex is likely to drop in Basel in a few days time. Looking back at Rolex releases in Basel over the past seven years, we assess some of the mic-dropping releases in the Rolex line-up and the likelihood of seeing updates to those models in 2018. 2017 –  Rolex Sea-Dweller 126600 Boom. Probably the most talked about watch of Basel 2017, Rolex launched the new Sea-Dweller a mere three years after its previous incarnation, with a 43mm case (to some controversy), cyclops date window (to even more controversy) and red ‘Sea Dweller’ text on the dial (to no controversy at all). Chances of seeing a new Sea-Dweller at Basel 2018? Somewhere between ‘never’ and ‘impossible’. 2017 – Rolex Sky-Dweller in Rolesor Rolex made the Sky-Dweller available in stainless steel (with a white gold bezel) for the first time ever, with new dial variants and an accessible price (albeit not availability). The blue-on-blue and black-on-black dials simply stole the show. Chances of seeing a new Rolex Sky-Dweller at Basel 2018? Too soon. 2016 – Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King 116900 2016 saw Rolex put a steroid…

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11.03.2018  |  Andy Green

WHO TO FOLLOW: @justinmfrost

This week’s Who to Follow is a little closer to home than usual. Justin Mastine-Frost has been writing for us on and off over the last few years, so we’re obviously fans. But his passion for the independent, the odd, and not to mention the colourful, means that we think he’s well worth a follow. Hey Justin, tell me about yourself.  Who I am is a loaded question. Canadian by birth, transplanted to New York City for a few years, and now I’m back in Canada. To run you through the brief history lesson, I’ve been a guitarist, a sales clerk, a photographer, a construction foreman, BMW mechanic, and a journalist in a variety of fields including automotive, travel, lifestyle and horology. At 34 years old, you can say I’ve worn a few hats over my lifetime. What do you love?  When you boil it right down, I love experience. I love food, I love travelling, I love meeting people and discovering their backstory — what brought them to where they are today. How do you unwind?  That very much depends on the options at hand. During the day-to-day grind, a good Netflix binge or an evening out with good…

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