From IWC to TAG Heuer -the 10 best watches under 40mm from our buying guide (Part II)

under 40mm

In the name of my fellow tiny wristers, or just those who prefer watches closer to classic proportions, I’ve assembled a list of 10 of the best watches under 40mm listed in our NOW buying guide. For a long time the trend has been to scale watches up in size, with releases typically hovering above or equal to 40mm in diameter. But the people have spoken, and we are starting to see the tides change. You saw my first five picks in part one and now it is time to round the list out with part two. Fears Brunswick Salmon People are reeling over salmon dials. In the enthusiast community, the colour is all the rage and is one of the most sought-after dial tones by collectors. A lot of the time you have to really stretch your budget to find one that gets the tone right, such as a coveted Patek Philippe 5270P or Cartier Santos 90th anniversary limited edition – both of which are cased in expensive platinum. But have no fear, Fears has entered the salmon fold with the Brunswick Salmon. The 38mm cushion profile is very wearable on the wrist, and the dial shade is the…

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How G-Shock is leading the pack on entry level collectables

When it comes to watches and collectibility, the mind immediately gravitates to high-end manufacturers such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe. After all, these are the watches that we see the rich and famous sporting on their wrists, and each brand limits their level of supply to the point where the number of watches they produce each year never comes close to satiating demand. Even if these watches were more readily available, not everyone is prepared to drop thousands of dollars on a watch. To become a collector of rare watches that will gain in value, the barrier to entry is high due to the pricing. But as the Wall Street Journal points out, this is becoming less and less the case with brands such as Timex, Swatch, and especially G-Shock upping their game without upping their prices. Many disciplined collectors are beginning to mix less expensive watches into their luxury collections. More often than not, you’ll hear the average collector explain that each acquisition is meant to fill a purpose – whether crossing off a complication, colour combo, or situational need.  Whether you’re gardening, climbing or just heading for a messy night out, sometimes it’s sensible to wear…

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VIDEO: The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time offers fine watchmaking for an active lifestyle

In 2021, every brand has a luxury stainless-steel sports watch. But when the concept was born in the 1970s, there was less than a handful of brands who made the leap into the brave new world that left precious metal in the past. One of those brands was Vacheron Constantin with the ref. 222 designed by the German watchmaker Jorg Hysek. In 1996, the design had new life breathed into it with the Overseas collection, which stood tall as a luxury sports watch that delivered fine watchmaking for an active lifestyle. Today, the Vacheron Constantin Overseas collection continues to evolve. The current third generation features arguably the most practical luxury steel sports watch yet in terms of functionality, in the form of the Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time with black dial. With a 41mm stainless steel case, this watch arrives with three strap choices. Immediately the focus is clear. It’s a watch that you can dress up or down as a collection cornerstone for any enthusiast looking to get maximum mileage out of their watches. From the bezel to the bracelet, there are references to the Maltese cross that forms the Vacheron Constantin emblem with the level of finishing you…

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Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time
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13.08.2020  |  Time+Tide

A barn find to give you hope – the story of a very special NOS vintage Gruen Ocean Chief

vintage Gruen Ocean Chief

Editor’s note: This week, Eric Ku, vintage watch dealer and friend of Time+Tide, posted about five years having passed since the remarkable watch barn find story involving a LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm. A man by the name of Zach Norris came across an interesting-looking watch at a local Goodwill store, featuring a price tag of $5.99. He bought it in a heartbeat, suspecting it was worth more than the tag suggested, and was delighted to discover its true value. He was flooded with offers for the watch, one of which came from Eric Ku. He agreed to sell the watch to Eric for a cool $35,000. That’s right, nearly 6000 times the price he paid for it. We put a call-out to see if anyone else had their own story of successful thrift shop hunting, and Frank (@SpeedyFett on Instagram) reached out, telling the tale of his vintage Gruen Ocean Chief. Enjoy!  I have a barn find story from a couple years ago that is pretty special. I took my family on vacation to Philadelphia for my kids to experience the old historic area. Little did I know that in addition to the Liberty Bell, just around the corner was…

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