These are 5 of the best watches you can buy for under a grand

five best watches under 1000 dollars

Whether you're just getting in to watches, or looking for something to scratch the itch before your next big purchase, there are plenty of great timepieces out there that won't break the bank. We've put together this list of five watches for under a $1000 Aussie dollars that are, despite their economy, still great. Enjoy. BALTIC AQUASCAPHE Baltic is fast making a name for itself as a seriously cool microbrand with a vintage range of accessibly priced timepieces. The Aquascaphe is the pick of the bunch, with a clean and clear dial that blends both pad-printed lume with a sandwich construction (the cardinal hours are given the sandwich treatment). A sapphire bezel insert alongside a double-domed sapphire glass gives a luxurious appearance on the wrist and puts it well above its pay-grade in the cost/value stakes. Ref No: Baltic Aquascaphe / Case size: 39mm / Case material: Steel / Movement: Miyota 9039 / Price: USD$654 DAN HENRY RACING CHRONO 1962 Dan Henry watches are always good value for money if what you care about above all else is the immediate visual impact of a piece. The Dan Henry Racing Chrono 1962 is another excellent example. Three classic colourways – Blue,…

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best modern-day Rolex Daytona

Battle Royale: The T+T Team debate which is the best modern-day Rolex Daytona

It's a new segment. It's called Battle Royale. Someone nominates a collection, and we fight to the death for our favourite from said collection until there is one opinion standing. Well, not really. That would be bloody, time-consuming, fairly hard to adjudicate and likely to upset HR. So, why don't we just make our case for our pick, and then try to eviscerate each other's (clearly poor) choices in comments? The idea was hatched when we came to the realisation that, as a team, we agree on almost nothing when it comes to watches. Agreeing to disagree is such a way of life at T+T HQ that it's practically a value you sign up for when you join the team. This colourful clash of opinions is never more apparent than when we discuss a collection within a brand's lineup. So, without further ado, we bring you Battle Royale Episode 1, about a watch having yet another moment in the sun, for all kinds of reasons. Nick's choice – the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona ref. 116508 While I certainly haven't punched my ticket on the Rolex Daytona hype train that left the station a few years back, it's impossible to argue it…

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What Sealed The Deal – Andrio's Patek Philippe Aquanaut ref. 5167A-001

We were the stars of the show at the first ever Time+Tide event in Brisbane a few weeks back. That is, until Andrio turned up with his Patek Philippe Aquanaut. This watch has a way of winning the day, whenever it gets revealed from under a cuff.   I started my watch collections with Panerai. Big watches. I had 24 Panerais at one point in my life. Then I had a mass consolidation, and realised I was more around 40, a smaller size. When I tried on the Aquanaut it sat really well. It's really well done. At certain angles, the dial gives you a different effect. It could be a matt black. It could be a silvery effect. It's quite nice. I also had the Ref. 5065 in the past which is the predecessor of this, but the size of this one is quite perfect. The rubber strap is a big part of why I love it. You can wear it every day. Go to the beach. Overall it's an excellent everyday watch. The clasp is another great thing. I like watches with clasps, they just feel safer and more secure. When I picked it up, I had a…

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Patek Philippe 5168G
Watch & Act! Auction Items
03.02.2020  |  James Robinson

'Watch & Act!' World Watch Auction results: Over $200K raised!

Watch Act World Watch Auction results

We're very proud to announce that the 'Watch & Act!' World Watch Auction in aid of the Australian bushfire crisis has raised more than $200,000 Australian dollars, with 100 per cent of the funds going directly to the charities that need it most. This has been a monumental effort from everyone involved and we're incredibly moved, humbled and thankful to have had the global watch community rally behind and support this incredibly important cause. In the end 24 watches were generously donated by some of the biggest players in the horological hemisphere, and all were bid on in earnest by people across the globe who were eager to help out. Below, in totality, are the results of all 24 watches. And again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Lot 1: H. Moser & Cie – Pioneer Centre Seconds Limited Edition #1 of 3, Personal Watch of U2 Bass Player, Adam Clayton – $27,200 USD Lot 2: Hodinkee – Oris Divers Sixty-Five Limited Edition #2 of 250, for Hodinkee – $6400 USD Lot 3: Bulgari – Serpenti, Tubogas, 18k Yellow Gold – $15,600 USD Lot 4: Longines – Heritage Diver 1967 – $3600 USD Lot 5: Hublot – Unique…

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