LIST: The 11 best watch photos we took this year … according to the man who took them

If you’re a regular reader of Time+Tide there’s a chance you’ve noticed my name, along with those of Andrew McUtchen, Andy Green, Sandra Lane, Cameron Wong and Melissa Pearce. After all, we’re the people writing the stories and voicing the videos that we publish. But beyond the byline there’s a small host of people who make the magic happen: videographers, editors and photographers. Jason Reekie is one such magician. He’s been our photographer for a few years now, and is responsible for making some of the nicest watches in the world look even nicer. Now, one thing that’s important to know about Jason is that he’s not what you’d call a ‘watch guy’. When we started working together he didn’t know his loupe from his lugs, but that’s OK, because luckily he’s a dab hand at lenses and lightboxes. And while we’ve been busy cobbling together ‘best of’ lists like it’s the end of the year, we thought it would be a good idea for Jason to show us his favourite pics of 2017, and tell us why. Over to you, Jason … Franck Muller Cintrée Curvex Skeleton Tourbillon I really like the depth of this Franck Muller, the depth…

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VIDEO: Exploring one of the most accessible COSC-certified collections on the market, the new Longines Record range

Accuracy used to be a big deal in watchmaking. There were competitions to test the accuracy of wristwatches. There were complications — additional functions — and engineering improvements designed to assist the watch in keeping true time. There was a space race of sorts to be the most accurate watchmaker in the world. The exploding popularity of the quartz movement in the late ’70s and early ’80s — that uses an electronic oscillator regulated by a quartz crystal to keep time — ended most of that. It was cheap, it was battery powered, and worst of all for mechanical watches, it was so accurate it effectively dropped the mic on the entire topic. However, nearly half a century later, accuracy is once again in focus, as a marketing angle being used to sell watches. Primarily, it is a marker to separate the high-performing movements — those impervious to shock, magnetism, environmental conditions — from the everyday. Rolex have re-set their own standards, with the Superlative Chronometer certification. Omega have worked with the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology to create an industry-wide certification called METAS. Breitling continue to COSC certify all of their watches. But chronometer certifications in general, as you can tell from the roll call of brands that…

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HANDS-ON: Bell & Ross BR V2-92 Garde-Côtes

A few months ago we had a look at the Bell & Ross BR V2-94 Garde-Côtes, an orange-accented twist on their vintage chronograph. Well, today we’re going to pare it back a little further, with the time and date BR V2-92 Garde-Côtes. Looking at Jason’s excellent photos of this watch it should be quite apparent the sort of watch you’re looking at here. A no-fuss 41mm automatic, with a bright personality. That personality comes, of course, from the bright orange chapter ring and the day-glow seconds hand. But there’s more points of interest at play than just these peacock elements. There’s the dial, a functional, almost battleship grey in a matt finish — a colour picked up in the soft rubber strap. The colour scheme is inspired by the hi-vis livery of the French Garde-Côtes, or Coast Guard, in particular their distinctive Eurocopter Search and Rescue choppers. And then there’s the bezel, an aluminium insert with radial numerals that really helps the watch live up to its ‘Vintage’ name. And it’s certainly a watch that you don’t need to stress about getting wet — 100 metres of water resistance, unidirectional bezel and screw-down crown with crown guards ensure that. For me…

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10.12.2017  |  Andy Green

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Matt Farah is the host and producer of The Smoking Tire YouTube series, The Smoking Tire podcast, and a host on /DRIVE on NBC Sports. Matt will also be opening the West Side Collector Car Storage Centre in the fall of 2018. He loves cars, boats, watches, cooking, cycling, skiing, travelling and photography.  Hey Matt, what’s your ‘daily watch’ and why? The watch I wear most often is my Rolex GMT-Master II ‘Batman’. I like it because it’s very comfortable, has a great presence, works with casual and dressier outfits, and is exceptionally well made and durable. I can wear it to a dinner, a business meeting, on camera, or while washing my car or taking out the trash. It’s good for everything, which is part of the reason I think it’s such a popular watch right now. How do you like to unwind?  I go to the gym every day, I ride my bicycle 15-25 miles, or I take a drive in the canyons. What do all these activities have in common? No internet or cell phones. Tell me about The Smoking Tire. The Smoking Tire is where I review four cars and do one podcast weekly. I review cars old…

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