INTRODUCING: The Urwerk UR-100 SpaceTime

The horological mavericks at Urwerk have just dropped their latest wristwatch and it is, pardon the pun, out of this world! The Urwerk UR-100 SpaceTime is a stratospherically cool and novel concept for a timepiece, and one that seems very, very complicated indeed. Essentially, the SpaceTime will not only tell its lucky owners the time, but the distance travelled on Earth and the distance travelled by Earth. Much like other watches in Urwerk's back catalogue, their latest timepiece employs the use of the watchmaker's famed orbital hour satellites and striking red-tipped arrow minute pointer, which makes its way across the bottom of the svelte case. However, once the minute pointer has travelled past the 60-minute marker, it then makes its way underneath the first sub-dial and then resurfaces at the 10 o'clock position to display the distance that us humanoids have statically travelled on Earth. The SpaceTime can calculate this by portraying the Earth's average speed of rotation around the equator in 20-minute intervals, in which time it will shift approximately 555 km. Once it reaches the end of this sub-dial, the red-tipped arrow makes its way underneath another sub-dial and then reappears at the two o'clock position on the dial to exhibit the Earth's…

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Unsung Heroes: 4 integrated steel sports watches that deserve your attention

For many of us out there, the dream of one day owning a grail watch, like an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15500 or Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A, is going to remain just that … a dream. And the funny part is, it's got nothing to do with the amount of spondulicks in your bank account! No, chances are that even if you do have the cold hard cash to buy one of these wrist-worn idols, you're still not going to be able to get your hands on one. But never fear, all hope is not lost, because there are some great steel sports watches equipped with an integrated bracelet out there that should definitely be on your radar. Girard-Perregaux Laureato Now we know what you're going to say, but you'd be wrong, because the Gerard-Perregaux Laureato was actually released one year before Patek Philippe's Nautilus. And it is a genuinely impressive watch, not least because GP has been creating timekeeping devices for more than 160 years at their headquarters in La Chaux-de-Fonds. This variant of the Laureato, complete with its wonderful blue "Clous de Paris" patterned dial, features GP's in-house, self-winding calibre. GP01800 movement and is capable of a minimum of 54 hours of…

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It's 6 months on, how are we feeling about Tudor's 2019 releases now?

Editor's note: The dust has well and truly settled on this year's watch releases, and they're starting to filter out into the world and onto wrists. This is as true with Tudor as it is with anyone else. Though we haven't seen any P01 watches out in the wild yet, we thought the timing was right to take another look at their 2019 highlights …  It's testament to the power and ongoing evolution of Tudor's blue-chip Black Bay family that our top three picks from Baselworld 2019 are all Black Bays, and also — from a distance at least — look very different indeed.  Without a doubt, the most discussed and most genuinely novel watch of the bunch (and perhaps of the whole fair) is the Black Bay P01. While the dial bears a lot of the hallmarks of the Black Bay, the case is Something. Else. Entirely. Long, with a blocky crown guard at four, and a steel bi-directional 12-hour bezel that's held in place by the articulated bracelet end-link at 12. I'm pretty sure absolutely no one saw this coming, and people are taking their time to get used to the concept. I will say though, this watch is very…

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28.08.2019  |  Felix Scholz

"It was our last night in Venice, and I happened to walk past the boutique …" – Teesan's Omega Speedmaster CK2998 

Travelling with a watch fan is always a fraught affair. You're always pulled into random vintage shops or glittering boutiques, in search of the elusive, the rare, or the unique. It's a lesson that Teesan's wife learned … It was our last night in Venice, and I happened to walk past the boutique … Teesan isn't new to the watch collecting game (25 years and still going strong, apparently), but it's still a hard call when you're suddenly confronted with the object of your lust in a Venetian boutique. Luckily, everything aligned for Teesan, and he walked away with one of the coolest Speedies of recent years, the CK2998, which, with its blue colourway and Alpha hands, is a real winner. Props also to Teesan for swapping out the stock strap for a mesh. Not a call we would have made, but it looks great. 

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