6 of the best sector dial watches

Longines Heritage Classic "Sector Dial"

As brands continue to successfully look to the past as they design watches for the present, a number of stylistic elements from as far back as the 1930s can be seen in modern watches. One of these anachronisms is the sector dial, an attractive layout of the dial that is typically defined by closed concentric circles that segment the dial. In this layout, there is a sense of order and control that comes from the portioned spaces of the dial, which remind a little of the structured designs of Art Deco, blended with the minimalism of the Bauhaus movement. As Longines breathed new life into this dial with their new Heritage Classic that they released last week, I thought I'd have a look at some of the best sector dials of the last few years. Dan Henry 1947 Dress Watch The Dan Henry 1947 Dress Watch is possibly the best-looking sector dial you can find on a budget. At 40mm in diameter and 12mm thick, it is a little larger than would have been normal in 1947, but it is perfectly sized for the wrists of today. With the charmingly applied Roman numeral indexes that sit within the brushed chapter…

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Omega's new museum

Omega's contemporary new museum offers a unique glimpse into its past

Omega has just opened their latest Museum in the heart of the "La Cité du Temps" in Biel, Switzerland. The museum, which has a decidedly modern aesthetic, was designed by the award-winning Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, who is famed for his groundbreaking work with paper and recycled cardboard. Housed inside the contemporary institution is a capsule of the Swiss watchmaker's storied history, which dates back to 1848. The museum features several interactive showcases, as well as stimulating movies and exhibits aimed at celebrating and chronicling Omega's amazing legacy in horology. One of the standout features is a 9-metre running track that pays homage to Omega's long-standing support of the ultimate crucible of athletic prowess, the Olympics, which Omega has been the official timekeeper of on many occasions since the 1932 Los Angeles Summer Olympics. The running track features the Swiss marque's iconic bright-red starting blocks and electronic starting gun, and participants can have their sprint to the finish line captured by Omega's Scan'O'Vision MYRIA, a camera capable of recording up to 10,000 digital images a second. Fans of Omega's inspiring history in space exploration can also enjoy a display commemorating the Omega "Moonwatch" Speedmaster, the first flight-qualified wristwatch ever to…

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The incREDible Hublot Big Bang Unico Red Magic

Editor's note: It should come as no surprise that Hublot know their way around ceramic. I mean, seriously, just look at the vibrancy of this red. It really is magic. Read on for our review …  The story in a second: It's big. It's red. It's Hublot. Red is a colour with some pretty specific cultural meaning — danger, passion, excitement and love. And most of these emotions or associations are pretty applicable (danger, not so much) to Hublot's latest hot piece, the Big Bang Unico Red Magic, a statement piece par excellence that impresses on so many levels. The case Yeah. We've got to start with the case. There's just no avoiding it. This is an incredible watch case on many levels, including sheer brightness. This is a case that definitely lives up to the Big Bang name. And for all that this incredibly vivid, bright watch is as eye-catching as a red fire engine barrelling down main street with sirens and lights blaring, there's more to this 45mm watch than 'mere' surface appeal. For starters, ceramic isn't the easiest material to work with, and regardless of colour, the highly polished ceramic front and back plates, as well as…

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12.09.2019  |  Felix Scholz

"I decided on this one after I saw Pierce Brosnan wear it" – Dimitrios' Omega Seamaster

The move to put an Omega on James Bond's wrist in GoldenEye stands as one of the greatest watch marketing moves in the history of watch marketing. Dimitrios was not the first, and certainly won't be the last person to buy into the brand because of the fictional super spy.  But even if it was Bond that pushed Dimitrios over the edge, the quality of the watch shouldn't be dismissed. If the SMP was less of a watch, I'm pretty sure that Dimitrios wouldn't be sitting in front of our camera, waxing lyrical about it. It's also a watch that's held up remarkably well over time (just like Brosnan TBH). It wears its age well, and can hold its own against the most recent generation of Seamaster 300M Divers.   So, Dimitrios, here's hoping you keep wearing it for another 25 years, and thanks for being a part of #everywatchtellsastory. Stay tuned for the next one.

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