Montblanc have their sights set on adventure with the Montblanc 1858 Geosphere

Editor’s note: I’m on a bit of a travel watch trip at the moment. And, to my mind, they fall into two distinct camps: high-flyers and adventurers. Montblanc’s 1858 Geosphere, which is a few years old now, definitely falls into the latter category. Now, it’s up to you where on the roughing-it-to-luxury spectrum that adventure falls. But you know what, this watch works in both contexts …  While the automatic, chronograph and Minerva versions of the 1858 collection bear a strong resemblance to the existing 1858 watches, the Geosphere is something else entirely. It’s also a watch that speaks most directly to the “spirit of mountain exploration” that underpins the line. Like all the watches Montblanc have released at SIHH 2018, the 1858 Geosphere is rugged, sporty and quite retro. But on top of this, the 1858 Geosphere has maps on the dial, and a compass on the bezel. But before we get to the details, let’s look at the bigger picture. Montblanc 1858 Geosphere steel with black dial (ident 117837) The 1858 Geosphere offers what Montblanc say is a “new worldtime complication”, which adds some geographic representation and day/night indicator to a dual time watch. The local time is on…

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LIST: Justin’s best watches of Baselworld (on a budget)

Baselworld has by now nearly slipped entirely into the ether, yet there’s a small list of watches that I’ve been mulling over ever since leaving the fair. The entry level segment was incredibly strong this year overall (let’s call it the sub-$5K bracket), and though Andrew touched on it during his priceless 3 Under 3k video, I couldn’t help but notice a handful of other watches that had some serious potential. As with most of us at the show I didn’t make it to see everyone in the halls, but of what I saw hands-on it took very little effort to cook up a list of a half-dozen pieces that land in “shut up and take my money” territory, adding to Andrew’s excellent selections. That in mind, let’s cut to the chase. Bell & Ross BR V2-94 Bellytanker Bronze Especially having just seen the Tudor Black Bay Chrono S&G a couple of hours prior, I instantly fell in love with this B&R for the simple fact that (and some of you are going to hate me for saying it) it looks like a better version of the BB for less money. I’ve been a fan of the V2-94s since they…

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The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 – black, white and utterly classic

Editor’s note: The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 is an exceptional, nigh perfect, execution of a watch. And last year it was given two new dials, in crisp white and inky black. This is our review …  One of the real hits from Rolex’s 2015 collection was the Oyster Perpetual 39 (ref. 114300), a bare bones, simple steel timepiece that was still pure Rolex. Initially offered in a range of youthful, colourful dials, this year the Oyster Perpetual family expanded to include white and black dial variants, and they are, just quietly, awesome. While the case and bracelet are unchanged, it’s worth revisiting them. Of course, the Oyster Perpetual is offered in a wide range of sizes, all the way up to this, the 39mm model, which really will suit a lot of wrists. But if you like your watches smaller, the 36mm is a solid choice, too. The case is Rolex’s classic Oyster case, which hasn’t changed too much over the decades. Made from Oystersteel, it uses Rolex’s Twinlock crown and is rated for 100m. While it might not have the same levels of deep diving capability as the professional line, it’s more than enough for everyday life. The bracelet…

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15.04.2019  |  Andrew McUtchen

WHAT SEALED THE DEAL: On Andrew’s TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 CAW211P

When we came up with the concept for ‘what sealed the deal’, it was all about those micro-details and micro-decisions that happen in the final stages of a purchase. Tiny things you can’t get out of your head about a watch. That case shape. Those burnt orange indices that are coloured not by paint, but by oxidisation. Most of the factors that sealed the deal on my TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 were documented in this video below, but there is always more to the story, so here it is. When did you first see/hear about it? This is a weird way to meet a Monaco, but the first one I saw was in the mid-2000s and it was a V4, that wild creation comprised of belts, ceramic balls and magic. Of course, I’d seen them on wrists before that, but it wasn’t until GQ needed a story on the V4 that I properly deep-dived. At that point, to be completely honest, I found it occupied a weird polarised place, with this insanely innovative and amazing (cough, expensive) version and other really retro models that were out of vogue in the mid-2000s. There was certainly nothing as pitch-perfect as the…

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