Meet Time+Tide Tribe: our new channel that we would love for you to follow Meet Time+Tide Tribe: our new channel that we would love for you to follow

Meet Time+Tide Tribe: our new channel that we would love for you to follow

Zach Blass

For those fully tuned in to our fair coverage last week, you likely noticed the emergence of a new channel: Time+Tide Tribe. With our masthead motto being ‘The Home of Watch Culture”, we firmly believe that the most important part of the watch world is its community – the #watchfam – or as we have now dubbed those we are grateful for for subscribing, reading, and engaging with us – the Time+Tide Tribe.

This is a space where we aim to create content that is purely created with you, the Time+Tide Tribe, in mind. A community-driven space where we seek to be closer to you all than ever before and bring the world of the Time+Tide team closer to you all. This is not to say the “main” channels do not share such motives, but Time+Tide Tribe is the uninhibited horological playground we will look to grow and hope you will all enjoy. This includes more behind-the-scenes, colourful, and opinionated content.

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This is just the beginning, but for this to work, this platform driven by engagement, interaction, and feedback, we need your support which carries only the very affordable price of hitting the follow button on our Time+Tide Tribe Instagram profile and the subscribe button on our Time+Tide Tribe YouTube channel. And please do shoot us a message telling us what you would like to see on the channel so that we can get to work and make it happen!

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Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Zach and the Time+Tide Team

Watch meme of the week: guilty pizza pleasures


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PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA IS BLASPHEMY. It had to be said on my honour as an NYC native and on Pietro’s honour as our resident Italian. Of course, Andrew’s and Richard’s rebellious spirits did lead to two pizza watches, one of which boasts ham and pineapple on the dial. But, back to the meme, Tudor does seem to use gilt accents as a means to placate Rolex and keep their watches subtly different. What do you think? Would the BB58 GMT have been better with white accents instead?

Wrist shot of the week: the zen found in an icy rice-grain motif dial


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I have to give it to my buddy Zen Love, US Editor for Revolution Watches: the perfect coloured shirt and suit to pair with what has arguably become Rolex’s most interesting collection: the 1908. We all wanted more complication, but at least we got a cool icy-blue platinum variant with a (first-ever for the collection) rice-grain guilloche dial — so much untapped potential in this line, for sure.

Time+Tide Shop pick of the week: Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT

ZOD6163500 SP24 AD 11

Zodiac’s popular Super Sea Wolf range levels up with the addition of a GMT variant, powered by the new in-house STP 7-20 movement. Two versions are available, both of which are limited editions of 500 watches apiece: a silver-dialled, black-and-grey bezel number (which will no doubt appeal to those who like Rolex’s new GMT-Master II “Guinness” that was just unveiled at Watches & Wonders), as well as a more eclectic black-dialled, pink-and-white bezel model.

Discover the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT in the Time+Tide Shop, either online or in our Melbourne Discovery Studio. Price: A$3,349.

Our favourite Time+Tide coverage of the week

It’s back! Time+Tide Kiss, Marry, Kill Watches and Wonders 2024 edition

Looking likely to become a Time+Tide tradition at Watches and Wonders, the most fun bit of the fair has to be the Kiss, Marry, Kill wrap-up video we film on the final day. Want to find out which watches we each kissed, married, and killed? You’ll have to watch the video above to find out.

Chris-Grainger Herr talks Hans Zimmer and eternity at the IWC Watches and Wonders 2024 booth

This year at Watches and Wonders, IWC decided to look far into the future – and in doing so, the brand built a world that immersed visitors into this forward-looking vision through a depiction of its observatory in the middle of the booth and the music of Hans Zimmer providing the soundtrack to the whole affair. With running water underneath the displays holding the novelties, it was almost otherworldly. Watch Andrew and Chris chat through it all, the watches, the booth, in the video above.

Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe takes us through the new Unico collection

Hublot’s collections are expansive, beginning with the entry-level Classic Fusion and working upwards towards the most complex MP range. Smack-bang in the centre, however, is where most of the action and excitement is: Hublot’s Unico-driven range. This includes the Square Bang range, which debuted at Watches & Wonders 2022. But the veteran Big Bang range is where we truly have a rainbow of materials and colours to explore, including experimentation such as the Big Bang Unico case crafted from recycled Nespresso pods. So, what ground is there left to cover? With the Art of Fusion manufacture’s knack for material innovation, the latest Unico models explores new colours and metals – whether entirely new to Hublot’s repertoire or new to the particular range. Andrew and Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe walkthrough the new novelties in the video above.