Micro Mondays

The Retter Mistral explores depth with a thin, retro-style case
The Venezianico Bucintoro 1969 puts Venice on the moon with a NOS Lemania movement
Travel in style with the jetsetting echo/neutra Cortina 1956 Chrono GMT
DWISS doubles down on a novel time-telling display with the M3S
Ocean To Orbit put their new Lhotse through its paces, sending it to the top of the Himalayas
How the Rivelta Metrodive combines urban stealthiness and diver legibility
CIGA Design’s Central Tourbillon Mount Everest Homage Edition represents another peak for Chinese watchmaking
The Good + Evil Omen warns of a bright future for the brand, made by a lighting designer
The Galvin Suvi plays on nostalgia for Finnish summertime
Buci & seconde/seconde/ produce a poetic timepiece that bleeds for its craft
Vaer debuts two new sporty mechaquartz chronographs
The new Draken Peregrine shows how far microbrands have come in 6 years
The William Wood Fire Exit shows dedication to evacuation
The Navi Single Hand is Vario’s ode to the sea and taking it easy
Serica replay the greats with the deliciously chocolatey Ref. 8315 Travel Chronometer
Gravithin’s Galileo-inspired Focuscope democratises the meteorite dial
The Satori Companion is just that: the perfect everyday companion
A futuristic wolf of a watch: the modern and angular Namica Okami
The Andras is devilishly handsome as Makina hit their stride
The Hz Watches HZ.01 sports Swiss quartz, hardened titanium, and GADA proportions – for less than $200
The many layers of the Constellar Origin
Momentum SQ30 Eclipse and Wayfinder GMT – Magnum P.I.’s choice, or an understated tool watch
More of our favourite microbrands of 2023
Our favourite microbrands of 2023
Pure Evel – The REC TTT Knievel is a striking tribute to the King of the Daredevils
Melbourne-based Second Hour present the handsome Gin Clear MkII
The Vario 1918 Pilot takes on a post-war angle
Medini Celeritas; or the attainable, elegant chronograph
The Arsène Lippens Visionario references your grail 1940s chronographs, with an unexpected movement
The Duke Clarity Tourbillon is a luxurious Luxembourgish salute to Genta watchmaking
The UniDesign Model One shows what microbrands are for
The Héron Marinor is a classy Canadian dive watch with a tough secret
The Montoir Dive Watch is an impressively affordable first effort from a new microbrand
The Bōken Nomad combines grade 2 titanium and a Swiss-made movement
The Vario Empire True GMT is an Art Deco-inspired travel watch for design purists
Manime La Fidèle
Aeronom Aero One BLK
Peren Regia and Peren Regia X
MICRO MONDAYS: The Nullarbor Terrain is inspired by Australian nature
The Argos Odyssey is an affordable and thoughtful everyday watch
MICRO MONDAYS: The Branch Sector offers and reliability under US$1,000
MICRO-MONDAYS: The Oceaneva Deep Marine Explorer Pro Diver GMT has a long name, and an impressive spec sheet
MICRO-MONDAYS: The Oliver Gallaugher Deep Space
MICRO MONDAYS: The Arken Alterum is a dive-ready GMT in lightweight titanium
MICRO MONDAYS: Helicon paints the sunset with the 62 Master Blue Hour
MICRO MONDAYS: The Beaucroft Bespoke allows you to design your own watch for an affordable price
MICRO MONDAYS: The Rosenbusch Quest is a truly accessible integrated-bracelet sports watch
MICRO MONDAYS: The Formex Essence 39 is a stylish daily wearer at a competitive price
MICRO MONDAYS: Pitzmann strengthen their claim to be the South Korean value proposition
MICRO MONDAYS: The Nezumi Voiture is a milestone chronograph model for the Swedish brand
The MKII Stingray II Keroman is a true military diver, recreated
MICRO MONDAYS: The Vario 1945 D12 Field Watch delivers vintage vibes for a bargain price
MICRO MONDAYS: The Stella Breslin revives the linen dial for the here and now
Second Hour’s Mandala Burst offers a fresh take on the everyday watch
MICRO MONDAYS: Marin Instruments create a skin diver for the 21st century
My favourite Micro Mondays from the last 12 months
MICRO MONDAYS: Jack Mason develops a new collection comprising a GMT and a diver
MICRO MONDAYS: The Atmoss SR-01 may have set the benchmark for budget pilot’s watches
MICRO MONDAYS: Wolf Creek’s North Star is a daily wearer that’s ready for adventure
MICRO MONDAYS: Charlie Paris introduces the Alliance 68H and Phase de Lune
MICRO MONDAYS: Fleux Watches revives the 1960s with two vintage-throwback divers for less than $500 each
Sherpa recreates the original EPSA Super Compressor case
MICRO MONDAYS: The Stella Ellis is a stunning GMT with traditional sensibilities and contemporary looks