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IN-DEPTH: What is Credor and why should I care about it? Plus 7 of the best models

For those outside of Japan, the Credor brand is quite an enigma. The two well known facts are likely that Credor is tied to the Seiko Corporation in some way. And that Credor watches sell at a dizzying range of price points. Beyond that is quite the mystery, so we have done some digging on your behalf.  What does the name mean and when was it founded? The name Credor comes from the French "Créte d'Or", meaning "the ultimate of the gold" and it was founded in 1974. The name gives away that Credor watches were originally crafted only in…

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10 Grand Seiko models exclusive to US market 01.08.2020

Exploring the 10 Grand Seiko models exclusive to the US market

With the United States being one of the largest importers of Swiss watches, it should come as no surprise that Grand Seiko wants to try to grab a larger share of the market. To tackle the US, Grand Seiko has a dedicated team in America — Grand Seiko America — to introduce the wonders of the brand to the consumer. While some of their renowned references are Japanese Domestic Market only, with their sights on the American marketplace they have introduced some exquisite and artistic models exclusive to stores in the US (in both limited editions as well as regular production…

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BAPE x SWATCH 01.08.2020

INTRODUCING: BAPE x Swatch 2020, a Big Bold 47mm statement watch

Streetwear fans rejoice, Swatch and BAPE (A Bathing Ape for those not in the know) are back with another big and bold collection. As far as #details go, this watch comes fully loaded. Taking up where last year's collaboration left off, this new collection is a colourful collision of styles. BAPE brings the disruptive and unconventional flair, and Swatch meets it with their years of innovation and traditional Swiss know-how. The result is the 47mm Big Bold Watch, which is what we refer to as a 'statement piece'. From the case to the bezel and even the strap, the design…

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how to get jdm watches 30.07.2020

The best JDM Seiko and Grand Seiko watches and how you can get them, even if you don't live in Japan

Within the thriving community of Seiko and Grand Seiko enthusiasts, some of the most highly prized watches are released only in the Japanese Domestic Market and the magic acronym you'll hear more than any other in this community is indeed 'JDM'. These JDM pieces might not be the most expensive, or limited in production numbers, but for anyone living outside of Japan they are highly prized for being tricky to get in other countries around the world. So how to get JDM watches out of Japan? It certainly isn't impossible to add a JDM reference to your collection. You just…

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G-Shock GMW-B5000TCM 30.07.2020

A MONTH ON THE WRIST: Is the shockingly light G-Shock GMW-B5000TCM in titanium worth the price premium?

In what could be seen as an appeal to Swiss watch collectors – or perhaps just those who prefer lighter watches – G-Shock decided to take their full-metal GMW-B5000 line to the next level. G-Shock has now introduced titanium into their lineup of square-faced design watches inspired by their historic G-Shock DW-5000C. I've owned mine for a month, and have plenty to say about it.  Firstly, the case, band, bezel, and caseback of this model are all made of very lightweight titanium, weighing in at 110g in total (with their previous steel models weighing 167g). Producing the Full Metal line…

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