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Andrew is the man who fell into watches and has never managed to quite get himself out. His career in horological journalism has spanned watch editor at GQ and The Weekly Review. Andrew gets asked every day if an online magazine about watches could really be a full time job. He enjoys saying it is in fact, a full time business. The growth of the team to incorporate talented writers, videographers and editors, whose work drives Time+Tide's reputation as a watch magazine with a difference, amounts to a career highlight for Andrew. Andrew finds watches fabulously interesting for the mere fact that the 17th Century technology still exists and thrives in a thoroughly, and excitingly, digital age.
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David brings a wealth of online expertise to Time+Tide, having held senior management roles in Australian online businesses.
Content Director
With 15 years as an editor and writer across fashion, lifestyle and celebrity, Ceri views watches the same way she does everything else, through a humanistic lens. When picking up a timepiece, Ceri sees the history that led to its creation; the skills of the designer; the hints it offers about the person wearing it, and the places it will go with them. Ultimately Ceri believes that in talking about watches, you can explore every part of life. If that life includes gin, cats and floating about in water, all the better.