Sylvester Stallone has 11 watches heading to Sotheby’s June 2024 auction Sylvester Stallone has 11 watches heading to Sotheby’s June 2024 auction

Sylvester Stallone has 11 watches heading to Sotheby’s June 2024 auction

Zach Blass

Celebrities are well-known to dive head-first into the world of watch-collecting, including Tom Brady, Mark Wahlberg, Tom Holland, David Beckham, and seemingly the entire comedy scene. With such expansive collections, these famous individuals will bring a portion of their collections to auction – our video with Russell Crowe discussing the watches he was bringing to auction is one of our best-performing pieces of content we have ever created. Another name I have yet to mention is Sylvester Stallone. Sly is well-known for being down bad with the horological sickness, and having experience consigning his watches for sale at auction. Come June 2024, Sylvester Stallone has enlisted Sotheby’s to hammer off 11 heavy-hitters as part of Sotheby’s upcoming Important Watches sale.

Fun fact – Stallone credits a sleepy Greg Allman of The Allman Brothers band as the spark that got him into watches. His arm hanging out of the aisle with an alluring gold Rolex on his wrist caught Sly’s eye and inspired him to use some of the money he earned from Rocky to buy a gold Submariner. Since then, he has spent decades collecting and being fascinated with watches.

“I’ve had the privilege of owning some truly remarkable watches over the years, each with its own unique character and history. I enjoy the collecting process like so many others in this passionate community, who don’t just see watches as an accessory, but admire them for their history, craftsmanship, artistry – but most importantly – how they make them feel,” Stallone explains to Sorheby’s. “Looking at these watches, I feel truly lucky to have owned them; they serve as a reminder that hard work pays off. While parting ways with this collection is bittersweet, I cherish that I’ve owned them with pride, and hope they will be appreciated and admired in their next homes.”

Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 6300G-010

Patek Philippe Reference 6300G 010 Grandmaster Chime box

The Stallone celebrity provenance certainly adds some appeal, but the real landmark aspect of this lot is that it is the first Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 6300G to ever hit the auction block. Sotheby’s elaborates: “A Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime sold in a charity auction for CHF 31 million (Only Watch, Christie’s Geneva, November 2019). The piece was created especially for the charity auction, and no other Grandmaster Chime has appeared on the auction market.”

Patek Philippe Reference 6300G 010 Grandmaster Chime BP

To fully explain the Grandmaster Chime within an eleven-watch overview is too tall a task. What you need to know is that the watch, first launched in 2014 to commemorate Patek’s 175th anniversary, is one of the most complicated wristwatches ever made. It houses an astounding total of 20 complications and five chiming mechanisms. Stallone’s ref. 6300G was the first Grandmaster Chime reference to join the permanent collection. Not only is the watch offered for sale with all of the original boxes, papers, hang tags, and accessories (including Apple earpods with a custom Patek Philippe case), but it also remains with its seal intact. A bit of a no-no considering Patek Philippe mandates seals be broken at the time of sale, but, with it untouched, like an action figure still in a sealed box, the watch is even more valuable. Then again, this is Sly we are talking about.

Estimate: US$2,500,000 – US$5,000,000

Panerai Luminor Submersible Piece Unique PAM00269

Panerai Reference PAM00269 Luminor Submersible 'Piece Unique' 03 glam

As evident from this selection of lots and common watchspots of the legendary actor, Sylvester Stallone wears watches from various brands. But, if there is one brand he is associated with, it is Panerai. When he sported a ref. 5218-201/a in the 1996 film Daylight, the brand was brought further into the mainstream – introducing more people to the world of Panerai. After this wrist cameo, Panerai would go on to collaborate with Stallone introducing several limited edition Slytech models. Later in this list, you will see one of these, but this particular 47mm yellow gold PAM00269 is very special due to the fact it is a piece unique created just for Stallone.

Panerai Reference PAM00269 Luminor Submersible 'Piece Unique' 03

This is clarified on the caseback of the 1000-metre water-resistant watch, bearing engravings that include Stallone’s signature, “Special Edition for Sly”, and “esemplare unico” which translates to unique example. In his video with Sotheby’s above, Stallone explains that this watch was presented to him as a gesture from the brand to thank him for “starting the whole Panerai movement.” Stallone had remarked to them, after all their effort, they should surely make more of them, but Panerai insisted it would remain a piece unique. He goes on to say it is the most solid and hefty watch he has ever worn, a “solid block of gold.”

Estimate: US$30,000 – US$60,000

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tourbillon 50th Anniversary 26730OR.OO.1320OR.01

Audemars Piguet Reference 26730OR OO 1320OR 01 Royal Oak Tourbillon 50th Anniversary

This Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 50th Anniversary Tourbillon is a recent acquisition according to Stallone, which makes sense considering the 50th anniversary was in 2022. Based on the imagery, its age, and the lack of an elaborate screen-worn, battle-tested backstory, it would appear that this watch, like the Grandmaster Chime, was more of a collector’s piece than something that was worn regularly. It is also one of the few watches that is not engraved with any sort of Stallone hallmark. Nonetheless, with or without the Stallone provenance, this ref. 26730OR.OO.1320OR.01 will certainly garner a lot of attention from prospective bidders.

Audemars Piguet Reference 26730OR OO 1320OR 01 Royal Oak Tourbillon 50th Anniversary 3

The watch clocks in at 41mm in diameter and 10.6mm thick, and with its 50th anniversary rotor in-house calibre 2950, boasts a 65-hour flying tourbillon. It is undoubtedly a heavyweight example of a Royal Oak.

Estimate: US$100,000 – US$200,000

Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 PAM00382

Panerai Reference PAM00382 Luminor Submersible 1950 strap

While his Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime remains sealed and unworn, this special PAM00382 Bronzo has been, as Stallone himself puts it, “put through its paces”. Most watch collectors, were they to have #0000 of a limited edition, would exercise caution wearing such a watch. Stallone, on the other hand, personally selected the watch and wore it during the filming of The Expendables 2 (note the custom Skull-adorned leather strap). The Expendables film series is heavily action-packed, and requires a lot of stunts to be pulled off. Therefore this watch, as Stallone says, was on his wrist above water, below water, in the sand, in fight scenes, etc.

Panerai Reference PAM00382 Luminor Submersible 1950 03

Stallone also remarks this watch was well-worn beyond the filming of The Expendables 2, a go-to daily for him off-set. Most people would force such patination, but the greening of the bronze case here is all natural. The Bronzo is one of the most sought-after Panerais, and this factor, combined with it being #0000 and Stallone’s personal watch surely means this is the most attractive example for Panerai collectors.

Estimate: US$30,000 – US$60,000

Cartier Pasha Seatimer W301970M

Cartier Reference W301970M Pasha Seatimer glam

At first, this Cartier Pasha Seamaster may not seem like a design Sly would usually go for. But his explanation of its backstory offers clarity. “This is really a piece of gold. This Cartier watch was given to me. I was at the Deauville Film Festival and I was having dinner with the president of Cartier,” Stallone recalls. “We had a good time, we were talking about horses and so on and so forth. And the next day at the hotel was this extraordinary piece of watchmaking. Again, there’s a pattern here. You can see there’s a sort of a rhythm that goes on with all these watches: they are a certain size, which at that time was the heavier bulkier watches. As I get older, I tend to shift my preferences, but this again marks a certain period of time. Also, this big door knocker here is engraved to commemorate that moment.”

Cartier Reference W301970M Pasha Seatimer 02

It is an interesting point made by Stallone, especially with Cartier more closely associated with slim and classic designs like the Tank and Santos. This 42mm diameter and 100-metre water-resistant chronograph, on the other hand, is large within the context of Cartier’s designs. I would also go so far as to say that this circa 2010 Pasha Seatimer was ahead of its time through its blend of gold and ceramic, which in recent years has become a burgeoning trend and more modern means of executing a two-tone design. All things considered, this was a good match made by Cartier’s president for Stallone, who then preferred large-and-in-charge solid gold watches.

Estimate: US$15,000 – US$30,000

Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 Chrono Slytech PAM00202

Panerai Reference PAM00202 Luminor Submersible 1950 Chrono 'Slytech' front

This lot offers Stallone’s personal PAM00202, an example of one the limited edition Slytech watches to also be offered for sale to the public – with his example being #0001 of 1,000. The first titanium watch ever made was in 1970, the Citizen X8 Chronometer, and the first Swiss titanium watch came in 1980 with the Porsche Design Titan Chronograph in collaboration with IWC. But the ubiquity of the usage of titanium by watch brands is a much more recent trend. Grand Seiko with the original dual-signed SBGA011 Snowflake in 2005, Hublot with their first titanium Classic Fusion watches in 2008, and Panerai, with this PAM00202 circa 2005 were, in some respects, ahead of the curve.

Panerai Reference PAM00202 Luminor Submersible 1950 Chrono 'Slytech' back

As a 47mm watch, the usage of titanium approximately shaves 40% of the weight off the watch compared to if it were made in steel. So, for Stallone, more accustomed to large and heavy watches, this must have felt like a future-forward technical novelty. Looking at the dial, one of the last to use tritium before the switch to SuperLuminova, you’ll notice the lume has aged to an even and attractive hue. However, it would seem the hands might’ve been replaced, possibly during a service, now featuring SuperLuminova. Of all the lots, this Panerai is tied with another for the lowest estimate range. So, if you are looking for an entry-level bidding opportunity to own one of Stallone’s Panerais, this is your best bet.

Estimate: US$6,000 – US$12,000

Rolex Day-Date 228235

Rolex Reference 228235 Day Date 01

While speaking with Sotheby’s, Stallone noted his favour for blue and green dials. This Rolex Day-Date, circa 2016, does not have an elaborate backstory, but it does have “SLY” engraved on the caseback. The Day-Date is well-known for being a Rolex associated with celebrations of success and milestones, so it is fair to assume Stallone was, aside from the dial, attracted to this presidential Rolex due to its embodiment of success. With such a rich and rewarding career, it makes sense Stallone would own and wear such a Day-Date.

Rolex Reference 228235 Day Date 03

Estimate: US$25,000 – US$50,000

Panerai Luminor 1950 Regatta Classic Yachts Challenge PAM00332

Panerai Reference PAM00332 Luminor 1950 Regatta 'Classic Yachts Challenge' 01

This Panerai PAM00332 is not a Stallone special edition, nor is it a screen-worn watch, but that is not a bad thing in this instance. Simply a limited-edition Panerai owned and worn by Sylvester Stallone, the PVD-coated steel PAM00332 is highly complicated thanks to its split-seconds chronograph mechanism.

Panerai Reference PAM00332 Luminor 1950 Regatta 'Classic Yachts Challenge' 03

Despite its higher level of complication, the estimate range sits equal to or lower than the other Panerais up for sale (with the exception of the PAM00202). It is also smaller than the others with a 44mm diameter measurement.

Estimate: US$20,000 – US$40,000

Patek Philippe Nautilus 57111300A-001

Patek Philippe Reference 57111300A 001 Nautilus 3

To be honest, I was surprised to see Stallone’s green 5711 with a baguette diamond set bezel up for sale, as it was a frequent flyer on his wrist. Stallone even jests in the video he does not know why he is selling it. “5711. What can I say? This is the mack daddy. This is green faced, very valuable. I don’t know why I’m selling it. Because I’m stupid, I guess, but I’m gonna do it anyway. For those fact-hungry people, this is the first time they used diamonds on steel. So it makes quite a statement. This is the mack daddy. If you’re a serious watch collector and you want to make a statement.” While Patek has used diamonds on steel previously in the Nautilus ref. 7118, Sly is right about one thing:  “This one doesn’t whisper – it screams.”

Patek Philippe Reference 57111300A 001 Nautilus 2

The standard 5711/1A with a blue dial is known as the ultimate hype piece. It’s one of the most recognisable watches, period, while also one of the hardest to come by at retail – in its day commanding an alleged eight to ten year wait for those who actually made it onto the waitlist. Two green dial variants, one with and one without diamonds on the bezel, were introduced shortly before the 5711 was discontinued altogether and they had a very short production run. As Sotheby’s describes, the green Nautiluses (Nautili?) were very exclusive, reserved for VIPs and VVIPs. They also state that this is only the second time this exact reference has ever come to market. thus its expectedly high estimate.

Estimate: US$200,000 -US$400,000

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711

Patek Philippe Reference 5711 Nautilus 2

Have you ever heard a Nautilus described as a “cousin from New Jersey”? Speaking to his 5711/1A after presenting his green and diamond-set 5711, Stallone does just that. “This is his cousin from New Jersey. He’s pretty valuable too. 5711 again, this is getting back to the basics,” Stallone proclaims. “If you want to be on the front line of a trend, this is when this watch came to the forefront and hasn’t slowed down since. It’s probably the most iconic watch Patek ever made in the sporting genre. You know, sometimes you just do it right? You nail it perfectly. And go, ‘Oh, what can I do to make it better?’ And the answer is nothing. You did. So just enjoy.”

Patek Philippe Reference 5711 Nautilus back

It seems strange for any collector to part with two highly sought-after Nautilus watches. But Sly has also been known to sport a 5740/1G and 5980/1AR, larger and heftier Nautilus models that both incorporate precious metal. So he is by no means left Nauti-less. Sorry… I had to.

Estimate: US$50,000 – US$100,000

Piaget Polo Grande P10623

Piaget Reference P10623 Polo Grande glam

Sly and Piaget may seem like an unusual pairing considering his penchant for larger and beefier watches, but there is on-screen precedent, as we once covered how he wore an original Piaget Polo in Tulsa King. While “Grande” is in the name, this is the smallest watch of all the eleven lots, clocking in at 38mm in diameter.

Piaget Reference P10623 Polo Grande back

While solid gold both in its case and bracelet, this lot is tied for the lowest estimate. So, if Panerai is not your bag, and in the wake of the Polo 79 reissue you want to get in before the potential price boom, this Polo Grande could be a smart move to bid on. This neo-vintage piece from circa 2000 offers the gadroon aesthetics of the past with the benefit of more modern manufacturing, all the while vintage Polos garner more and more enthusiast attention.

Estimate: US$6,000 – US$12,000