Video surfaces proving Tudor BB58 is compatible with Ranger T-Fit bracelet Video surfaces proving Tudor BB58 is compatible with Ranger T-Fit bracelet

Video surfaces proving Tudor BB58 is compatible with Ranger T-Fit bracelet

Zach Blass

As someone who once owned the original Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight and BB58 Navy Blue, I can say they were both constant wears within my collection when I owned them. Now, to be clear, I did not “flip” the two watches. Both were lost as a result of the necessary “one in, one out” philosophy – the original BB58 helping to fund the acquisition of my birth year Rolex Explorer (which then left the collection to help fund my A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Up/Down ref. 221.021) and the Navy Blue BB58 left my collection to make way for my Datejust 36 ref. 126234. But, if I loved them both so much, why did I part with them? Well, the answer to that question leads me to the news at hand.

Tudor BB58 T-Fit

My biggest gripe with the steel BB58s I had was that I could never get the perfect fit on my wrist with them. They were always a tad too tight or loose no matter the number of links I added or removed or where I placed the springbar within the three holes of micro-adjustment within the clasp. I even tried reversing the orientation of the bracelet on the case. But whatever I did, I never reached a Goldilocks serenity in fit. When the T-Fit bracelet was unveiled on the BB58 Bronze Boutique Edition, I knew it was the missing link. Had it existed on the initial two models the state of my collection could be very different now.

With T-Fit only available for the bronze model, fortunately for my conscience, it was a bit of a moot point. But when the Tudor Ranger was unveiled this year with a steel bracelet and T-Fit extension clasp that offers eight points of sliding micro-adjustment, many, like myself, immediately wanted to know whether or not the Ranger bracelet was compatible with the BB58. Thanks to a reel shared on Everest Band’s Instagram last month, we now know that the answer is yes. Aside from the benefit of being able to find a better fit for your BB58 on the wrist, pairing the BB58 with a Ranger bracelet also resolves the dilemma of the faux-rivets – which some collectors do not particularly love.

Inevitably, Tudor will bring T-Fit to future steel models of the BB58, and even sell existing models on the updated bracelet as well. But, if you currently own a BB58 and feel T-Fit would be a gamechanger for your wear experience, you may want to reach out to your AD to see if you can buy a Ranger bracelet.