Kid Cudi has a bar mitzvah to thank for his gold Rolex Day-Date President Kid Cudi has a bar mitzvah to thank for his gold Rolex Day-Date President

Kid Cudi has a bar mitzvah to thank for his gold Rolex Day-Date President

Zach Blass

Celebrity watchspotting can be a bit trivial at times – a Royal Oak here, a Richard Mille there. These are snapshots of individuals who have made it and have the means and access to strap any watch to their wrist that they desire. Which is why it is that much more interesting to hear the stories of a celebrity’s first watch acquisition, the watch that first piqued their desires upon having the money to indulge in one – a watch that meaningfully commemorates their rise into the famed figure they are today. Last week, we shined the spotlight on Pierce Brosnan’s tale of purchasing a Girard-Perregaux watch, early enough in his career that the amount he spent was, in his words, “knee-shaking”. Recently, on hit YouTube series Hot Ones, where we have spotted many guests wearing fabulous watches, a bare-wristed Kid Cudi recalled his first major watch purchase to host Sean Evans. And, in an interesting twist, a bar mitzvah was the catalyst that made it happen.



Kid Cudi, whose legal name is Scott Mescudi, began pursuing his music career in 2003. Three years later, thanks to a fateful encounter with his eventual mentor Kanye West, the American rapper’s career would begin to take flight – upon running into West, Cudi introduced himself and gave him a sample of his music. The pair would once again have a random meeting, when West visited the BAPE store Cudi worked at (resulting in another moment for the two to exchange words). By 2007, his first single Day ‘n’ Nite hit the internet, in 2008 his first mixtape A Kid Named Cudi was released, and in 2009 his debut album Man on the Moon. And, in part thanks to his relationship with Kanye West, Cudi would feature on various songs with various prominent artists, such as 50 Cent, in the time between.

Kid Cudi
Image: YouTube – Hot Ones

I provide this context because my own bar mitzvah, or technically b’nei mitzvah due to my twin brother and I sharing the day we became men in the eyes of the Jewish faith, was in December of 2006 – right as Kid Cudi was beginning to hit the scene. It was also a time prior to the boom in infamy of watches like the Royal Oak and Nautilus, Rolex then reigned supreme. While I did not have the pleasure of having him perform at my festivities, one family did entice the budding rapper to perform at their child’s bar mitzvah. Thanks to Sean Evans’ masterful research abilities, and interview prowess, he prompted Kid Cudi’s tale of his first major watch, a Rolex Day-Date, reminding Cudi that he once stated he would like to go on a bar mitzvah tour because they are very fun. To which Kid Cudi added: “And lucrative.”

Kid Cudi has since grown his collection, adding multiple Rolex to his collection and a G-Shock x Cudi x BAPE collaboration that is a nod to his past experience working at their retail storefront.

Sean then asked him what was the sickest bar mitzvah he had ever performed at. Kid Cudi explained: “Oh my God the very first one. They paid me 30 grand to do three songs. I come out, I do a song, the kids are all excited I was there, and I was having a moment. And then we’re like taking pictures and I was like, ‘Wow!’ This was earlier on in my career, so I was just like: ‘Oh my God these kids make me feel more famous than I ever felt before in my life.’  After that I was like OK, I’ve always wanted a Rolex Presidential Day-Date right.  I’m gonna take this money and I’m gonna go buy this Rolex, and I still have that Rolex, I still wear it to this day, and it was a great buy. It was one of my most important buys because, first off, I really really, really, really wanted that watch and I was dreaming about it before I had money. And then I finally got it.

Kid Cudi driving a Porsche, likely wearing the Day-Date he first purchased.

While I cannot be a 100%  certain, I think it is safe to assume the Day-Date he purchased, likely pictured above, was a 36mm yellow gold ref. 1803 or similar reference. I infer it was such a watch based on the fact that throughout the Kanye West-centered Netflix documentary jeen-yuhs West can be repeatedly seen in footage wearing such a configuration in the early stages of his blossoming career. While the pair have since feuded, and no longer hold each other in high regard, it is fair to assume, among other factors, that Cudi wanted to follow in the footsteps of his then hero and mentor West.

So, there you have it. Kid Cudi has a bar mitzvah gig to thank for his first watch. Who would have guessed!