5 of the best watches for Halloween 2023 5 of the best watches for Halloween 2023

5 of the best watches for Halloween 2023

Fergus Nash

Having written lists like the top five evil-looking watches and the five affordable watches for goths, I like to think of myself as Time+Tide’s resident spook expert. Halloween is by far my favourite festive season of the year, even if Australians don’t often celebrate with trick-or-treating. It might not traditionally be the kind of holiday where you’d celebrate with a gift, but watch fans rarely need much of an excuse to pick up something new. So, here are five watches you should consider as a Halloween treat released within the last year.

Mr Jones The Accurate

Mr Jones The Accurate Halloween

Mr Jones have actually released a limited edition watch specifically for this year’s Halloween, however the ‘Short Fuse’ with its cute devil design has already sold out. Instead, ‘The Accurate’ is a cheeky and affordable take on memento mori. The idea behind the memento mori concept is to embrace the idea of death rather than to fear it, something which is very much aligned with the traditional Halloween festivities. By celebrating the horrific, we decrease its power, and improve our outlook on life. The watch itself is powered by a Swiss quartz movement, and cased in a comfortable 37mm diameter and 46mm lug-to-lug package. Price: £195

Swatch x Blancpain Bioceramic Scuba Fifty Fathoms Arctic

Blancpain x Swatch Scuba Fifty Fathoms Arctic Halloween

The Swatch x Blancpain Bioceramic Scuba Fifty Fathoms definitely wasn’t the most popular release among watch enthusiasts, whether it was the long-winded name, the SISTEM51 movement or just fatigue from the MoonSwatch hype that made them moan like zombies. Despite that initial disappointment and blowback, I still think they have a lot of merit. Complete with a set of comfortable dimensions, the bright colours make for exciting designs which look unlike anything else. The Arctic edition makes for a great Halloween watch thanks to its vibrant pumpkin-orange bezel and strap, accentuated by the beige backdrop of the case and dial. The huge ‘NO RADIATIONS’ logo above 6 o’clock also ups the scare factor slightly, as it’s easier to notice the radioactive symbol than the disclaimer beneath it. Price: A$630

Boldr Venture Staghorn

Boldr Venture Staghorn Halloween

As an evolution of one of our favourite affordable field watches, the Boldr Venture Staghorn is a titanium dive watch with solid specifications. Named and themed after the critically endangered staghorn coral, the pale orange of the dial and bezel is juxtaposed with the dark grey of the 38mm titanium case for a slightly ethereal effect. The various matte textures also make it seem somewhat otherworldly, leaning into the pumpkins-at-night atmosphere of Halloween. For A$740, it’s also just a great value dive watch that’s lightweight, robust, and easily serviceable thanks to the Seiko NH35 movement. Price: A$740 from the T+T Shop

Peren Nera Rogue BW

Peren Nera Rogue BW Halloween

Peren are quite a prolific brand considering how niche their USP is, focusing on Transylvanian heritage blended with contemporary watchmaking. Although their early releases went pretty hard on the vampiric associations with the region, recently they’ve been taking more inspiration from the actual historic culture. Released towards the end of last year, the Peren Nera Rogue BW still carries the vampiric fang logo on its dial and crown and embraces a dark, brooding aesthetic with a blacked-out bezel. If your ideal Halloween watch is both spooky and a functional diver, then the Peren Nera Rogue BW is the choice for you. Price: CHF 789

Rado DiaStar Original Skeleton

Rado Diastar Original Skeleton 2 e1693794777921

You’re not doing Halloween decorations properly if you don’t have at least one skeleton, and the same could be said for watch collecting. The Rado DiaStar Original Skeleton may not be inherently aligned with the themes of Halloween, but between the scratch-resistant domed case and the faceted sapphire crystal, there’s more than enough eccentric design to quantify its mysterious vibes. Whether you’re wearing it for its mystical intrigue or just dressing up as a character from the 1960s, the Rado DiaStar Original Skeleton is definitely a valid consideration for Halloween. Price: A$3,250