Pierce Brosnan recalls his “knee-shaking” watch purchase in British GQ video Pierce Brosnan recalls his “knee-shaking” watch purchase in British GQ video

Pierce Brosnan recalls his “knee-shaking” watch purchase in British GQ video

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At Time+Tide we love a good ambassador and brand pairing. I even recently prompted the team to participate in a Fantasy Watch Ambassador Draft, matching up celebs who have never been watch ambassadors with various brands. Ambassadors irrefutably draw attention to the brands they represent and, when done properly, create a cultural imprint that ultimately captivates the attention of existing watch lovers and even creates new generations of watch geeks. Cynics will say this is not genuine, that it is a relationship that stems from paycheques rather than mutual respect between brand, celebrity, and the world of timepieces. I will not wade into that debate today as it is surely a case-by-case argument that cannot end in a single unanimous verdict. One thing that is clear, however, is that Pierce Brosnan in his post-Bond life is no longer contractually bound to Omega and does not love watches out of obligation. He really loves them, even beyond the Omega watches he popularised for so long.



Pierce recently participated in the regular GQ segment 10 Things [insert subject’s name here] Can’t Live Without. While he showcased various items, like sunglasses, one of the first things he digs into is his love for watches.

Pierce Brosnan

With him during the British GQ video is a watch that is very near and dear to his heart: a Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945. “I was in New York doing Laws of Attraction with Julianne Moore,” Brosnan explained. “I bought it. I came out of the store, my knees were shaking [due to] how much money I just dropped.” This is such a relatable experience for many a watch lover splurging on a luxury timepiece. The moment also underscores the age-old tradition of acquiring a watch as a memento to commemorate a milestone.

Pierce Brosnan
Image: British GQ

Brosnan then expresses his appreciation for Blancpain, Cartier and TAG Heuer watches – all of which he proudly owns in his personal collection. He also reveals how his personal watches end up in the films he stars in. Brosnan explained: “Panerai is another great watch that I love. I bought one when I was doing After the Sunset with Woody Harrelson and Salma Hayek.”

“The watch that I wear in Black Adam,” Brosnan continued, “Is a Montblanc, which my wife Keely bought for me. I wear that in the movie and I wear my own wedding ring in the movie playing Doctor Fate.” He then explained how due to the appreciation for watches he shared with co-star and renowned watch nerd Aldis Hodge, the pair consequently became fast friends.

Image: British GQ

These anecdotes are all hallmarks of a true watch enthusiast. Brosnan even concludes his segment on watches by explaining the manifold reasons behind his passion. “I wear a watch to keep time and I wear it for the beauty of the timepiece. I just love watches.”

Were Brosnan still contractually obliged to wear Omega, we probably would not be privy to these horological anecdotes today. But I am glad to see in his free agency he continues to life his best watch-life, indulging in a wide range of timepiece styles. And the fact he seems very partial to a dress watch these days is encouraging for those wondering how we draw attention away from the sports watches that dominate the retail and secondary market. If you won’t take it from me, take it from Brosnan: nothing is more timeless and cool then an elegant and dressy watch.