MB&F adds a striking metallic hue to the HM8 Mark 2 Blue MB&F adds a striking metallic hue to the HM8 Mark 2 Blue

MB&F adds a striking metallic hue to the HM8 Mark 2 Blue

Russell Sheldrake
  • The new HM8 Mark 2 Blue gives the body panels a new metallic colour.
  • Based on the Porsche 918 Spyder, it is a driving watch with a sense of speed about it, using a Girard-Perregaux base movement.
  • Limited to just 33 pieces, it is priced the same as last year’s editions at US$78,000.

Followers, fans, and friends of MB&F will be more than aware of the automotively inspired HM8 Mark 2. Drawing inspiration directly from the Porsche 918 Spyder, it’s a driving watch that aims to give the impression of speed on the wrist. While we saw this model introduced as a sequel to the original HM8 just last year, the main point of difference is the metallic blue outer shell. We’ll talk more about exactly how they executed this reflective coat below.

MBandF HM8 Mark 2 Blue Face Black Hres

Like all of MB&F’s Horological Machines, the HM8 Mark 2 doesn’t take the form of a normal watch, and the genesis of this comes from Max Büsser’s original dream of becoming a car designer. That obviously didn’t happen, but he was still able to channel that passion into a number of his driving watch HMs. In my opinion the HM8 might be the best out of all of them. You get the same great view of the movement as you do in the original HM8, but the developed shape of the case, with the body panels and double domed sapphire, shift this model into top gear for me.

The time is read from the side of the case, meaning the watch can be used without taking your hand off the steering wheel, but the discs that display the time lie flat with the movement. They are then projected to the wearer through two sapphire prisms which not only angle and magnify the view of the discs, but they also make it a very personal experience when reading the time, as the field of view from which the discs can be read is quite small. Meaning no one apart from yourself can read the time.

MBandF HM8 Mark 2 Blue Wrist Shot 4 Hres

Moving on to the main and newest feature of the HM8 Mark 2 Blue, these dazzling blue body panels still made from the CarbonMacrolon we saw in the original HM Mark 2 models. However, this time it has been infused with a metallic pigment which the brand tells us is the same as found in car paint. This gives the piece a translucent shine which goes perfectly with the racing car aesthetic.

This CarbonMacrolon material is pretty special, even without this new cerulean glint to it. It is possibly the most MB&F material going, and not only because it has been designed specifically for the watchmaker, but it based on a polymer matrix which is then injected with carbon nanotubes. Not only is this futuristic sounding compound eight times lighter than steel, but it is also possible to polish, bead-blast, give it a satin finish, and as we can see here, colour it.

MBandF HM8 Mark 2 Blue Side Black Hres

Driving the HM8 Mark 2 Blue is the same Girard-Perregaux movement we have seen before with the battle axe-style rotor seen from above, and a module attached in-house that allows for the digital jumping hours and gliding minutes. To adjust the time, you have to unlock the “double de-clutch” crown, which is done by pressing it in and giving it a three quarter turn. This supposedly gives the crown extra security, although it only manages 30 metres of water resistance due to the complexity of the case shape.

Overall, this a great new addition to the HM8 line, with this shade of blue giving an excellently glossy look. And when I was given the chance to try the watch on at the M.A.D. Gallery during Watches & Wonders, I can assure it is just as fun on the wrist as you could imagine.

MB&F HM8 Mark 2 Blue pricing and availability

The MB&F HM8 Mark 2 Blue is available now. Price: US$78,000 (excl. taxes). 

Brand MB&F
Model HM8 Mark 2 Blue
Case Dimensions 41.5mm (D) x 19mm (T) x 47mm (LTL)
Case Material CarbonMacrolon and grade 5 titanium
Water Resistance 30 metres
Crystal(s) AR-coated sapphire
Dial Sapphire prism digital display
Lug Width Integrated
Strap White calfskin with titanium buckle
Movement In-house digital display module on Girard-Perregaux base, automatic
Power Reserve 42 hours
Functions Digital jumping hours, minutes
Availability Limited to 33 pieces
Price US$78,000 excl. taxes