NFL QB Brock Purdy got married with a Tudor Black Bay on his wrist NFL QB Brock Purdy got married with a Tudor Black Bay on his wrist

NFL QB Brock Purdy got married with a Tudor Black Bay on his wrist

Zach Blass

In American Football, the last pick of any given NFL draft is dubbed “Mr. Irrelevant.” Once upon a time, in the 2022 NFL draft, quarterback Brock Purdy earned this badge of not-so-much honour when he was drafted to the San Francisco 49ers – the very last pick, number 41 in the seventh round. Fast forward to last month, and the Purdy-led 49ers competed against the Kansas City Chiefs in the championship Super Bowl game. A real zero-to-hero story, from the “Mr. Irrelevant” draft pick to his rookie season ending in a division championship loss, to a very narrow loss in his second season in the Super Bowl. By all accounts from experts, seeing Purdy’s game today proves he should have been a top-ten pick in the 2022 draft. While he was unable to celebrate a Super Bowl victory, last week he enjoyed a much more meaningful event; his marriage to wife Jenna Brandt. And, on his wrist on the dance floor, a photo clearly establishes a 2023 Tudor Black Bay 41 with a red bezel and T-fit Jubilee bracelet.

Brock Purdy tudor wedding

Interestingly, Purdy finds himself in a strange position financially – at least within the context of the NFL. While a starting quarterback who led his team to the Super Bowl, his contract is currently based on his “Mr. Irrelevant” pick in the draft. Then not viewed as a hot commodity, Purdy signed a deal that earns him US$3.7M over four years. According to CBS Sports: “His salary cap hit of US$889,000 ranks 67th in the NFL among all quarterbacks and 1,406th among all players.” For further context, Kansas City Chiefs superstar QB Patrick Mahomes, whom he went head-to-head with in the Super Bowl, is the second highest-paid NFL QB and earned US$33.4M during the 2023 season alone. Fortunately for Purdy, his performance over the last two years means it is not a matter of if he will get a better contract – it is simply a matter of when. I mention all of this because while Purdy, by normal standards, is making very good money, in the context of the NFL, he is currently severely underpaid and earning a meager salary within the context of his sport. So, in a way, this Tudor is really the perfect watch for him at his current stage in his career. It is an entry-level luxury watch, for a person who is in the entry stage of his NFL career, which has red and gold accents that match his team’s colours. In some respects, it’s a grounded choice of a watch – especially against the timepieces of his peers. The Tudor Black Bay would certainly make the cut if I was making a best graduation watch list today. This Tudor likely embodies his literal graduation from college and college football to the professional level. It will be interesting to see if and how his wrist-game develops throughout his career.

Tudor Black Bay Burgundy 41 pricing and availability

The Tudor Black Bay Burgundy 41 is available now for purchase. Price: A$5,890 (rubber strap), A$6,190 (riveted bracelet), A$6,340 (Jubilee bracelet)

Brand Tudor
Model Black Bay
Case Dimensions 41mm (D) x 13.6mm (T) x 50mm (LTL)
Case Material Stainless steel
Water Resistance 200m
Crystal(s) Sapphire
Dial Black and gold
Lug Width 22mm
Strap Riveted bracelet, Jubilee bracelet, or rubber with fitted steel end links
Movement Tudor MT5602-U, automatic, Kenissi-made
Power Reserve 70 hours
Availability Available now
Price A$5,890 (rubber strap)
A$6,190 (riveted bracelet)
A$6,340 (Jubilee bracelet)