Omega hosts star-studded Speedmaster 38mm launch in Milan filled with diamonds and stylish watch-wielding celebrities Omega hosts star-studded Speedmaster 38mm launch in Milan filled with diamonds and stylish watch-wielding celebrities

Omega hosts star-studded Speedmaster 38mm launch in Milan filled with diamonds and stylish watch-wielding celebrities

Zach Blass

Earlier this week, Omega, as Omega is known to do, hosted a star-studded affair in Milan to launch a new Speedmaster 38mm collection. For niche watch enthusiasts, such an effort may seem perplexing since these diamond-studded novelties pale in comparison to the excitement garnered by a new Speedmaster Professional remixed with a white lacquer dial. Such a simple twist is what the majority of the niche, the Warby Parker-wearing and cardigan-donning enthusiasts, ultimately look for.

But, Andrew, who attended the launch, shared with us here at Time+Tide that a surprising remark Omega CEO Raynald Aeschlimann made was that this collection expansion, marking the first-ever full gold Speedmaster 38mm models with bracelets and enlarged diamonds three times bigger than previous versions, was targeted at both men and women.


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Our Instagram poll shows approximately 80% of you don’t necessarily share this vision. Shocker.

omega milan speedmaster 38 diamonds women
Naomi Harris, Alessandra Ambrosio, Alisha Boe (left to right).

As expected, the famous women in attendance, such as actors Naomi Harris and Alisha Boe and supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, all adorned these new Speedmaster 38mm models in varying metals all set with diamonds.

barry keoghan omega 38

In a shot of Raynald Aeschlimann and actor Barry Keoghan, I noticed that Keoghan was also wearing a Moonshine gold Speedmaster 38mm on its case-matching bracelet with a bezel and green dial fully blinged out with diamonds. Keoghan, commonly styled by Ilaria Urbanati, certainly explores a bolder wardrobe than most and after his performance in Saltburn, we know he is comfortable outside of the common man’s comfort zone.

omega milan men speedmaster 38 diamonds
Jonathan Bailey, Barry Keoghan, Niels Schneider (left to right).

Going through the other pap shots, however, he was not alone, joined by Bridgerton actor Jonathan Bailey and actor Niels Schneider with diamond-set Speedy 38mm watches on their wrists as well. Were these watches placed and styled on their wrists? Of course. While the choice itself may have been forced, the look itself does not necessarily feel forced – especially for men who are willing to be more adventurous and fashion-forward with their style. It will be interesting to see how this model is adopted by men amongst more civilian collectors. Nonetheless, the expansion presents an opportunity for women, or anyone for that matter, to explore the more compact Moonwatch in a blingier skin.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Zach and the Time+Tide Team

Watch meme of the week: Padawan problems


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As a Star Wars and horology lover, “I find your lack of water resistance disturbing” is one of the best watch-post captions I have ever seen. The meme itself is also too true.

Wrist shot of the week: Michael Strahan goes unexpectedly Genta


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Post his NFL career, the legendary New York Giants defender Michael Strahan has been commonly spotted supporting independent watchmaking – notably wearing a De Bethune DB28 Kind of Blue on his Blue Origin flight into outer space. His latest indie flex, however, is an unexpected and awesome surprise: a Gerald Charles Maestro 8.0 Squelette GC8.0-RG-06. Let Brady flex his Cartier Crash and Wahlberg flex whatever the latest Patek is. It is very cool to see a celebrity/athlete show appreciation to a model and brand that deserves its day in the limelight.

Time+Tide Shop pick of the week: Nivada Grenchen F77 Stone Dial Collection

F77 Lapis Wristshot jpg

The new F77 Collection by Nivada Grenchen showcases timeless artisanship combined with modern design. Drawing inspiration from the iconic stainless steel models of the 70s, the F77 has been reintroduced with a fresh perspective, blending vintage appeal with contemporary elegance. Select from four exquisite dial options to match your personal taste. Whether you prefer the classic Anthracite with its intricate basket-weave pattern, the mesmerizing Aventurine with its gleaming green tones, the majestic Lapis Lazuli, or the exclusive Limited Edition Meteorite, each dial offers a distinct narrative and adds a touch of sophistication.

Discover the Nivada Grenchen F77 Stone Dial Collection in the Time+Tide Shop, either online or in our Melbourne Discovery Studio. Price: starting at A$2,390.

Accessory of the month: Tropic Straps

tropic straps range

There’s so many cool watch accessories out there that we thought we’d start highlighting our faves once a month here in the Friday Wind Down. Kicking things off is Tropic, the iconic strap brand. Often imitated but rarely replicated, Tropic was one of the first Swiss firms in the 1960s to manufacture rubber watch straps, with the brand becoming popular both as an aftermarket choice and as an OEM.

Since the 60s, the design has been somewhat genericised, but genuine Tropic straps are a cut above your average ‘tropic’ or ‘tropical’ strap. These soft yet durable rubber straps come in a wide range of colours and are a great last-minute Christmas present for the watch lover in your life. The best bit? Because they’re made of natural rubber, they smell like vanilla. Put a watch with a Tropic strap in a draw and you’ll soon have all your wallets and keys smelling like vanilla. Nice.

Order now from the Time+Tide Shop, either online or in our Melbourne Discovery Studio. Price: A$120.

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After heavily focusing on the Moonwatch earlier in the year and the Chronoscope very recently, Omega has finally allowed the smaller Speedy to shine. And it quite literally does, with bezels and sub-dial surrounds decked out in diamonds. These new Speedmaster 38mm watches are the first to ever be in precious metal with the option for a case-matching bracelet as well. For the full details though, you will have to head here.

What makes Richard Mille so different?

richard mille courchevel ski trip 14

Richard Mille is unlike nearly every other watch brand in the world. The watches they produce stand out on red carpets, on stage, and on the sports field, thanks to their unique case shapes and innovative materials and movements. But it’s not just the watches that make this independent brand singular: it’s also the way it approaches and deals with its clients and partners. Russell had the chance to discover the ‘Richard Mille’ difference himself during a recent ski trip to France: read all about it here.