Roger Smith reminds us to have fun with a MoonSwatch wristshot Roger Smith reminds us to have fun with a MoonSwatch wristshot

Roger Smith reminds us to have fun with a MoonSwatch wristshot

Zach Blass

On a personal level, I am well documented on the record in that I have no desire to purchase a Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch. I just cannot see a reason to bring it into my collection, recognising from my own wear patterns it would probably get very little wrist time. Maybe it is a bit snobbish of me, that I gravitate towards the watches in my collection that are more expensive, considered more sought after, or “higher” in horological merit. And this is why, after seeing one of legendary living watchmaker Roger W. Smith’s Instagram posts, I feel like I need to “check myself” a tad.


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Smith, the sole apprentice of George Daniels, has become one of the most respected watchmakers in the world today. His own watches, produced in line with the Daniels method, require painstaking and meticulous craft much of which is performed by hand. Collectors would kill to get higher on his waitlist, eager to own such remarkable horological works of art. Were it me, I would certainly wear my own watches – especially if they are considered among the best of the best. Rather ironically, however, Smith has been known to wear a Rolex Explorer as a “daily”. The Explorer is among the quietest and most stealth-flex models in their catalogue, so it is quite reflective of Smith’s personality, choosing to wear a discreet if-you-know-you-know Rolex rather than one of his own fine creations. Even cooler, he has actually modified the Rolex movement within and upgraded the escapement to a co-axial escapement – which, should it ever find itself at auction, will definitely be a headline lot with a high hammer price. Another legend, Philippe Dufour, has also been known to sport Rolex watches during his day to day watchmaking as well.


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But, now Roger Smith’s humbleness, if you will, stretches even further, with his wristshot post of his Mission to Saturn MoonSwatch. Smith wrote in his captioned post: “Enjoying my new summer watch. How many other speedy lovers have picked one up đź’Ş.” I really love that he is finding joy in something high-brow watch aficionados snub as low-brow, and how, in his caption, he is clearly engaging with the watch community. He is above all of us in terms of watchmaking prowess, but as an enthusiast and collector he is just one of us. For such a high-end and high-craft watchmaker to be able to find joy in a MoonSwatch is indicative of the offering’s strength – it’s just plain ol’ fun. So if Smith can find a way not to take watches too seriously, shouldn’t I, or we, be able to as well?

Roger Smith MoonSwatch
A Roger Smith Series 1 watch

When the MoonSwatch was introduced, it immediately was subject to much fanfare and hype. But, there was also a minority contingent slamming it as a toy that would ruin Omega’s brand image, later proving to be the complete opposite. To be clear, I have always respected the disrupting and ground-breaking aspects of the MoonSwatch’s release. Where I have perhaps sinned, so to speak, is that upon reflection I have certainly made arguments to people as to how they could better spend their money. And, one of my signs of becoming a watch snob is when someone tries to impart their preferences on other people. I have never aggressively advocated against its purchase, but I definitely may have cause others to hit pause before jumping into purchasing one. At its price, or near it, are there more “horologically advanced” and robust pieces you could buy? Sure – we’ve outlined them here, in fact. But, the fun factor of the MoonSwatch is undeniable, and that is what we are all about at Time+Tide – making watches fun for everyone. Thank you Roger, for reminding me of that.