VIDEO: Hands-on with all 11 missions of the Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch VIDEO: Hands-on with all 11 missions of the Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch

VIDEO: Hands-on with all 11 missions of the Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch

Zach Blass

To say that the announcement of the Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch BioCeramic was the debut of the year would be an understatement. In fact, you could even argue it was the drop of the last decade. Waitlists and queues for watches are by no means a foreign concept to collectors, but this idea is typically played out behind closed doors. With the MoonSwatch there was, and indeed is, a physical and tangible understanding of just how many people want one of these 11 watches, with huge, physical queues amassing worldwide on March 26, well before the Swatch boutiques had even opened. And for good reason. This monumental and novel collaboration has opened the doors to a broader spectrum of collectors to own a price-accessible take on an iconic piece of Swiss luxury design.

The MoonSwatches are definitely faithful recreations of the Speedmaster, meticulously mimicking the case to the point that we have ever seen people successfully affix actual Speedmaster bracelets to the MoonSwatch. Even details such as the dot over ninety bezel have come into play. At a more apparent level, the 42mm MoonSwatch case carries the same wearing dimensions as the Speedmaster, and utilises the same crown design, pusher design, and alpha hand style we associate with the Omega Moonwatch. In the spirit of democratisation, as well as the sense of space exploration, the watch is outfitted on a Velcro strap that allows you to tailor the fit of the watch to your wrist. But, of course, Swatch has put their playful spin and DNA into this collaboration – offering their proprietary Bioceramic case material in a wide spectrum of colours for everyone to debate which is their favourite.

MoonSwatch BioCeramic

Now, at such an approachable price – there are clear differences to mention as well. The case – 50m water-resistant on a Speedmaster – is a splash-resistant 30m for the Bioceramic MoonSwatch. The MoonSwatch is also quartz-powered, in favour of mechanically driven, and this has resulted in a shift for the position of the chronograph registers – the elapsed minutes and hours moving higher up on the dial. But enough tech talk, now it’s time to have some fun and explore all of the 11 colour options on the table for this collection.

The Mission to the Sun is definitely for those who want to brighten up their day, its bright sun-brushed gold and white-accented colorway sure to bring joy to whomever is wearing it.

The Mission to Mercury in deep grey is a bit more somber, but nonetheless incredibly versatile in aesthetic as a result.

The Mission to Venus exudes powdery pink power, and a softened aesthetic with oval subdials.

The Mission on Earth celebrates our own planet with two colors of the year in the recent era: blue and green.

The Mission to Mars will surely pique the interest of seasoned collectors, its design and color inspired by the “Alaska Project” Speedmaster that continues to soar in price on the secondary market.

Speaking of taking inspiration from a limited edition Speedmaster design, the Mission to Jupiter pairs a desert-like bronze-colored case and dial with orange “Ultraman” inspired seconds hand.

The most overt planetary tribute would have to be the Mission to Saturn, a versatile beige with Saturn’s rings clear and present on the dial at 6 o’clock.

The Mission to Pluto combines the safety of a grey case with a pop of burgundy, both on its bezel and its register found on its stone off-white dial.

MoonSwatch BioCeramic

Those looking for a rich blue with depth can avert their gaze towards the Mission to Neptune, a deep blue suitable for any wardrobe.

MoonSwatch BioCeramic

For those who wish to wear a more bold blue – in-line with the burgeoning trend of Tiffany blue fever – the pale blue of the Mission to Uranus is sure to be a winner.

MoonSwatch BioCeramic

Last, but certainly not least, the Mission to the Moon is the most faithful reinterpeatation of the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch – mimicking the tones, steps, and depth of the iconic reference.

As you can see there is a lot to explore within this range, a journey of space exploration in of itself. Let us know in the comments below which colour is your favourite – and, as for securing one of these highly in-demand pieces, may the odds be in your favour in the coming weeks.

Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch BioCeramic pricing and availability:

MoonSwatch BioCeramic

The Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch BioCeramic is available for inquiries now. Price: $260 USD