FRIDAY WIND DOWN: What the Beckham Tudor Pelagos hopefully implies… FRIDAY WIND DOWN: What the Beckham Tudor Pelagos hopefully implies…

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: What the Beckham Tudor Pelagos hopefully implies…

Zach Blass

When the David Beckham Tudor Pelagos shot appeared on Instagram, it became a moment where many of us were hoping our prayers had been answered. Is this it? A Marine Nationale Pelagos for civilians to purchase? Details are not entirely clear, as there has yet to be any form of official confirmation from Tudor themselves. Forum posts are one thing, because unfortunately forum and fact do not always go hand-in-hand. But a genuine photo of Beckham’s wrist, on his official social media no less, is a much more reassuring piece of evidence that brings our dream closer to reality.

The photos above and below had made there way onto forums last month, and in tandem with the Beckham Pelagos story on Instagram it would seem a Marine Nationale Pelagos is likely coming – again no official word from the brand themselves, so don’t light the celebratory cigar just yet (although maybe get the ash-tray ready). Comparing the set of photos as a whole, one can infer that Beckham may have been sporting a civilian version of a new Marine Nationale Tudor Pelagos.

As noted in our previous coverage of this potential development, this presumed Marine Nationale Pelagos watch has various different design cues than what we are used to in the current collection. From the outside in, the bezel has a full 60-minute countdown bezel in blue (darker in Beckham’s shot and brighter in the supposed Marine Nationale issued leaked shots above and below). A matching colour dial features a narrower stepped outer minutes track tucked in the inner bezel, and the indices may be printed, or thin and applied, notably no longer framed in the recesses of a thicker stepped inner bezel ring.

Another notable thing to mention is that on the watch above, which many have surmised is a Marine Nationale issue based on the caseback engraving, there are only two lines of dial text: “Pelagos and 200m”. This, along with the narrower inner bezel track, suggests the case may potentially be a tad smaller and thinner than the current 42mm Pelagos. From this side profile shot, which reveals a shield engraved crown protected by crown guards and a military fabric strap passing through fixed bars, it would appear that the watch may have dimensions close to what we have become familiar with in the Black Bay Heritage line (41mm x 14.8mm x 50.1mm). If it were to be revealed as 40mm in diameter, 13mm or so thick, and under 50mm lug-to-lug, my ideal dimensions personally, well… let’s just say don’t hesitate to pull the trigger because it will certainly be a hot watch.

dateless Tudor Pelagos

On Beckham’s version, possibly a darker civilian take on the above MN watch, we have more lines of dial text, which I believe reads “Pelagos, Chronometer, Officially Certied, 200m : 660ft”. If you were hoping I’d say Master Chronometer, unfortunately I am not getting that sense from the pixelated image – but you never know.

Based on the hint of black beneath, it is possible a black NATO style strap will be its pairing. Whether it has the same fixed spring bar that only allows a strap to be looped through remains to be seen, as well as if this watch even comes to market. It would really drive home the military purpose of its creation, but strap monsters may not find it ideal as it would limit customization – not to mention the number of SKUs Tudor could release.

Only time will tell if this watch is in fact an upcoming release, but fingers crossed!

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Watch meme of the week: Watch mine is yours, and yours mine

Regardless of the composition of your partnership in life, couples do not always see eye to eye on watch collecting – after all individuals have varying passions. Watches are life for the W.I.S tribe of the world, but there are, of course, more important things in life (as much as it pains me to admit). I myself recognise that my own watch collection may have to shrink one day, when responsibilities arise that my single and twenty-something life has yet to present. I joke with my peers that there will likely be one form of a collection Ragnarok or another when the inevitable big financial moments come in my life, and tough decisions will likely need to be made. I will try to keep as many as I can, as I do really love each watch, but whether financing the next hunt or, more responsibly, a new chapter of my adult life, I try to remain mentally prepared to part ways with some of my pieces – and make sure I account for the ones I know I can’t.

Wrist shot of the week: Sam takes a boss Breitling wrist roll


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This definitely caught our eye. The two-tone Breitling chronomat somehow really blends with the two tone nature of the brick floor below, and with the power heels in the background of the shot the whole vibe screams world domination – in style. Breitling has done a better job as of late introducing novelties in a variety of sizes, having 36mm and 40+mm versions of many of their popular new novelties. The diamond bezel adds a luxurious and elegant flair to what is otherwise a sports watch, a great example of a watch that can walk both lines #robust elegance. Great wrist roll Sam!

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