VIDEO: TAG Heuer celebrates the Autavia’s 60th Anniversary with a dynamic trio

VIDEO: TAG Heuer celebrates the Autavia’s 60th Anniversary with a dynamic trio

Ricardo Sime

The Autavia is one of TAG Heuer’s most storied collection. Yes, it gets lost sometimes with all the noise made by the Monaco and Carrera. But with this latest release in celebration of the Autavia 60th anniversary, it’s going to be hard to lose sight of this line any longer. TAG Heuer has blessed us with a set of yin and yang Flyback Chronographs accompanied by a black and blue classic GMT. Join us in the celebration as we go hands on with this dynamic trio of watches.

Those who pick up either one of the Autavia 60th Anniversary Flyback Chronographs, as you can see, are truly in for a treat. Both scream sporty vibes with their ceramic bezels and their brushed cases with polished trim.

As for the GMT, it’s definitely not just a swapping of bezels between this new offering and the older models in the collections. This new version of the dial really brings home the whole design. They’re classic and sporty with just enough dressiness to set this watch up nicely as a daily wearer in the collection of anyone looking for a GMT.

Everything considered, TAG Heuer has given us three watches we can easily consider the new cornerstones of the Autavia collection. The only downside is the exclusivity factor they’ve also bought to the table. Though the watches are not numbered, they will be produced in a limited quantity, so if you find yourself interested by any of the three, don’t wait too long to decide.

TAG Heuer Autavia 60th Anniversary pricing and availability:

All three watches in the collection are currently available through TAG Heuer here

The Silver Dial Autavia Chronometer Flyback Chronograph, reference CBE511B.FC8279  is $9,100 AUD

The Black Dial Autavia Chronometer Flyback Chronograph, reference CBE511C.FC8280, is $10,100 AUD

The Autavia COSC GMT, reference WBE511A.BA0650, is $6,100 AUD

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