Ricardo Sime


“Hi. I’m Ricardo and I know exactly what my next watch will be; my next watch.”

Ricardo is a Brooklynite (big difference from a New Yorker) who caught the watch bug six years ago. Since then, he’s been on a magical carpet ride; from all the wonders of Fifth Avenue boutiques to the vast halls of Baselworld. So many lessons have been learned on the way; like never bringing your wallet to a dinner with an independent watchmaker, or that the best watch is always the best watch for you. For the past two years, he’s been enjoying his time doing watch reviews on YouTube and posting watch shots on Instagram but things suddenly changed when he had a chance meeting with Zach Blass on Clubhouse.Now he finds himself sharing his perspective with the readers of Time+Tide.
As for a pinch me moment, nothing beats handling the recently auctioned Steve Mcqueen Monaco gifted to the mechanic for Le Mans.

Watch Spirit Animal – The Angelus U50 Diver Tourbillon Black Edition. A blacked out Tourbillon Diver with an internal rotating bezel sounds preposterous but boy does it feel so amazing on the wrist.

Home city: Brooklyn, New York

Something else I’m obsessed with: Photography. Memories are a beautiful thing but there is nothing like capturing a moment in a picture that you can enjoy over and over again.

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