Furlan Marri x Time+Tide Outback Elegy – the first of a celebratory trinity

Furlan Marri x Time+Tide Outback Elegy – the first of a celebratory trinity

Borna Bošnjak

The wait is finally over. We’re proud to announce the very first boutique edition released as part of our T+T10 celebrations, and even though we’re the ones celebrating, there wouldn’t be much fun hogging all the presents to ourselves. After all, we’ve got you to thank for the support on our journey thus far. Introducing the Furlan Marri x Time+Tide Outback Elegy – a piece not only serving as a nod to where we’ve come from, but also launching the new “Editions” initiative from the brand – a series of special versions available only from their retail locations.

The dial

furlan marri time tide outback elegy dial

You’ve seen all sorts of black, blue, and green dials, but when was the last time you saw a truly unique brown? Now you have. These warm tones are taken from the signature colour of Australia’s outback, but given a slightly darker, moody twist. The details are highly complex, with a metallic, ochre brown centre that darkens to a glossy chocolate towards the edges, all reflecting the handset. The printed sector layout and dial appliqués are rendered in a warm rose gold, with the latter highly polished.

What always impressed me with Furlan Marri’s pieces is their ability to give their handset great dimensionality – something that’s really difficult to do when working with fragile bits of metal. Their feuille shape is thickest at the centre, tapering towards the edges and tip, while the central seconds hand gets a curved end that follows the contour of the domed crystal.

A notable layout change from the regular Furlan Marri Mechanical models are the Roman numerals that replace the Breguet Arabics. Not only do they dress up the watch a tad, but also contribute to the geometric nature of the sector dial itself. We’ve also done away with the reference indication in the lower right corner – an unsurprising choice considering many of us normally scoff at most forms of dial text.

The case

furlan marri time tide outback elegy case profile

There are plenty of vintage-inspired watches out there, though very few manage to capture the experience of actually wearing a vintage watch. The idea is to have the same charm and slender proportions, without all the potential negatives of lacklustre water resistance or easily scratched crystals. Furlan Marri’s 37.5mm case does this perfectly, and there are few watches that I’ve felt more comfortable wearing. The case is slim at a smidge over 10mm, and the lugs reach out to 46mm.

And we can’t really talk about the Outback Elegy watch without mentioning those lugs. Clearly influenced by vintage cornes de vache styles (because everything sounds sexier in French), my absolute favourite part is the scalloped side that’s been given a horizontal brush, with a razor-sharp transition into the curvaceous top surface. There’s a polished step up to the circularly brushed surround of the crystal, with the AR-coated crystal the cherry on top.

The strap

furlan marri time tide outback elegy strap

An underrated aspect of the on-wrist comfort I mentioned are the two leather straps that come with the watch. With a choice of dark brown or matte black, the Outback Elegy gives you a choice of extending the dial tones, or letting them shine by themselves. The quick-release spring bars are curved in the brown strap, or straight in the black, with two holes in the lugs allowing you to choose whichever one you prefer. This is one of those features that would seem unnecessary to implement, but is a great nice-to-have, complementing the rest of the watch that pays great attention to small details like this.

The movement

furlan marri time tide outback elegy movement caseback

Furlan Marri were early adopters of La Joux-Perret’s entry into the more affordable end of the market. The LJP G100 that features in the Outback Elegy benefits from a slim construction despite having a full winding rotor, as well as an impressive 68-hour power reserve. This is the product of a successful partnership between La Joux-Perret and parent company Citizen, which also owns Miyota, on which the Swiss manufacturer bases some of its designs.

The verdict

furlan marri time tide outback elegy wrist

Watches are often way more than the sum of their parts, and while Time+Tide’s involvement in the design of the Outback Elegy will undoubtedly sway me somewhat, I really do believe this is the best version of the Furlan Marri Mechanical to date. The brown dial is just phenomenal – I strongly implore you to check it out in person if you can – and the change to Roman numerals gives an added layer of symmetry to the already great sector layout.

Furlan Marri Editions Outback Elegy pricing and availability

The limited-edition Furlan Marri Outback Elegy will be limited to 150 pieces. It will be available for pre-orders from the T+T Shop starting 07:00 AET Thursday 25th January, for a 24-hour global sales window. This will be the only opportunity to purchase these pieces online, as thereafter they will only be available for purchase via the Time+Tide Melbourne Discovery Studio. Price: A$2,650 (inc. GST), CHF 1,500 (exc. VAT)

Brand Furlan Marri
Model Editions Outback Elegy
Reference 2222-A
Case Dimensions 37.5mm (D) x 10.5mm (T) x 46mm (LTL)
Case Material Stainless steel
Water Resistance 50 metres
Crystal(s) AR-coated sapphire
Dial Ochre brown
Bracelet Brown leather with curved spring bars
Movement La Joux-Perret G100, automatic
Power Reserve 68 hours
Functions Hours, minutes, seconds
Availability 150 pieces
Price A$2,650 (inc. GST)
CHF 1,500 (exc. VAT)