Borna Bošnjak

Deputy Editor

Borna, a pretend-engineer, attended a Time+Tide Christmas party, being the only one double-wristing.

Only a few short weeks later, he became a part of the team. A keen watch fanatic from his early teens, he was delighted to find something that would further feed his obsession. You’ll often find him complaining about lacklustre date windows and oversized cases, while eternally praising the value in vintage, regardless of the fact that all his vintage pieces run like absolute dogs. He’s also not shy of self-promotion, and would love to point you towards his Instagram page, where you’ll find his interest in watches combined with another passion of his – photography. Most of all, he finds it exceedingly strange writing about himself in third person.

My first watch: Mickey Mouse watch that my parents got me so I can learn to tell the time. I never wore it, until I found my mum had kept it untouched for all those years. I still put it on from time to time.

My favourite watch: I’d hate to have to pick one – I have several watches that combine deep personal meaning with being actually enjoyable watches. As a go-anywhere-do-anything watch though, the Black Bay 58, as basic as it may be, is tough to beat.

My finale watch: A gilt dial Rolex 1016, though I won’t complain about a funky-crowned early matte dial either. If I ever win the lottery, I’ll update this section to an albino 6610 and a Space-Dweller.

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