eBay joins the Instagram world with new @eBaywatches account eBay joins the Instagram world with new @eBaywatches account

eBay joins the Instagram world with new @eBaywatches account

Zach Blass

As we’ve previously reported, eBay are raising their game in the watch marketplace. One huge stride in the right direction came with their new eBay Authenticity Guarantee – a service where watches costing $2000 and above are eligible to be substantiated by an independent verification service before being shipped to the end consumer (currently only for listings in the United States). It’s clear this is no passing fad for the platform either, eBay are in it to win it. To show their dedication to watches, and the watch community at large, eBay has created their first ever product-dedicated Instagram account: @eBaywatches.

@ebaywatches Instagram account

We all have heard of eBay success stories, where collectors have found some pretty sweet bargains in the marketplace. I found my coveted 1999 Seiko SBWA001 Spring Drive First on eBay, and would have had a much harder time tracking the extremely rare (one of 500) Japanese domestic market model down without the platform. While that watch was one of many victories for me on eBay, including a Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse ref. 3548, future winning buyers can feel even more assured thanks to the new Authenticity Guarantee and eBay want all of #watchfam to know about this new service.

@ebaywatches Instagram account

@eBaywatches is a curated social channel that aims to speak to watch enthusiasts worldwide, with content and messaging that speaks to the minds of collectors. The profile will be home to expert voices in the industry, as well as content that showcases the stories behind the watches on eBay, and those who wear them.

@ebaywatches Instagram account

This will hopefully allow you to become that much more intimate with the watches held within the eBay platform. As one of the largest marketplaces in the world, those who have stayed away from eBay watch purchases are ultimately missing out on some serious offerings – from your next daily wearer, to the limited edition you couldn’t snag in time, or even grail watches.

@ebaywatches Instagram account

While you should always buy the seller, and do your due diligence before bidding and buying, it’s nice to know that eBay is taking steps to have your back, even more, when navigating watch listings.


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By connecting with the watch community even further with this dedicated social presence, eBay’s understanding of the space will only grow as they engage with horology’s most dedicated fans. Follow @eBaywatches for content that covers all things watch-related on the platform.

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