The best beater watches, as picked by our Instagram followers The best beater watches, as picked by our Instagram followers

The best beater watches, as picked by our Instagram followers

Borna Bošnjak

Before this particular post went live, I’d bet that none of the people on the T+T team expected it to get as much engagement as it got. Had we asked you to tell us your favourite watches of the year or something similar, we might’ve expected it, but it turns out you folks are very passionate about beater watches. And what a selection it was – of course, there are the same old faces that grace the collections of even the most seasoned collectors as go-to beaters – but the real surprise were the gems we’d found in between. If you haven’t chimed in yet – make sure you do at the post below.


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Usual suspects

seiko affordables

Before actually sifting through the comments, this is kind of what I expected. The Seiko SKX was mentioned a fair bit, but it was also the comment that received by far the most likes – and I couldn’t agree more. It’s been a signature model of the brand, and a long-time gateway drug for any budding watch aficionado. Yes, it’s only got a Hardlex crystal and a movement predating Christ, but it has undeniable charm that few other watches are able to match, and certainly none that deliver it for such bang-for-buck. There were a few mentions of the Seiko Turtle, as well as the other popular Seiko divers such as the Sumo and Tuna – all valid choices for a no-nonsense, beater watch.

casio duro

While it was never as popular as the SKX, the Casio Duro delivers similar performance for an even cheaper price. It’s a big, brawny diver that’s almost disposable, and though not as refined in its case as the Seiko (if you could call an SKX refined), it’s low price point and good legibility and durability make it a great beater choice.

khaki field auto

But what if you don’t want a diver? That’s where Hamilton reign supreme, and more specifically, the Khaki Field. It’s still affordable enough in the grand scheme of things for it to warrant a bit of abuse, and it can take it, thanks to the H-10 movement and its easy servicing, or more likely, replacement. Unlike the chunky divers, the Khaki Field could be applied to slightly more refined scenarios, and it’s also accompanied by a competent strap right out of the box. The same just cannot be said for the SKX – that ribbed rubber strap is the stuff of nightmares. I love my SKX, but I love its vanilla-scented Tropic strap just as much.

victorinox inox

Combining the field and dive aesthetics, and adding a ton of brawn to the mix is the Victorinox Inox. Now available in both quartz and automatic variants in a few different materials, there’s also a wide array of styles to choose from. I mean – this is a watch that was subjected to a multitude of torture tests for its promotional videos, including being run over by a tank. If that doesn’t instill confidence, I don’t know what will.

g shock

Well, maybe I can think of one watch that instills more confidence, and that’s G-Shock. Because of course it is. There’s little I need to add that hasn’t already been said about this iconic brand. CasiOak, DW-5600, Mudmaster… take your pick (from the T+T Shop, of course). It’ll likely outlive you.

Is a beater the same as an everyday watch?

rolex explorer tudor bb

To my great surprise – not everyone holds the same opinions as me! Jokes aside, a lot of the “beaters” mentioned were to the tune of Rolex and Tudor sports models, including the Explorer, Submariner, Black Bay and Pelagos. While these are incredible watches, I’d personally hesitate to call them beaters, merely for the price they command. Add something like the Oyster Perpetual or Datejust into the mix, and I’d say you’re teetering close to the title for best everyday watch, rather than beater.

hermes h08

Then again, none of these labels really matter – if you want to beat your Hermès – go for it! I might judge you for it, but who cares!

The (not so) surprising, and the unlikely

patek grandmaster chime hodinky tourb

And then we get into the jokers – you funny folks who I really hope aren’t joking, because you may just be the Perfect Watch Enthusiast™️®. I do know a few people that wear their five-figure pieces in the gym, so I guess I could even see an ultra-rare independent tourb hanging about the squat rack. Also shoutout to Ondřej Berkus and his insane creations.

As far as the Grandmaster Chime goes, I don’t think many of them have seen the world outside of the expensive, wood-clad winders they normally sit in, let alone a scratch.


But there are clearly those who do wear their grail-worthy pieces on a daily basis, though my question to Mark remains. Would you wear it doing a DIY project, like caulking your bathroom or something? If so, I’d love to know.

apple watch

And finally, the unavoidable answer. If you attended our recent T+T10 celebrations, you might’ve picked up a pin that reads DEATH BEFORE DEVICES. Regardless, the fact of the matter remains – the Apple Watch has been the best-selling watch in the world for years now, and that surely has to go beyond Apple’s world-leading marketing strategy.