INTRODUCING: The Hamilton x Far Cry®6 Limited Edition Khaki Field Titanium

INTRODUCING: The Hamilton x Far Cry®6 Limited Edition Khaki Field Titanium

Zach Blass

When it comes to big-screen cameos, Hamilton is in a class of their own. From movies like Interstellar and Tenet to television shows like Jack Ryan, the brand holds the record for the most watches featured on screen. Today, however, Hamilton breaks into a new medium in a partnership with game developer Ubisoft. This marks the first-ever branded watch-integration for a video game, where the new Hamilton x Far Cry 6 Limited Edition Khaki Field Titanium will be available on and off screen for consumers and gamers to enjoy.

Hamilton x Far Cry 6
Actual game footage

The game: Far Cry®6

Actual game footage

The Far Cry® series is all about survival. Each game is set within its own unique environment, where players have to traverse and liberate territories with whatever weapons, vehicles and allies they have at their disposal. This sixth entry into the series takes place in a fictional tropical paradise called Yara.

The star of this first person-shooter video game is Dani Rojas who’s fighting to free their nation from tyrannical rule and receives their special Hamilton timepiece upon completion of a guerilla mission. Hamilton explains: “The defensive wrist gear improves general defense during sprints, allows players to get in and out of danger quickly and efficiently, and will be a useful benefit for gamers as they fight for Yara’s freedom.”

While this is, of course, a fictional setting for the watch to make a cameo, the watch has been designed to be a robust daily wearer capable of both enduring the harsh fictional landscape as well as our own normal lives in the real world.

Omar Bouali, Game Content Director, Ubisoft Toronto elaborates: “Hamilton’s Khaki Field isn’t merely an accessory choice or functional asset but is truly integrated into Yara’s history… It’s a small detail that adds immense authenticity to the cinematic world we’ve created.”

Bouali’s statement makes it clear that the watch is not just inserted into the game for the sake of integration, it is, in a sense, a starring character within this digital world.

The watch: Hamilton x Far Cry 6 Limited Edition Khaki Field Titanium

The Hamilton x Far Cry 6 Limited Edition is encased in titanium, a lightweight and tough metal perfect for active wear, and clocks in at 42mm in diameter, 11.45mm thick, and 51/52mm lug-to-lug. Its finish is befitting of a watch made to be worn in guerilla battles, completely brushed for a utility-driven finish – if a sniper were trying to zero in on protagonist Dani Rojas it would not bode so well to have a glistening polish revealing their position to the enemy. The case is also 100 metres water-resistant, so on and off screen this watch is more than capable of joining you safely for a swim as well.

Hamilton x Far Cry 6

The details of the watch are by no means random, each design choice was intended to tie into the universe it was to be integrated into. According to Hamilton: “the limited edition’s black vinyl dial features a matte center and a split ‘6’ marker, a reference to the game logo’s typography. A revolutionary red seconds hand is a nod to the game colours, chosen as a tribute to Yara’s guerilla forces.”

Even if its design were not tied to the video game, it very well would have made a compelling entry into the standard catalogue collection. The black dial is a safe tone, but the introduction of the vinyl concentric texture adds further dimension to its aesthetic. In the era of peak-vintage appreciation, watch enthusiasts will certainly enjoy the aged SuperLuminova® colour that evokes the natural patina found on radium and tritium coated indices and numerals. The red lacquered central seconds hand pops against the darker back drop, its contrast making the second hand very easy to discern and read.

Hamilton x Far Cry 6

Buyers who secure one of the 1,983 pieces (a nod to the games setting in the year 1983) will be treated to two bundled straps: a brown leather NATO strap and an additional brown nubuck leather strap. Also included is a leather travel pouch and strap changing tool, so, while there is not a quick-change system in this release, at the very least Hamilton is not leaving you without means to switch between the two yourself. If buyers tire of the brown strap aesthetic, the good news is that the lug width is 20mm – leaving a plethora of compatible aftermarket options to be explored.

Inside the Hamilton x Far Cry 6 Limited Edition Khaki Field Titanium is the ETA based H-10 automatic movement, featuring an 80-hour power reserve, skeletonized rotor on display through an open case back, and magnetic-resistant Nivachron™ balance spring. The robust movement, while by no means a haute hand-finished caliber, poses a ton of technical value – surpassing the power reserves of many of its more expensive peers.

Hamilton x Far Cry 6 Limited Edition Khaki Field Titanium pricing and availability:

The Hamilton x Far Cry 6 Khaki Field Titanium Limited Edition will be available for pre-order starting Oct. 7 and is limited to 1983 pieces. As mentioned earlier, each timepiece comes with special eco-friendly packaging that includes a travel pouch, additional strap, and changing tool. Australian readers can visit the Time+Tide Shop directly to purchase.

Price: CHF 1120, EUR 1045, $1,195 USD, $1,750 AUD