INTRODUCING: The Grand Seiko SLGA007 140th Anniversary Limited Edition INTRODUCING: The Grand Seiko SLGA007 140th Anniversary Limited Edition

INTRODUCING: The Grand Seiko SLGA007 140th Anniversary Limited Edition

Zach Blass

Recently we covered the Grand Seiko SBGY007, its icy blue dial inspired by the frozen waters of Lake Suwa. Its blue hue could only be described as subtle, the blue only emboldening itself under the right light. Today, however, the brand has introduced yet another limited-edition novelty in honour of the 140th Anniversary of Seiko’s foundation – as well as inspired by Lake Suwa. The new Grand Seiko SLGA007 reveals the serene blue waters of the lake that is located close to the Shinshu Watch Studio where it is made – and this time around the dial is irrefutably blue.

Grand Seiko SLGA007

The SLGA007 is now the latest entry into the new Series 9 design class, which strives to push the technical limits of the timepieces to the next level. Its stainless-steel case, 40mm in diameter, 11.8mm thick, and 47mm lug-to-lug, conveys a meticulous mastery of harmonious finishes.

Grand Seiko SLGA007

The Series 9 Case design language remains consistent with what we have seen from the previous SLGH003 and SLGH005 “White Birch”, with a bezel that utilizes a flat hairline brushed ring around the sapphire crystal that breaks into a mirror-polished slope down towards the caseband and lugs. Alternating hairline brushed and Zaratsu distortion-free, mirror-polished surfaces initiate play between light and shadow – a well known pillar of Grand Seiko’s grammar of design. While a rather elegant mix of finishes, its design intentionally skews sporty and its screw-down crown and 100 metre water resistance further reflect that fact. With more brushed surfaces, over the course of daily wear it will better hide the scratches it may incur over time.

Grand Seiko SLGA007

What will likely capture the gaze of both Grand Seiko enthusiasts, or even newcomers to the brand, is its definitively blue Lake Suwa dial. Instead of reflecting the waters frozen over, the Grand Seiko SLGA007 forgoes the mythical winter season moment to instead capture a warmer moment later in the year. Nature-inspired as always, Grand Seiko has designed this dial to depict the gentle sway of the moving water surface and its golden toned central seconds hand and “GS Grand Seiko” applied logo to pay homage to the morning sunrise that shimmers on the lake’s surface. But enough rhetoric. Getting down to brass tacks, you’ll notice a minor yet major omission from the dial. Grand Seiko has opted not to include a power reserve indicator on the dial but, for those concerned, the watch still features the complication. Instead this Spring Drive powered watch follows the suit of the SLGH003 and SLGH005 before it, maintaining a rather clean time and date only dial – with its broader 9 series handset and grooved and faceted hour indices.

The bracelet is exactly what we have seen before on the SLGH003, a broader 22mm format of the familiar five-piece link design that tapers down to 20mm as you reach the folding clasp – which includes an 18K gold GS medallion to signal it is a limited edition. The front of the bracelet is entirely satin brushed, with only the outer bevels of the shoulder links, and their sides, have received a mirror polish. Personally I hope the bracelet begins to come with polished intermediary links, but then again I would rarely question the choices of Grand Seiko’s designers.

For the first time inside a Series 9 stainless-steel watch, we have a Spring Drive caliber in-place of the 9SA5 hi-beat that made its debut last year. While the 9SA5 is a highly attractive and technical movement, the 9RA2 caliber inside is not your ordinary Spring Drive movement. It has the expected unsurpassed accuracy of half a second per day, but what you may not have expected is its 120 hours, or five days, of power reserve. Some of you might be thinking, Zach… we’ve seen this in the 9RA5 – and you’re not wrong. Where the 9RA2 further distinguishes itself is with the power reserve indicator displayed on its bridge plate in favour of the usual spot on the dial. This allows both those who hated its typical placement, and those who love having the indication, to be happy as the information is included but placed out of sight while worn.

Grand Seiko SLGA007 140th Anniversary Limited Edition pricing and availability:

Grand Seiko SLGA007

The Grand Seiko SLGA007 140th Anniversary Limited Edition will be available as a limited edition of 2,021 pcs. via Grand Seiko Boutiques and select retail stores worldwide in December 2021. Price: $8,700 USD / $12,950 AUD