Your votes are in for the new YG Rolex GMT Master II nickname – here are your answers Your votes are in for the new YG Rolex GMT Master II nickname – here are your answers

Your votes are in for the new YG Rolex GMT Master II nickname – here are your answers

Zach Blass

Watches often have incredibly long names or reference numbers. As a result, collectors often look to assign nicknames to pieces to avoid having to memorise a wildly complex string of numbers and letters akin to a Wi-Fi password. Many brands have pieces that boast such nicknames, but Rolex is certainly a prime example of this watch-culture phenomenon. For Rolex, the results typically arise from the bezel colours – with nicknames such as Coke, Pepsi, Batman, Hulk, Smurf, Kermit, Starbucks and Root Beer all reflective of the utilised shades. But at Watches & Wonders a new colour combo made its debut in the GMT Master II lineup. The novelty that returned yellow gold into the GMT Master II collection, came with a first-ever grey/black Cerachrom bezel insert. Therefore, a new nickname was ripe for assignment.



So, when our video review of the new Rolex GMT Master II ref. 126718GRNR went live, we seized the moment to ask you, our loyal viewers, to give us your nominations – to christen this new grey/black Cerachrom insert with a democratically elected nickname. Some of you expressed the written equivalent of an eye-roll, questioning the need for such ceremonies – or nicknames all together. But, c’mon, who wants to have to remember 126718GRNR? Fortunately, the majority of you were game to provide your nominations. Only one, however, can win. Here are the results…

Tied for fourth place is the “Wolf of Wall Street” or “Bumblebee”. Both nominations really honed in on the yellow gold paired with the black half of the Cerachrom insert. But, we do have to keep in mind that there is a yellow Rolesor configuration using this grey/black Cerachrom insert as well. Perhaps the Bumblebee suggestion does not require further elaboration, but the Wolf of Wall Street moniker stemmed from the idea that the new GMT Master II in yellow gold was visually akin to the TAG Heuer watch that Leonardo DiCaprio wore in the film, or, even more simply, a watch that a Wall Street power player would wear.

Rolex GMT Master II 126718GRNR

Tied for third place is the “Bruce Wayne” or the “Guinness”. Both are fitting extensions of current Rolex nickname nomenclature, “Bruce Wayne” an extension of the Batman nickname and “Guinness” a continuation of the drink-themed nicknames like Coke and Pepsi. Of the pair, I actually really dig “Guinness” as a nickname for the insert.

Coming in second place, a lot of you suggested it be dubbed the “Black Adam”. Honestly, this is probably the most fitting nickname from a tonal standpoint evoking the DC antihero Black Adam’s costume that is black/grey with a golden lightening bolt.

But, the first place winner amongst the video comment section ballot, was “The Dark Knight”. This, perhaps, can be attributed to the fact it was our suggestion in the video. It works and it is a good extension of the Batman theme. That being said, looking back I think “Black Adam” got robbed on this one.