The CVSTOS Sealiner PS is a miniaturised luxury yacht for the wrist The CVSTOS Sealiner PS is a miniaturised luxury yacht for the wrist

The CVSTOS Sealiner PS is a miniaturised luxury yacht for the wrist

Fergus Nash

Have you ever wondered why yachting watches are such a popular sub-genre? Although the vast majority of dive-watch owners never venture deeper than a couple of metres below sea level, we can all understand the appeal behind the ruggedness, history and utility of the category. Yachting watches on the other hand are such a quaint niche that it’s hard to imagine why almost every major brand has at least one watch dedicated to it, from incredibly complex chronographs to time-only displays of precious metal. For the independent brand CVSTOS, the focus is honed in on the luxury element behind the oceanic lifestyle, with the CVSTOS Sealiner PS presenting like a yacht on the wrist.

The case

CVSTOS Sealiner PS

Chances are you’ve already made up your mind on whether you love or hate this watch, but you can’t deny its originality. The tonneau shape has long been the choice for brands who prefer the quirky side of life, and often rides the line between sportiness and elegance with ease. Generous curves meeting bold lines and masculine character tend to inspire a confident opulence, and that’s exactly what the CVSTOS Sealiner PS achieves. The front of the case is engraved with decorative ridges, echoing the timber-panelled sentiment of the dial which we will revisit later. Case screws are visible on the front too — a reminder of the industrial craftsmanship that the yachting and watchmaking worlds share. The sides of the case offer sapphire portholes, giving a rare vertical glimpse at the inner workings.

The CVSTOS Sealiner PS has multiple references in different case configurations, with the first five in stainless steel or gold belonging to the CHALLENGE line of cases. The most approachable of these is a plain stainless steel case with a navy blue accent and strap. Next is a rather peppy combination of a navy blue PVD-coated steel case with bright white strap. Third has had the Violet Beauregarde treatment, coming in as a blazing blue affair with a blued steel case, screws, dial, and strap. Fourth introduces the 5N red gold as an option, with subtle blue touches on the case sides to mix glittering luxury with modern electric charm. The fifth reference turns the previous combination on its head, with a bright blue case and golden details somehow finding a delicate balance between the surreal and the classical.

CVSTOS Sealiner PS

The sixth reference in the collection is a special limited edition of 25 pieces housed in a pure clear sapphire case, machined out of a single piece. That sapphire cases are becoming more common amongst independent brands is a really exciting prospect, even though the prices associated with such a thing is still far beyond most ordinary budgets. The CVSTOS Sealiner PS isn’t made for ordinary collectors however, with the engraved lines on the CHALLENGE GT case making the sapphire shine as though it were a brilliant-cut diamond. The CHALLENGE GT is both big in personality and big in size, with a 59mm length and 45mm width, although the curvature of the case does help it wear normally on a wrist. The other 5 references in the CHALLENGE family are smaller, with measurements of 53.7mm x 41mm.

The dial

CVSTOS Sealiner PS

There’s so much to unpack with the CVSTOS Sealiner PS, but the dial has one specific elephant in the room that must be addressed. Wood and watches have almost never gotten along well, with both serious collectors and casual watch owners overwhelmingly agreeing that cases made of wood are often tacky and cheaply made as a novelty. However, CVSTOS have redefined the possibilities for organic components, using hand-finished strips of teak wood to create an illusion of a yacht’s deck. For a watch that already looks as wild as this, the unorthodox dial material is a welcome shake-up to the status quo and genuinely looks quite striking, as brown doesn’t often come up as a colour on watch dials.

The rest of the dial is full of details too, from the ‘BOW’ and ‘STERN’ text on the top and bottom of the rehaut minute track, a propeller-shaped seconds hand within the Petite Seconde ring, shark tooth indices, and the arrangement of bridges and skeletonised parts which make up the rest of the general nautical vibe.

The movement

CVSTOS Sealiner PS

The CVSTOS CVS410 is an in-house automatic calibre that uses a tungsten alloy rotor and is skeletonised for best front-and-rear viewing. The specifications won’t blow anyone away with 28,800 vibrations per hour and 42 hours of power reserve, but it’s a solid time and date movement that helps to further legitimise CVSTOS as a true luxury name. The caseback has a sapphire exhibition window, however it’s unlikely you’ll be showing this watch off for the movement when the rest of it captures so much attention.

The CVSTOS Sealiner PS pricing and availability:

Although the watches covered in this article are new, the CVSTOS Sealiner PS collection is now quite expansive with a total of 21 references including precious gem-set models, all available from the CVSTOS website. The prices range from 15,600 CHF for the steel and blue model, 45,200 CHF for the sapphire case version, and all the way up to 70,000 CHF for a 5N red gold case studded with a ‘Rainbow Snow’ diamond effect.

Case Material Stainless Steel / 5N Red Gold / Sapphire
Case Dimensions 53.7mm x 41mm / 59mm x 45mm
Water-Resistance 100m
Dial Teak wood and skeletonisation
Straps Integrated rubber
Movement CVS410
Power Reserve 42 hours
Complications Hours, minutes, seconds, date
Price 15,600 CHF – 70,000 CHF