The 5 best titanium divers under $5K released this year The 5 best titanium divers under $5K released this year

The 5 best titanium divers under $5K released this year

Ricardo Sime

Stainless-steel, by and large, is the most popular metal used on timepieces today. Yet, in the last year, brands have dived head first into the use of the more exotic titanium. The material, known for it’s lighter weight when compared to stainless steel, brings many benefits to the table from its resistance to corrosion to it’s hypoallergenic properties. These specific properties make titanium an ideal choice for a watch. Especially for the subset of watches most of us enjoy: divers. With that in mind, here are five titanium divers, under 5k, released in 2022, that make excellent use of the material.

Baltic Aquascaphe Titanium

When news came out that Baltic would release a titanium version of it’s Aquascaphe diver earlier this year, many chalked it up as just a change in metal. Yet with these new reference (one in blue and a black version pictured above) , the brand tweaked multiple aspects of the design. From the incorporation of a brushed ceramic bezel to a simpler, less vintagey look. Add to that a bump in size to 41mm and it was clear to see this watch was nothing like the Aquascaphe Classic. This was a evolution that showed everyone how Baltic’s design ethos looks in a modern diver.

The icing on the cake was the brand using titanium instead of stainless steel. Not only does the change offset the increase in size, but it also gives the watch a more toolish, purpose-built appeal.

Price: €710

Certina DS Action Diver

Reference: C032.607.44.051.00

I know. I know. This design is reminiscent of a certain Omega 007 timepiece. With that being said, seeing as those two brands exist under the same ownership umbrella, I’m perfectly fine with it. Especially when you start taking a closer look at Certina’s DS Action Diver.

At 43mm and with a 50mm lug-to-lug, the watch has a nice presence on the wrist. The watch also benefits from the Powermatic 80 ticking inside, providing a much appreciated 80 hours of power reserve. And the tan-coloured lume, when coupled with the glossiness of the dial and ceramic bezel, in my opinion, looks great. But what brings everything together is the greyish hue and lightness of the titanium case.

And one more thing. The clasp also has on-the-fly micro adjustment (#winning)!

In the end, you walk away from Certina’s DS Action Diver realising just how much value they’ve packed into it.

Price: CHF 1055 (With VAT)

Citizen Promaster Dive Automatic

Model NB6004-83E

When I first saw the Citizen Promaster Dive Automatic, I immediately realised this is a big watch. At 46mm, it has all the wrist presence you would ever need, in spades. Yet the moment I picked it up, my mind needed a moment to compute. Something this big shouldn’t be this light. Or as comfortable, which I immediately enjoyed once on the wrist. It’s is a perfect example of why a Titanium Diver is so appealing. You can get the size you want without sacrificing on comfort.

I also appreciate the design. The shrouded bezel, bright orange minute hand and the textures used throughout give the watch a very rugged, purpose-built look and feel. Something I’m always looking for in a diver. And like the Certina above, it has an on-the-fly micro adjustment clasp, which comes in handy on a hot summer day.

Price: $1295 USD

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Pro-Diver Titanium Limited Edition

Model ZO3550

For those of you looking for a titanium diver that’s a bit more fun, there is Zodiac’s 42mm Super Sea Wolf Pro-Diver Titanium Limited Edition .

It’s lime green and tangerine colour scheme are in line with what Zodiac has offered on multiple Sea Wolf releases in the past. Yet behind all the fun and summer watch vibes is a beast of a diver. There’s the classic engineer bracelet as well as the included strap, both of which should provide a great fit on the wrist. The COSC-certified Sellita SW200- movement ticking inside should ensure above average timekeeping. And the 300 metre water resistance solidifies the fact that this is indeed a “Pro-Diver”.

One thing I must note. This watch is limited. However, it’s still available for purchase on Zodiac’s website at the time of writing.

Price: $2495 USD

Tudor Pelagos 39

Model M25407N-0001

Rounding out this list, and the catalyst behind it’s creation, is the Tudor Pelagos 39.

For years, the original Tudor Pelagos was considered the diver’s dive watch. However, many lamented it’s size. Something that Tudor finally addressed with this offering. Here, we get a no-date, 39mm titanium cased, no nonsense beaut. Add to that the COSC-certified, 70 hour power reserve, in house movement beating inside, and it shouldn’t be hard to explain why the Tudor Pelagos 39 has grabbed so much attention. It immediately makes a case as one of the best divers out there at it’s price.

Price: $4400 USD