Taste the rainbow: this is how Hublot completed the spectrum with their bold range of colours Taste the rainbow: this is how Hublot completed the spectrum with their bold range of colours

Taste the rainbow: this is how Hublot completed the spectrum with their bold range of colours

Zach Blass

Hublot has always been at the forefront of exploring new materials and colours. Known for their motto “the art of fusion”, Hublot constantly pushes the boundaries in regard to what we all expect a watch to look like – as well as what it is made from. There are few brands, if any, where we could put together such a colourful list of watches. So given that Hublot has basically fabricated the full spectrum of colours, we decided to taste the rainbow in full.


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Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Orange Sapphire


The Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Orange Sapphire is a zesty timepiece that stands out with its bold translucent colour that’s expressed through the orange sapphire case and transparent orange rubber strap. As Thor suggested this timepiece could totally kick scurvy if it were to make a comeback and is a watch that you must (vitamin) see in the metal. It pushes the limits of what we expect from watchmaking both inside and out, with a three-day power reserve automatic tourbillon movement entirely skeltonised for your visual pleasure.

Hublot Big Bang Integral Ceramic Blue


Hublot is no stranger to ceramics, but the brand has recently begun producing not only cases in ceramic but bracelets as well. Before this year, black was the only colour on the table. But now we have a whole new trio of Hublot Big Bang Integral Ceramic pieces in white, gray, and blue. The blue tone and red accents make me thing of my hometown (American) football team, the New York Giants, so the color palette undoubtedly gets my seal of approval. The ceramic has contrasting satin and polished finishes throughout, and its openwork dial and exhibition casbeack give you full view of the Hublot manufacture column wheel chronograph movement. A feast for the eyes from all angles.

Hublot Big Bang Unico Sky Blue


If you want to brighten up your wrist, the Hublot Big Bang Unico Sky Blue is a great way to go. The sky blue tone is spot on, and the white accents stand out like the occasional clouds on a beautiful day. The open-worked dial presents a city of gears to gawp at and its subtler use of colour makes the dial surprisingly legible against its complex background. The in-house manufacture caliber HUB1242 self-winding chronograph movement that powers the watch features a column wheel for butter-smooth start and stop actuation, and elevates the chronograph further with a flyback complication.

Hublot Big Bang Unico Red Magic


As we all know from Rolex, fabricating ceramic in red is an incredibly tough task. Even Rolex didn’t nail the colour on the first go – ushering in a Mk II bezel to remedy that fact. The Hublot Big Bang Ceramic Red Magic basically schooled all other manufacturers by executing a watch case in perfectly toned red ceramic. On the back of such an eye-popping shade, this is a watch that is incapable of flying under the radar. Then again, if you’re one of the lucky owners who bought one, why would you want to?

Hublot Big Bang Millennial Pink


Like the Hublot Big Bang Unico Sky Blue, the Hublot Big Bang Millenial Pink is a more youthful colour entry into the brand’s catalogue. The 42mm salmon-beige watch is billed as unisex, something we need to see more often in this industry, and is a watch for anyone who wants something lively for their wrist. It is sure to be a conversation piece regardless of the wearer, and the blend of satin and matte finishes to the aluminum creates a nice muted texture for the bold colour palette.

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Green Saxem


A watch I previously joked would make the perfect timepiece for the Green Goblin in Spider-Man, the Hublot Big Bang Green Saxem is a great example of Hublot’s mastery of manipulating and fabricating watches in new materials. SAXEM is an acronym for Sapphire Aluminium oXide and rare Earth Mineral, and is a unique and proprietary blend of materials that Hublot has developed to make stunning and highly colourful luxury watch cases. SAXEM is not only gorgeous, but also really tough. Hublot claims the resulting material is both harder than emerald (which is too soft to be machined) and has a brilliance greater than a standard sapphire. SAXEM also ensures that the colour is uniform from all angles as the light plays magnificently with the case.

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Yellow Sapphire


Prior to the debut of the green SAXEM, the Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Yellow Sapphire was perhaps the brightest star in the collection. It leverages a bumblebee aesthetic with a predominately yellow tone with hints of black from the screws, clasp, and dial/movement. The fact that Hublot can fabricate ceramic in so many colours is a testament to their manufacturing capabilities, nailing yellow and other colours in a manner that other brands can only dream about.

Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Power Reserve 5 Days Sapphire Rainbow


For a watch that incorporates a full rainbow into one watch, the Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Power Reserve 5 Days Sapphire Rainbow is more wearable than you might think. The clear sapphire case visually anchors the watch leaving the bezel to do all the work in terms of catching the eye. Sure, Hublot could have gone full sensory overload by adding a blast of colour to the sapphire. But in my opinion, they went down a clever route with the clear case elevating the icy gem nature of the watch. And don’t sleep on the movement either, a five-day tourbillon movement is nothing to scoff at – especially one that is very well skeletonised to maintain the transparent nature of the clear sapphire case and translucent rubber strap.