Pink Dial Project: These are the watches we are personally bidding on, so get out of our way pls – best regards, Zach, Andrew and Ricardo Pink Dial Project: These are the watches we are personally bidding on, so get out of our way pls – best regards, Zach, Andrew and Ricardo

Pink Dial Project: These are the watches we are personally bidding on, so get out of our way pls – best regards, Zach, Andrew and Ricardo

Andrew McUtchen

Watching the bidding on the Pink Dial Project each day over the last week has been like filling up the metaphorical spiritual gas tank with goodwill. Truly life-affirming. These brands that are involved should take a bow. Their extraordinary interpretations of the “pink dial” theme have already raised over $300,000 SGD, and there remains a whole weekend of what is likely to be fevered bidding.

On that note, it’s time for Zach, Ricardo and I to step out of the shadows as bidders ourselves. For lots of reasons, most of them selfish and strategic, we will not be revealing our exact positions (or budgets), but suffice to say we are either in the game, or wanted to be, for these nine watches. Once again, let me commend all involved, for a project that will become an annual fixture, and yet more proof that this industry can make a tremendous difference when it comes together for a common cause.

Zach’s bids:

MB&F M.A.D.1 Pink Dial Project

Pink Dial Project Auction

I actually had the pleasure of seeing this in the metal at Geneva Watch Days, it was definitely love at first sight. From a shallow perspective, it is a piece unique take on an already excruciatingly rare watch – allocated for purchase only to dearest friends of the MB&F brand. It will definitely become a cornerstone collector piece for whoever wins the watch. It was a bit cute that I actually thought I could have a chance at winning this beaut, with a naive bid near its low (near-cost) estimate. I always knew it was a long shot, pushing the pessimism back of mind in an attempt to create hope. With the existing bid in the high five figures, I have begun the grieving process knowing it is very far out of reach. But you know what, I am happy to endure this bittersweet moment for my collection as it is a ton of money going to a great cause.

Estimate: $2,000 – $3,000 USD

Current bid (as of writing): $86,000 USD

Zenith Chronomaster Revival A3818 “Cover Girl” Unique Piece

Anyone familiar with my writing knows I am a certified member of the tiny wrist club, so whenever a legendary design is revived in its original and classic sizing I get very giddy. At 37mm in diameter, 13mm thick, and 46.9mm lug-to-lug across the wrist, the watch has goldilocks dimensions for my wrist. I have yet to bless my collection with an El Primero-powered watch, and if there was any watch to introduce the collector-iconic caliber and design into my watch box with a bang this is it. Beautiful mixed finished case, a ladder bracelet I adore, and of course, a high-beat El Primero caliber 400 column-wheel chronograph movement with 50 hours of power reserve. To top it all off, I am all about its unique pink dial – capturing the perfect tone of pink that reminds you of the power of the colour. When hope was lost for the MB&F M.A.D.1 Pink Dial Project, I stuck my digital paddle into the ring – but alas yet another suicide mission for my budget.

Estimate: $11,000 – $13,000 USD

Current bid (as of writing): $26,000 USD

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Hope – DL2016B-S5CAJ-PK

Pink Dial Project Auction

Speaking of compact, the 36mm in diameter and 13.1mm thick Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Hope – DL2016B-S5CAJ-PK immediately caught my eye when the lots were announced. The multi-stepped and multi-textured dial is very nuanced, a level of detailing not particularly found on serious-level divers. Like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde do not underestimate this pink powerhouse. Its dial features 18 yellow and pink tritium micro gas tubes that require no external source of light energy all while being up to 100 times more efficient than conventional luminous paints. Inside the lovely proportioned 200 metre water-resistant stainless-steel dive watch is a COSC chronometer-certified automatic caliber BALL RR1101-C that assures high-performance on the wrist. As it stands I have been outbid, but who knows I may have to bend…. and snap bid on this unique and attractive offering.

Estimate: $2,799 USD

Current bid (as of writing): $4,400 USD

Andrew’s bids:

Airain Type 20 Pink Ribbon Pièce Unique

Pink Dial Project Auction

This is such an unexpected winner for me. Airain was founded in the 1930s, rising to prominence in the ’50s and ’60s for supplying Type 20 watches (yes, along with Breguet) to the French Army. The brand has been recently revived, and it has never looked more ready for a second lease on modern life than is this pitch-perfect pink iteration. The particular shade of dusty pink, with a healthy amount of grey, the contrasting white numerals, the subtly serrated bezel edge (far less toothy than said Breguet) and the grey suede strap with pink side stitch. Just a wonderful looking watch, and one I want to own.

Estimate: $3,200 USD

Current bid (as of writing): $6,000 USD

Piaget Limelight Gala precious sunset – G0A46582 Pink Dial Project Auction piece unique

At this price, this to me staggeringly lovely Piaget presents as the undisputed value proposition of the whole project. I have loved the Limelight Gala since I first laid eyes on it, and that love has gone up a notch since witnessing this gem-set version, with its graduating shades of diamonds from clear to a plush deep pink. Piaget came to the party when they were given the Pink Dial Project brief, and should be applauded for a stunning creation.

Estimate: $72,000 USD

Current bid (as of writing): $18,500 USD

IWC Big Pilot’s Watch 43 Edition “Pink Dial Project”

Pink Dial Project

There’s nothing subtle about this pink punch for the first, or any day, of the month. It’s truly a watch that will get commented on every time you wear it – which will give its wearer a chance to tell the Pink Dial Project story over and over, enlightening yet more people about a cause that needs more awareness. A classic win/win scenario.

Estimate: $9,250 USD

Current bid (as of writing): $15,500 USD

Ricardo’s bids:

Bulgari Octo Finissimo – 103641 piece unique Pink Dial Project Auction

Watches and good causes. These two things go together like 90s pop stars and shiny suits. I’ve witnessed countless instances where the generosity of this community has stepped up and paid up. The Pink Dial Project is just another great example of this, with an amazing lineup of watches all ready to be auctioned off. These watches are so amazing in fact that this writer couldn’t help but give a handful of pieces up for auction, the Lusty Eye; bank account be damned.

First, there is the Bulgari Octo Finissimo. The black ceramic case plays as the perfect background to the touch of pink the brand incorporated into the small seconds display. To me, it’s reminiscent of the small ribbon pins worn on outfits for breast cancer awareness.

Estimate: $16,500 USD

Current bid (as of writing): $31,001 USD

Jacques Bianchi – JB 200 – Pink Edition

Next on my fantasy hit list is the Jacques Bianchi JB 200. It’s another watch that goes the “touch of” route, with the lumed Pink Diver on the dial. I was already intrigued by its story and history with the French Navy. This cause would be the perfect reason to add one to the fold.

Estimate: $1,200 USD

Current bid (as of writing): $4,850 USD

Montblanc 1858 Geosphere Pink Dial Unique Piece

Finally, for my last choice, I’m no longer interested in just dipping my toe into the pink theme. I want to dive in, head first. And no watch does a better job of that for me than the Montblanc 1858 Geosphere. Hot Pink Heaven in black DLC Titanium.(Insert drool emoji here) The overall cool appeal is just too much for my little collector heart to take.

Estimate: $8,000 USD

Current bid (as of writing): $10,000 USD

To throw your hat in the ring, and place your own bid before the auction ends OCT 31, 9:00 PM EDT, head here to create a LoupeThis account and get bidding!