The Furlan Marri Flyback, and where it slots into the brand line-up The Furlan Marri Flyback, and where it slots into the brand line-up

The Furlan Marri Flyback, and where it slots into the brand line-up

Borna Bošnjak

What would happen if you combined the expertise of a brand that focuses on providing a luxurious case finish inspired by horological greats, and a collector that happens to own some of those greats? Thanks to Furlan Marri and Auro Montanari, you don’t have to wonder thanks to the Furlan Marri Flyback  – the fruit of their labours. For a brief introduction, Montanari, likely better known by his John Goldberger alias, is an Italian super-collector well-known in the watchmaking circles for owning some incredible pieces. Many of these happen to be highly desirable chronographs from the likes of Universal Genève, Longines, Rolex, and Patek Philippe. Furlan Marri, on the other hand, take the design cues of those very watches and render them in a more modern context. The Flyback Chronograph is the latest in line, and though it doesn’t stray from the now-established Furlan Marri look, it does introduce a new price bracket for the brand, which left me wondering where exactly it fits in. With a bit of explanation from Andrea Furlan himself, I think it starts to make sense pretty quickly.

Outside details matter

furlan marri mechanical flyback chronograph taupe case profile

A brief glance at any of the three Flyback models, of which I got to wear the Taupe and Honey Blue, and I wouldn’t blame you if you mistook them for a vintage Patek Philippe reference. Look closer, though, and the Flyback toes the line between homage and melange. The Patek inspo is likely most obvious in the Salmon not featured here, notable for its round Tasti Tondi pushers which the Taupe and Honey Blue replace by lozenge-shaped ones.

furlan marri mechanical flyback chronograph blue dial

And it’s here where Furlan Marri’s intentions really come to light. Andrea explained that by finishing their cases with similar precision and craft as some of the really big guns, but equipping them with more affordable movements, the brand is able to offer sharp transitions between brush and polish, dual-finish pushers, and beautifully machined crowns at an accessible price point. This is music to the ears of those wanting to get as close as possible to a high-five-figure chronograph feel, but don’t necessarily care for it to have the movement that goes with it.

Sector sandwich

furlan marri mechanical flyback chronograph blue dial close up

The detailed execution doesn’t stop at the case, either, continuing to the pulsometer scale-equipped sector dials, too. The effect is especially obvious in the Honey Blue, as the circularly brushed bottom layer is covered by a vertically brushed one, with cut-outs for the sub-dials. The resultant crescent moon shapes on either side frame the 23k gold-plated handset, which once again proves Furlan Marri’s track record of excellent hand choices. Top it off with the box-domed sapphire and its multiple layers of AR coating, making the distortions around the edges just scrumptious.

furlan marri mechanical flyback chronograph taupe wrist close up

Alright. I have to say it. I love sector dials, and one of the reasons for that is their visual symmetry despite there being lots going on. The one on the Furlan Marri Flyback is especially satisfying to look at, as the BASE 30 PULSATIONS text spans the top of the dial, perfectly centered instead of being off to one side as it often is. Will this be a slight disadvantage during all those moments when you’re trying to measure someone’s heart rate quickly? Sure – but I’m willing to trade those seven seconds for a quirky dial feature any day.

Necessary sacrifices, but not really

furlan marri mechanical flyback chronograph movement caseback

I mentioned previously that the presence of a more complicated chronograph movement in the Flyback is a good thing – so what’s there to complain about? This will highly depend on what you’re looking for. If you’re after both vintage looks and proportions, I’m afraid this won’t quite be that. Whereas other Furlan Marri models – and the Sector Mechanical especially – actually wear similarly to a vintage watch, the Sellita chrono calibre in the Flyback bloats the case out to over 13mm. Despite a significant portion of that being the box-domed crystal, this has that little hamburger-on-wrist feel that is common with modern, ébauche chronograph movements. Looking at it, you might see a resemblance to the Sellita SW500, which is essentially what the AMT5100 is, with an additional flyback function and manufactured by Sellita’s custom projects arm AMT. Though they’re not often publicised, you may have heard of AMT from the TAG Heuer TH31-00 from the Aquaracer Full Gold. The decoration is pleasant, especially given the blued parts standing out against the gold-plated backdrop, though I do wish the auto bridge was less obstructive of the parts underneath, especially considering this is a hand-wound movement.

furlan marri mechanical flyback chronograph blue

On the wrist, this translates to a more contemporary wearing experience, though thanks to the short lug-to-lug and very domed crystal, some of the added vertical bulk is remedied. The shape of the lugs is also responsible for this, as it curves to meet the bottom of the caseback which bulges out, making for a more comfortable wearing experience.

Closing thoughts

furlan marri mechanical flyback chronograph blue dial wrist

When I first picked up the watches, I immediately gravitated towards the Taupe model. It just felt like the more grown-up version. The design and colourway reminded me of the watch you’d get after your first big promotion, while the Honey Blue was the watch your parents got you when finishing uni. Does that analogy work? Anyway, what I can say is that over the few weeks I spent with the Flyback, the Honey Blue slowly wrapped itself around my wrist more and more often. Is this because I don’t really wear blue-dialled watches, and have plenty of monochrome in my watch box, or is it the gorgeous sheen of the dial finish? I’m not quite sure, but despite its thickness and vibrant hue, it unexpectedly ended up being my pick of the bunch. The two included straps are an excellent added bonus, though I mostly wore it on the matching blue leather as shown above, but it’s worth pointing out that the level of craftsmanship extends even to the clasp, which is beautifully machined. Not to ramble too much, the Furlan Marri Flyback is in essence a show of force from the brand, making sure existing fans and newcomers alike are aware that they can compete in this more expensive space. With their OnlyWatch Secular Perpetual Calendar thrown into the mix, it’s clear to see that some portfolio diversification is going on.

Furlan Marri Flyback pricing and availability

The Furlan Marri Flyback chronographs are available via the brand’s website, with other Furlan Marri pieces available via the Time+Tide Shop. Price: CHF 2,750 (individual), CHF 8,250 (box set)

Brand Furlan Marri
Model Flyback
Reference Ref. 3177-A Ref. 3199-A
Case Dimensions 38mm (D) x 13.2mm (T) x 46mm (LTL)
Case Material Stainless steel
Water Resistance 50 metres
Crystal(s) Box-domed sapphire front, sapphire caseback
Dial Sandwich sunburst blue or taupe
Lug Width 20mm
Bracelet Two calf leather straps, steel pin buckle
Movement Sellita AMT5100, manual winding, column wheel chronograph
Power Reserve 63 hours
Functions Hours, minutes, small seconds, flyback chronograph
Availability 270 individual pieces, 30 three-piece box sets
Price CHF 2,750 (individual)
CHF 8,250 (box set)