FRIDAY WIND DOWN: June 12th, 2015 FRIDAY WIND DOWN: June 12th, 2015

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: June 12th, 2015

Felix Scholz


Another week, another watch. But hey, it’s Friday, and time to take the watch off the wrist and start winding down for the weekend (here’s hoping you’ve got a 72 hour power reserve or you’ll be in trouble on Monday).

What happened?

Ben Clymer and Kevin Rose, new horological besties (image via Hodinkee).

Big changes are afoot with our friends over at Hodinkee. First, they tell us that Jack Forster has left Revolution USA to join as Managing Editor and just today they’ve announced that Kevin Rose (known to watch lovers as the guy behind Watchville, but to the rest of the world as the guy who started Digg and as a partner at Google Ventures) is coming on board as CEO. Oh, and they’ve managed to raise a cool $3.6 million as well. The main take home message here is that the broader world is realising that niche online publications (formally known as blogs) are serious business.

What actually mattered?

The Vacheron Constantin Vladimir, a previous (very complicated) example of the Atelier Cabinotiers Special Orders work.

Vacheron Constantin, who celebrate their 260th birthday on the 17th of September, have announced that on that day they’re releasing the worlds most complicated wristwatch ever made. EVER. The watch was made as part of their bespoke Atelier Cabinotiers Special Order program, and took a dedicated team of three watchmakers eight years to achieve. Details are scarce at the moment as VC are playing it coy, but the team over at Quill & Pad have the inside scoop.

The week in numbers

6: The number of Andrews at the JLC Melbourne Collector’s dinner. If your name is Andrew there is a statistical likelihood you love watches.

869: The number of you guys that think the new Yacht-Master is the hottest thing to come out of Geneva in a long time. (Don’t worry guys; the review’s dropping soon).

869: The number of times we had to pinch ourselves that we got to spend the day with the Yacht-Master.

10 minutes: The amount of time Christian Redl spent diving (sans oxygen) under the North Pole. We don’t envy him (though we kinda do).