Sotheby’s auctions off #70 of the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 70th Anniversary Act 3 for charity Sotheby’s auctions off #70 of the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 70th Anniversary Act 3 for charity

Sotheby’s auctions off #70 of the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 70th Anniversary Act 3 for charity

Zach Blass

While charitable auctions have certainly been a hot topic this week, I want to shift attention over to a charitable lot Sotheby’s is set to auction off in New York City during their Important Watches auction on December 7. When it comes to numbered limited editions, watch collectors love to acquire certain numbers due to what they symbolise. It could be as personal as a birth year or lucky number, or as simple as having the prestige of owning the first or last number of the limited edition. Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms diver is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, doing so with a three-part ‘act’ celebration. The latest, Act 3, is a limited edition of 555 pieces, and Sotheby’s is partnering with Blancpain to auction off #70 to raise money for Oceana – an organisation dedicated solely to ocean conservation.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Third Act No 70 01

Vincent Brasesco, Vice President and Specialist of Watches for the Americas at Sotheby’s said: “This collaboration marks a truly exceptional moment for Sotheby’s and the watch community as it unites Blancpain’s passion for innovation with Oceana’s highly deserving cause and impactful mission. We are absolutely delighted to present the Fifty Fathoms 70th Anniversary Act 3 to the public and commemorate the 70th anniversary of the iconic model, showcasing both the technical prowess and craftsmanship of Blancpain while simultaneously underscoring the importance of ocean discovery and preservation that the Fifty Fathoms has been a part of for its entire life.”

Blancpain Combo 02
From left to right: Blancpain Fifty-Fathoms retailed by LIP c. 1950s, est. $18-24,000; Blancpain Fifty-Fathoms retailed by ‘Aqua-Lung’ c. 1950s, est. $20-40,000; Blancpain Fifty-Fathoms Milspec I (the inspiration for the Act 3) c. 1960s, est. $20-40,000; Blancpain Fifty-Fathoms “70th Anniversary Act 3” (Watch No. 70), est. $20-40,000

Blancpain has long been a brand concerned with protecting the world’s oceans, with the 288-year-old brand becoming the Oceana organization’s exclusive watch partner in 2020. This Fifty Fathoms 70th Anniversary Act 3 Limited Edition takes inspiration from the original Fifty Fathoms MIL-SPEC diver with a moisture indicator but is presented with a semi-precious twist encased in 9k bronze gold. Its 41.3mm diameter is faithful to original proportions – something smaller wrists will appreciate – and the winding rotor has even been designed in the format of the original Blancpain/Lip Fifty Fathoms watches. While vintage-inspired, the in-house 1154.P2 calibre within is the first time Blancpain has offered their 100-hour power reserve automatic movement with 1,000 Gauss of magnetic resistance.

Its retail price was set at US$32,000, but Sotheby’s estimate is set at US$20,000 – US$40,000. It is also worth noting that Sotheby’s and Blancpain have curated an illustrious selection of vintage references, also up for auction. Sotheby’s explains: “Alongside the sale of the special 70th Fifty Fathoms 70th Anniversary Act 3 timepiece in the Important Watches auction bidders will be able to vie for historic models like OSS operative worn models, an incredibly early ‘Aqua-Lung’, and an original MIL-SPEC I.”

Blancpain Combo 01

When this Act 3 was introduced, some questioned its higher price tag – as Omega’s bronze gold Seamaster was priced at nearly half as much. Then again, the standard Seamaster is much less expensive than the Fifty Fathoms to begin with. This auction, however, will give us a better sense of where the market places its value. Hopefully high, as this is for a great cause.

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