FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 6th March, 2015 FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 6th March, 2015

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 6th March, 2015

Felix Scholz


We’ll be honest with you. With Baselworld 2015 only a few sleeps away it’s getting hard to wind down. But gosh-darn-it, we’re doing our best.

What happened?

Balloons were inflated and champagne was popped – all in honour of the first post by our inaugural columnist, Mr Derek Dier, a vintage watch dealer of the first order and an all-round gentleman. For his opening salvo he took us into the stylish world of Mad Men and equally elegant world of Tudor.


Apple’s Jony Ive is on the fast-track to becoming a Bond villain/Dr Evil. What with him being chauffeured to work in a Bentley (where are the rocket launchers hidden Jony? Behind the grille?), and the revelation that the Apple Watch could well use one third of the world’s gold supplies. What’s next? Volcano lairs?

Jony Ive’s daily ride? Image from

And speaking of Bond villains, we saw our first wrist shot of the new Bond watch on instagram, courtesy of Omega’s VP and director of International Sales.

First live wrist shot of the Bond watch! From the IG account of Omega Vice President and Director of International Sales @raynald_08 - tipped off by @watchinsider That '15,007 gauss' is actually hilarious ️
For when 15,000 gauss isn’t enough.

What actually mattered?

Rolex released a promotional video “The spirit of the Rolex Datejust”, exploring the history of the iconic Datejust, which turns 70 this year. Normally this sort of PR is pretty unremarkable, but Rolex releasing it a few weeks before they launch their 2015 collection at Baselworld changes things. Is this a teaser of things to come from the notoriously tight-lipped brand?


Today is a big day for Time+Tide. It’s the day of our first watch column in The Australian’s WISH magazine, so go out and buy yourselves a copy (or read it here). And if you want to pop by the office to get your copy autographed that’s cool too.


The week in numbers

0: The number of times we heard the Kenny Loggins’ classic Dangerzone at the Avalon Airshow. Travesty.

4: The number of legends we managed to cram into one picture during the Geneva Motorshow.

3,270: The number of likes our picture of the Portugieser Hand-Wound Eight Days Edition “75th Anniversary” got when IWC instagrammed it.