FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 30th October, 2015 (Halloween edition) FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 30th October, 2015 (Halloween edition)

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 30th October, 2015 (Halloween edition)

Felix Scholz

Friday-wind-down vintage-trick-or-treat-5

Happy (almost) Halloween everyone! To get you into the spirit a day early, we’ve got three scary thoughts for you to ponder. 1) Christmas is in eight weeks (just let that sink in for a few seconds). 2) Think about how many watches you own – now, work out how much it would cost to have them all serviced at once. Gah! 3) The Arnold Schwarzenegger Hero Terminator is a real watch, and that’s its real name. Now, we love Arnie as much as the next guy (probably more, if we’re honest), but maybe he should stick to exercise, or movies, or even politics. And if you don’t need a strong drink after that lot, you’ve got nerves of steel.

Arnold Schwarzenegger watch
It looks like a tumour!

If you’re looking for the perfect watch to match with your Halloween outfit tomorrow night, don’t worry. We’ve thoughtfully prepared a list of five truly excellent options, which was a nice opportunity to flex our more macabre journalistic skills. It’s not often you get to compare a watch dial to the “gaping maw of a slathering hell-hound”. Which is a pity.


So, with your Halloween wrist-wear sorted, you’re free to focus on the kids. Specifically, the optimal watch-related trick or treat options. The classic choice is of course the candy watch – tasty and stylish. You could also go for Tic Tocs, but we’re not entirely convinced biscuits are an appropriate trick or treat solution, although no doubt Arnott’s would argue the point.

tic tocs

The week in numbers:

5:43: The time James Dean’s pocket watch is set to. Also his time of death.

13: The lot number of the F.P Journe Tourbillon Souverain Bleu in the upcoming Only Watch auction. Lucky for some!


666: The number which often featured on the face of Bulova divers from the 1960s. The number of the beast, in feet, is roughly 200 metres. Good enough for scuba diving…In hell. Mwah ha ha ha haaaaaa.