FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 23rd December 2016 – the Christmas edition FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 23rd December 2016 – the Christmas edition

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 23rd December 2016 – the Christmas edition

Felix Scholz

I’m writing this at 12:35 on the last working day of 2016. And yes, I have a tin of Melbourne Bitter in front of me at my desk. So yeah, I’m feeling pretty good right now. Oh, and the office internet just died (hotspot FTW), so we’re taking this as a sign/Christmas Miracle that we need to leave the office stat. But before we lock up one last time for 2016 there’s some business that needs taking care of – the most festive Wind Down of the year!

What really mattered


A little while ago we (finally) got on the whole YouTube bandwagon, and to celebrate we thought we’d give away a stash of some of the watch swag we could rustle up in the office (see above). The winner of said swag merely had to subscribe and comment on our YouTube (there may have been references to my hair that weren’t strictly professional). Well, thanks to everyone who got on board, but the lucky subscriber is Indra Arifin! Indra, if you’re reading this, well done! Get in touch and we’ll send you a care package in the new year.

What’s happening next?

Well, we’re having a break. Distance will make us closer, trust on this one. But that doesn’t mean the stories won’t stop flowing. Nope, we’ve got an action-packed summer schedule planned, that’s full of the obligatory lists, and a few more reflective moments, including each of the team’s favourite stories of 2016. Look out in particular for Justin Mastine-Frost’s picks for best watches released in 2016 to buy, from under a grand up to $5,000. For those who are holding their breath, Ceri’s ‘who wore it best’ featuring the Beebs sadly didn’t make the cut. But hold your tears, because the evidently festive Andy Green showed off his Photoshop skills with this humorous yet not entirely accurate homage to yours truly. Anyone who knows me will immediately note that I’d never wear a suit that shiny.


The next time you see us we’ll be in not-so-sunny Switzerland, bringing you the latest and greatest from SIHH 2017. Oh the excitement!

Until then we hope you all have a great holiday period filled with friends, fun and watches!

The week in numbers

2: Sleeps till Santa

84: the number of terrible Christmas songs we’ve listened to this week. We’re looking at you Toni Braxton and Il Divo.

24: Days until SIHH 2017. <insert gritting teeth emoji>

90: Days until we hit the ground running for Baselworld 2017 <insert screaming emoji>