FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 24th November 2017 FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 24th November 2017

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 24th November 2017

Felix Scholz

The Wind Down this week is a little bit terrifying to be honest. You know why? Christmas in just over a month, SIHH 2018 in two. You know that emoji guy with the gritted, grinning teeth? That’s us. We’ve got some serious thousand-yard-stare happening right now. Maybe a beer will help.

What happened


Everyone with more than a passing interest in watches has an opinion on the inimitable Jean-Claude Biver. Regardless of where your opinion lies, you can’t deny his impact on the industry, and the size of his personality. Over the span of his 40-odd years in the industry, thousands of litres of ink have been spilled, exploring the man and the myths that have built up around him, but I haven’t read many better than Nick Foulkes’ write up for GQ. The photos alone are worth the click.

Things are looking up (export-wise) in the Vallée de Joux.

You get the sense that, for the last few years, the watch industry has been looking hard for any good news story it can lay its hands on. And this week they found a good one. The most recent month’s Swiss export figures indicate that shipments of Swiss watches are at their highest level since January 2013. Must be all those Christmas presents.

Finally James Gurney articulates what many in the business have been thinking – that maybe the whole ‘in-house’ thing is a touch overcooked. Gurney points to Tudor and Breitling’s collaborative approach as where value (and innovation) is at.

The week in numbers:

10: Of the year’s best dress watches.

185: Years Longines has been making watches. Andrew went to Beijing for the party.

1: Thorsome interview with Chris Hemsworth.