How much did Elton John’s Cartier Crash just hammer for? How much did Elton John’s Cartier Crash just hammer for?

How much did Elton John’s Cartier Crash just hammer for?

Zach Blass

Legendary musician Elton John, an absolute G.O.A.T. in his field, notably has a heap of his possessions heading to the Christie’s auction block. The first batch of lots was hammered off this week which included three watches – with many more to go in upcoming auctions.

Elton John auction 2

Probably the most mouth-watering, beyond just the provenance, was Elton’s Cartier Crash Paris Limited Edition from the ’90s. The Crash has appeared on everyone’s radars, watch enthusiast or not, as an absolute “it” watch due to many celebrity sightings and its warped form that showcases why Cartier is the master of shapes when it comes to watches. At almost four times the low estimate of US$70,000, Elton’s Crash ultimately sold for US$277,200.

Considering the exact same model, albeit without the Elton John provenance, sold for US$304,700 on Loupe This in May 2022, whoever won it presumably got a solid deal. Is the Crash losing its status as a top-ranking grail in its mainstream crossover? Maybe. But, to have a Crash, and one owned and worn by Elton John, is an excellent story for the winner’s next watch meetup.

Elton John Cartier Tank Normale

Also sold was his distinct gem-set Cartier Tank Normale, landing at US$176,400 – almost nine times over its laughably low estimate of US$20,000. Like, is that a joke? If it was US$20,000 I would have, in eBay terms, hit “buy it now” and worried about the finances later.

Elton John auction 1

Finally, John’s Rolex Daytona “Leopard”, a watch also notably worn by actor Nicolas Cage, went for US$176,400 – a fair bit greater than the US$100,000 mark this watch sells around (give or take). So, aside from the Daytona above, it would seem the winners of these lots won at relatively close to market rates with the free value-add of Elton-owned-and-worn provenance.

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Watch meme of the week: Pixar x watch culture


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Is it bad that I would totally buy a ticket to this movie? Two grandsons, one watch, and one battle to be the one who protects the watch for the next generation.

Wrist shot of the week: a step back to cooler case design


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With movement innovation seemingly slowing (a subject for another day), we are in an era of watch shape and aesthetic being the primary source of interest – which is why brands like Cartier are rocketing up in interest. I know one-to-one heritage revivals have long been a trend, but my advice is this: bring back case forms and aesthetics like this double-coined-and-stepped Parmigiani back with modern calibres and flavour.

Time+Tide Shop pick of the week: Tissot PR 516 Chronograph Mechanical

Tissot PR 516 Chronograph Mechanical flatlay

Tissot has been on a tear in the last few years. With watches like the PRX Powermatic, the slightly controversial PRX Digital and the gloriously quirky Sideral S, they have firmly solidified their position as the accessible hype brand. There’s always been one thing missing from their lineup though; a watch for the die-hard horological nerds, the collectors where movements are everything and heritage runs through their veins. Thankfully, Tissot has listened and brought back one of their gems from the 70s: a three-register, manual wound PR 516 Chronograph. A Valjoux A05.291 beats within its slabby 41mm case, which is topped with a ceramic and sapphire tachymeter bezel and a domed crystal. This is one for the enthusiasts.

Order now from the Time+Tide Shop or purchase at our Melbourne Discovery StudioPrice: A$2,925 (incl. GST).

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