A WEEK ON THE WRIST: How my Grand Seiko Sport SBGM247 truly lived up to my dreams A WEEK ON THE WRIST: How my Grand Seiko Sport SBGM247 truly lived up to my dreams

A WEEK ON THE WRIST: How my Grand Seiko Sport SBGM247 truly lived up to my dreams

Ricardo Sime

We all have a watch brand that we love. A brand that brings something to the table we can’t ignore. Whether it be their finishing or their language of design, we’re captivated by what they’re able to create. For me, that brand has always been Grand Seiko. For years, I’ve marvelled at their movements and cases, hoping that our thoughts would intersect and the watch of my dreams would be born.

Well, that moment finally happened on October 14th, when the Grand Seiko Sport SBGM247 was announced.

I haven’t looked back since.

First Impressions

Grand Seiko Sport SBGM247 at WatchTime New York 2021

When you’ve spent weeks placing a watch on a mental pedestal, it seems inevitable that it will not live up to your expectations. Too many times I’ve encountered this phenomenon, quickly hitting the sales forums to get rid of the stench. Yet with the Grand Seiko Sport SBGM247, things were immediately different. After placing a deposit on the watch, I soon spent some one-on-one time with it at the WatchTime New York Grand Seiko booth. There I got a chance to experience it on the wrist; answering any potential doubts I had. Was the 40.5mm case too small? Did the 14.4mm thickness wear too tall on my wrist? Should I have bought the SBGM245, with its stunning blue dial instead?

Well, those questions were reassuringly answered. In addition to a case that hugged my wrist, I was pleasantly surprised by what could only be described as a “light show” dial. Every multifaceted index seemed to be working overtime to ensure the watch was always legible, capturing a bit of light on every surface. I would end up walking away from that booth convinced that I had made the right choice.

The Dial Is Really That Good

Weeks later, I received a call from my AD letting me know that my 247 had arrived. After some sizing and a fun chat, I was now the proud owner of my first Grand Seiko. For years, I had thought about this brand; my admiration reaching a fever pitch with the release of the SBGM239 and its inclusive ad campaign. But now as a proud owner, part of me wondered what was in store for me.

Right off the bat, I realised that in some ways, I had bought two watches instead of one. The green dial, one of the major selling points in my eyes, left me mesmerized by how it transforms in colour. In the right lighting, it possesses a light green appearance, reminiscent of the yellowing leaves of early fall. While in the absence of direct light, the watch has a lush green colour of trees in mid spring. All this happens in the span of seconds with a simple twist of the wrist.

The Right Time For A GMT

Beyond the beautiful appearance of the watch lies the main reason I added it to my collection. That is its GMT complication. A glance at my wrist and I’m immediately informed of my local time as well as the time in Melbourne. The bright orange GMT hand and large, legible steel bezel ensure this. Furthermore, the Calibre 9S66 movement inside has been spot on since the moment I placed it on my wrist, gaining an average of two seconds a day with daily wear. Though I won’t be taking the watch off anytime soon, I’m comforted in knowing its 72-hour power reserve will lock that in for a few days before I have to reset the watch.

In this first week I also enjoyed the simplicity of the quick-set hour function. As the clock went back an hour here in New York City, I didn’t have to stop the watch to set the time. While in the second position of the crown, I only had to spin it backward. With a single click, I travelled back into time, my seconds hand never skipping a beat.

Final Thoughts

Wrist Shot

We’ve all searched for that one, getting a bit jaded as watch after watch fails to live up to our expectations. Yet when the stars are aligned and it does happen, that feeling of absolute joy is just wonderful. That’s how the Grand Seiko Sport SBGM247 makes me feel every time I look down at my wrist. And if you don’t believe me, this video I shot the day I received it says it all.

Grand Seiko Sport Collection Automatic GMT Price and Availability:

The Grand Seiko Sport SBGM247 and its blue dialled sibling, the SBGM245, is now available for purchase via Grand Seiko and their authorized dealers. Price: $8,500 / AUD  $5700 USD