WHO TO FOLLOW: @tyalexanderphotography and his amazing watch shots WHO TO FOLLOW: @tyalexanderphotography and his amazing watch shots

WHO TO FOLLOW: @tyalexanderphotography and his amazing watch shots

Ricardo Sime

Crisp. Clean. Accurate colours. These are all the things that come to mind when I think of this week’s Who To Follow. This gentleman posts some of the best watch photos on Instagram. On every shot, he perfectly highlights the aspect of each watch that makes it special. His Instagram handle is @tyalexanderphotography and here is why he is definitely worth your follow.

The Instagram page @tyalexanderphotography is run by Milwaukee-based photographer Ty Alexander. Prior to shooting watches, Ty’s bread and butter was wedding photography. That changed in 2017, when during a transition period in his life, and a major move from Louisiana to Wisconsin, he couldn’t book clients. In the lull, he decided to take up product photography to keep the income coming in. That decision would change the course of his life.

Oris ProPilot Okavango Air Rescue Limited Edition – Shot By Ty Alexander

In the year after taking up product photography, Ty spent his time honing his craft. He took the lessons learned from weddings and was able to make tremendous strides in the quality of his shots. His progression was noticed and by 2018, Ty was able to land projects with a major watch brand. At this point, he realised there was no turning back and that watch photography would be his new career path.

Since then, Ty has continued to get better, adding dozens of large watch brands and microbrands to his list of clients. From Oris to Seiko, they all line up for his clean aesthetic and perfectly focused shots. It’s these two things that also caught my attention. And why in late 2019, I found myself contacting Ty for watch-photography advice. I was surprised at how quickly he got back to me and found his willingness to share tips and suggestions refreshing. I’ve learned so much from our chats and from dissecting his photography.

Ty Alexander

Overall, Ty is one of the best watch photographers on social media. So if you’re into watch photography or just like seeing some amazing watch shots, definitely give @tyalexanderphotography a follow.