Time+Tide Weekend Watch Crossword 2022 recap part two (#15-28)

Time+Tide Weekend Watch Crossword 2022 recap part two (#15-28)

Zach Blass

One Sunday morning, I was sitting on the couch having a New York Times mini-crossword race with my brother. It was a pretty close battle, luck of the prompts really, where he got caught up on one of the clues allowing me to come from behind and complete it before him. But in the silent down-time, as I waited for him to finally arrive at his last word, I thought to myself: “What if there were crosswords dedicated to watch enthusiasts?”. It was a friendly competition between twin siblings, and as the home of watch culture we are always eager to find ways to make watches fun for everyone. Like popping open a Snapple, and peering at the underside of its cap, crosswords are a great way to learn while having fun. With so many terms, names, references and styles to remember, what would be better than having a horological-focused crossword to test your knowledge and keep watch-related terms, facts, and figures fresh in your mind. Thus, the idea for the Time+Tide Weekend Watch Crossword was born. With the year coming to a close, below is every Weekend Watch Crossword we published in 2022.

A true tell someone is a complete and utter watch nerd is when they rattle off a bunch of reference numbers, the numbers that identify a particular watch in a catalogue. Think you know your reference numbers? Try your hand at the puzzle below

Just prior to this edition of the crossword, we kicked off our Fantasy Watch Ambassador draft, where the team matched up famous figures with watch brands – the only rule being the person that they choose cannot already have represented a watch brand. But that is fantasy. How familiar are you with actual watch ambassadors today? Find out below.

Watchmaking in America was a thriving industry prior to the quartz crisis. But while some American manufactures either were absorbed by foreign conglomerates, or went out of business altogether, today more and more American watch brands are coming back into the fold. See how many current American watch brands you know below.

I am not going to lie, this crossword is not for the faint of heart. If this was a FIFA video game, the difficulty would be set to legendary. That being said, do your best to complete the below – it will be well worth the ride. The theme? “Movement Manufacturers”.

While perhaps not among the top of the list in regard to glamorous watch components, hands are crucial for conveying various indications on a dial (even a movement in certain cases). So, let’s test your knowledge on the various handsets found on watches.

Surely as a watch lover you were tuned into coverage of Geneva Watch Days 2022, so let’s see just how much you remember about the new novelties.

For this edition of the crossword, we tested just how much you know about “Watch Manufacture Birth Years”, the years in which various brands were first founded. Test your mettle below.

For this edition of the crossword, Ricardo decided to test you all on what he believes is the most important part of your mechanical watch. And that is its mechanical movement. Let’s see what you got!

Think you have the stones to complete this crossword? Borna, in this edition of the crossword, sought to test your knowledge on brands that do high-end jewellery and watches below.

When Patek unveiled their successor to the Nautilus ref. 5711, the 5811/1G, we decided it was the perfect time for a bit of Nautilus trivia courtesy of the Time+Tide Weekend Watch Crossword. See how you fare below.

Just before the 2022 edition of the GPHG awards, I decided it was time to see how well you remember some of the winners in 2021. Find out in the crossword below.

In honour of the 2022 edition of the Behind The Camera Awards presented by Hamilton Watches that was held the day we dropped the below crossword, we decided to test your knowledge on the various Hamilton watches that have made wrist-cameos in film and TV.

The GPHGs each year are a big moment for the watch industry. But as spectators, some find particular prize categories quite confusing – especially if they do not speak French. So, this week, in our biggest crossword yet, see just how well you understand the prize categories. Some are absolutely obvious, others may take a bit of time to figure out. Either way, this will be the last GPHG-related crossword for a year. Pinky promise.

When you think of watchmaking today, you likely immediately think of Swiss watchmaking. But, to give credit where it is rightfully due, British watchmakers are largely responsible for major escapement designs and many watchmaking innovations over the centuries. Test your knowledge on the subject below. Be warned, it is definitely of advanced difficulty for those who do not consider themselves horological historians.