VIDEO: The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 delivers a leaner and meaner smartwatch than its predecessor VIDEO: The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 delivers a leaner and meaner smartwatch than its predecessor

VIDEO: The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 delivers a leaner and meaner smartwatch than its predecessor

Borna Bošnjak

A front-runner in the world of luxury smartwatches, TAG Heuer pushes the envelope of innovation further with the new TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 45mm. With the Connected E3 a resounding success, the Swiss powerhouse brings all-round improvements to the E4. New hardware and software combine to provide the user with a watch that’s not just a pretty face, but has the brains to back it up.

Same size, new feel

Available in both stainless-steel and DLC-coated sandblasted titanium, the case has been refined to provide a more traditional on-wrist feel. Inspired by cues from the Carrera, the Calibre E4 is sleeker than its predecessor, with inward-sloping lugs and flanks. The chronograph-like pushers click more akin to a mechanical chronograph than previously, and the larger rubberised crown makes scrolling through menus a breeze. The Connected E4 will be offered with a choice of coloured rubber and leather straps, as well as a stainless-steel link bracelet. All will feature TAG Heuer’s quick-release system for easy changing of straps.

At 45mm with a lug-to-lug of over 50mm, this is a large watch, and there’s no way around it. Thankfully, TAG Heuer has once again employed the use of titanium, which brings the overall weight of the E4 to just under 90 grams. This is in line with other sports watches on a rubber strap, and it makes for a much more comfortable wear, especially when considering the improvements in case design.

Modern, with classic inspiration

Some familiar watch faces make a return, referencing famous mechanical references (a Skipper face would be awesome, in case TAG Heuer is looking for suggestions). With a sharpened focus towards fitness and goal tracking, two novel faces make an appearance. The Riverside watch face ebbs and flows with an animation representing elapsing time and offers a distinctly modern touch to the E4. If you’re after something more practical, the Wellness face displays a live readout of the wearer’s heart rate and step count, so there’s no need to access a menu for this basic information. Other information such as the live weather forecast and calendar can also be shown on the main display. TAG Heuer promises more faces becoming available throughout the year, allowing even more customisation.

All the new faces and connected features are presented on a 1.39-inch OLED screen, which TAG Heuer has worked on extensively between generations. Outdoor visibility was one of the main goals, achieved through contrast improvements in the 326 pixel-per-inch display.

Clever girl

The headlining new software feature of the Connected Calibre E4 is guided workouts. Consisting of pre-set exercises with on-screen prompts guiding you through the motions, there’s no need to keep your smartphone nearby for reference. With a choice of upper body, lower body or full body workouts, the watch will vibrate to indicate the end of your rest times. For users with their own routines and/or trainers, the TAG Heuer Sports App allows you to create your own routines. Along with guided workouts, the Sports App delivers fitness information and sports tracking, allowing users to track running, cycling, swimming, golf and walking. Along with pre-existing sensors such as the accelerometer, heart rate monitor, compass and GPS, the Calibre E4 introduces an altimeter. This will allow users to track altitude changes in running and cycling exercises.

This data will be synced with your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which offers vastly increased transfer speeds than seen in previous Bluetooth standards. At launch, both E4 models will be running Watch OS 2 by Google, with a free upgrade to Watch OS 3 once it becomes available.

Faster for longer

Replacing the beating heart of a balance wheel is the Snapdragon 4100+ processor. Combining four performance and one efficiency core, it’s a vast improvement over the last generation. It’s certainly a contributing factor to the increased battery life of the Calibre E4, while managing a faster clock speed of 1.7gHz compared to 1.2gHz in the E3. Speaking of the battery, TAG Heuer claims a 30% improvement for the new 45mm model, for a full day battery experience even when using some power-intensive applications such as the golf functions for 5 hours.

When the 430mAh cell does run out of juice, the Connected Calibre E4 is paired with a brand-new charger that also doubles as a display stand. While charging, it’ll maintain the brightness of the screen, allowing you to use the watch as a pseudo desk clock.

TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 45mm pricing and availability

Currently available in three references, the Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4 45mm is available now. Prices start at $2,950 AUD for the 45mm model.

Should you fancy an upgrade from an earlier Connected model, Tag Heuer now offers a trade-in program.