THE FRIDAY WIND DOWN: New tagline, who dis… THE FRIDAY WIND DOWN: New tagline, who dis…

THE FRIDAY WIND DOWN: New tagline, who dis…


We’ve had busy weeks over the years, but this one is up there. In it, we have had one of our team in Vegas at the Couture Watch and Jewellery Show, partly care of the good people at Watchonista. You’ve probably seen Zach carousing around at events and watch booths in our stories. We have also been working furiously behind the scenes on a drop cued up for Monday. I can say no more at this stage, but the excitement levels – and the gin vs Campari and Vermouth levels in our Friday negronis – are extremely high.

I remain as poor at keeping secrets as ever, by the way.

But really, to refocus, the week / year / era-defining news from Time+Tide is the launch of our new website. For regular visitors, it may already be familiar. But in case you’re checking in fresh, we have a new mothership – a sleek black and shiny thing that replaces the origin one site we launched with, way back in a galaxy far, far away in 2014. In internet years, we’re moving from a Seiko TV watch (shot from @alekswatches), to an iPhone. It’s exciting.  I’ll quote from my story announcing it here:

“When we started out, it was important to have some kind of claim to fame. In the mid-2010s ours was that we were the most popular website in Australia about watches. It helped that there weren’t many (cough, any) websites in Australia about watches at the time, but let’s not dwell. Needless to say, this is less of a focus now.

“I’m proud to have been part of pushing along watch culture in our home country. But with a team lineup that is defiantly more cosmopolitan each year, with regional editors in the US and Europe, and with an international audience that has long outgrown our Australian demographic base, it’s not really summing up who we are and what we offer to the mix.

The Home of Watch Culture is us. Realising this, and owning it – the good and the bad that comes with setting up camp in the watch culture, instead of strictly watch review space – is in fact a much bigger deal than a new website.”

We believe in, and are passionate about watch culture to an extent that far outweighs watches as luxury items. Or even more simply, as objects. We will expand more on this over time, but every single team member at Time+Tide is excited about nailing these colours to the mast as our reason for being, and our shared daily obsession. Both the rapidly changing culture in our world of watches, and the watches in culture at large.

We hope you’ve had as exciting a week, and can assure you that – out of a true, real coincidence – the next one will be even bigger. Can’t tell you more now, but in a couple of hours…

Take care out there, and thank you for reading Time+Tide,


P.s – Thanks again to the team members that pulled some serious weight, and made some design magic happen, in the building of our new site. Bravo, boys.

Watch meme of the week: What the rise of “quick-change” technology solves…

It’s probably not the best idea for anyone to try to modify a watch, after a night out drinking. Why you’d ever need to have your diver swapped from its bracelet to a NATO before you pass out in your bed is beyond me, but I confess I have defied logic and played drunken watchmaker once or twice myself. Jokes aside, it can be inevitable for the back of your watch to get marked up a bit – short of always letting a professional handle your strap and bracelet changes. But it is time-consuming at times to turn to your local AD to perform these operations, especially if you are a tinkerer and swap between straps weekly or even daily. This is why the rise of quick-change strap technology is greatly appreciated by buyers worldwide, simply changing between straps  with the ease of your fingers rather than driving yourself mad with a springbar tool to the point you may need to visit Arkham Asylum.

Wrist shot of the week: Birthday Daytonas with Dave Chappelle and John Mayer

What can we say other than we are super jealous of the vibes and the watches. Mayer captioned the celebratory shot: “Happy Birthday to my dear friend and a true genius @davechappelle. This pic is from the night we played Vegas together and had an afterparty at the @Rolex boutique… as one does. Dave, our lives are dope and we do dope shit! Here’s to many more adventures…”

Recommended reading: Watchonista Volume 01

With its debut earlier this week, now is the time to head over to and utilize the “Find The Magazine” button that is now located at the top of Watchonista’s homepage. During your visit, there you will be able to acquire a complimentary copy of this new magazine. In a world where in-house is all the rage in the watch community, 99% of the photographs and 100% of the copy was produced by Watchonista in-house – meticulously curated and crafted to deliver a top-tier experience for their readers.

Our favourite coverage of the week

Introducing: The Grand Seiko SLGA007 140th Anniversary Limited Edition

Grand Seiko introduced five new watches this week at Couture, and while they are all fabulous arguably the star of the show was the new SLGA007, a Lake Suwa inspired limited edition watch that leverages the same case framework as the dreamy SLGH005 “White Birch” but with a new rich wavy blue dial and Spring Drive caliber. Read all about it here.

What is the ultimate two-watch collection? The Time+Tide team have their say…

We asked the Time+Tide team to pick their perfect double-act, answering one of the great horological dilemmas: what would be your ultimate two-watch collection? Click here to see what the team chose.

Bamford takes a step out of their comfort zone with a cracking monopusher chronograph

Bamford has taken the assignment and are demanding extra credit with their newest pieces, a pair of automatic monopusher chronographs under the new Bamford B347 range. Get a closer look here at this latest offering.