OPINION: An open letter to those that I’ve wrist stalked OPINION: An open letter to those that I’ve wrist stalked

OPINION: An open letter to those that I’ve wrist stalked

Cameron Wong

To all the strangers on the streets, in the cafes, and just generally going about your own business …

I have no shame in admitting that I am a wrist stalker. If you’re a regular reader, then chances are you’re one, too. We all do it. Some of us are just better than others and can pick a watch from across the room with only the hint of a bezel or a clasp. I’m not one to normally blow my own trumpet, but call me Louis Armstrong, because that’s me. Others, though, tend to get themselves into trouble, going for a peek at the most inopportune times – you know who you are.

Is that a Vacheron, Louis? Image: wikipedia.com

As a self-confessed (or maybe it’s crowned?) “pro” wrist stalker, I feel compelled to first apologise on behalf of those less-skilled individuals (they really need to read our handy guide on watch spotting). And then to say that I’m sorry. I’m sorry to everyone I’ve ever made feel uncomfortable while waiting for their morning coffee, or while innocently tapping away at their mobile phones. I’m sorry to anyone I’ve ever made a victim with my glaringly hot stare, as they politely walked past and my eyes tracked their swinging wrist, trying desperately to see what that flash of steel was under their sleeve and confirm my suspicions.  It was never my intention to cause you worry, it’s just every now and then I spot something truly amazing. Like that sweet old couple I spotted in the wild, walking down the street holding hands wearing matching his and hers Tudor Snowflake Submariners — both in blue no less!

It’s not always that easy though. Over the years I’ve learnt that a nice watch doesn’t always mean you’re ‘into’ nice watches. And I’m often quick to judge someone from the moment I first lay eyes on what’s on their wrist. Most of the time it’s a Daniel Wellington – that’s a no – or a G-Shock – well, that can go either way. Even if it is something I’d consider nerd-worthy, it’s peacocking rather than passion that ultimately led to the buying decision. I just wish that there was more of us watch nerds in the wild. Maybe we need some sort of signal? A secret handshake perhaps? Something that could help me on my way to satisfying my hunger for wrist candy. Because that’s all it is. A desire to see more of the things I am so passionate about.

So, yes, we might have made you feel uncomfortable and judged you, but not always poorly. You should be able to wear what you like. But let’s face it, this is probably not the best place for an open letter to non-watch folk, you’re never going to read this. And you guys reading, you all know what’s up, and are likely just as guilty as me.