Need some reading material? We’ve put together a killer NOW Magazine bundle Need some reading material? We’ve put together a killer NOW Magazine bundle

Need some reading material? We’ve put together a killer NOW Magazine bundle

Jamie Weiss

Some things are not improved by technology: mechanical watches; slow time, well spent; the tactility of a high-quality magazine… NOW Magazine combines all three of those wonderful things. In print since 2018, NOW Magazine is the definitive Australian watch magazine and one of an increasingly small number of print watch publications, certainly locally and also globally.

Being in print is pretty important to us here at Time+Tide. As you may or may not know, Time+Tide started out as a humble hand-printed magazine that our founder Andrew passed around to attendees at Baselworld in 2013 – we’ve got one of those original mags framed in our Discovery Studio in Melbourne, so we don’t forget where we come from.


We’re hard at work preparing the first of two NOW Magazine editions we’ll publish in 2024, but until that drops, we thought we’d give our community the chance to brush up on the previous editions of the mag with a mega mag bundle. This bundle is a great option if you’ve only just subscribed to NOW and want our previous editions, or if you’re looking to nab a bargain.

This NOW Magazine bundle includes both print and digital versions of Issues 2 through 8 of NOW (sorry folks, Issue 1 is long gone) at a whopping 50% off. Inside, you’ll find insightful interviews, features and reviews as well as our renowned Buying Guide, which is renowned as one of the most comprehensive watch-buying guides in the industry. We’ll ship the bundle to anywhere in the world. Even Switzerland. Maybe especially Switzerland.


The support that the watch community in Australia and around the world has shown NOW and Time+Tide over the years has been astounding. During the COVID-19 pandemic, a rough time when many print mags went under (and indeed many media outlets), T+T and NOW survived – and that wouldn’t have been possible without your support. By purchasing this bundle, you’re helping us continue the grand tradition of horological print media at a time when print and independent media voices are increasingly being silenced. You’re also helping your wallet… But that’s enough sales pitch from me.

Our NOW Magazine bundle is usually priced at A$139.65. It is now available today for A$69.83 the Time+Tide Shop. Add it to checkout here. Prices listed are exclusive of shipping.