VIDEO: Grand Seiko’s “Snowflake blue” SBGA407 VIDEO: Grand Seiko’s “Snowflake blue” SBGA407

VIDEO: Grand Seiko’s “Snowflake blue” SBGA407

Felix Scholz

The Snowflake looms large in the minds (and on the wrists) of Grand Seiko fans — the 10-year-old titanium watch is an undisputed champion, and deservedly so. But now there’s a phalanx of other Snowflakes in the family – the dial comes with gold highlights and even in dressier cases. But one Snowflake that stands out to us is the SBGA407. 

The most obvious standout is the dial, which is somewhat counterintuitive given how subtle it is. The texture is still that same Washi-paper-esque effect that gives that windswept snowdrift effect, but now it’s in a soft blue tint, like the heart of an iceberg. This colour, aside from adding novelty and a different flavour to the watch, also ups the contrast on the (as usual) exquisitely finished hands and hour markers, to create an effect that is, overall, deeply pleasing. What’s also pleasing is the case, here in steel — a more universally loved material than titanium. The lines of this case are also softer and dressier than the traditional SBGA211. The overall effect of case and dial is one of casual dressiness rather than dressy sportiness, if that makes sense. In this context the deep blue (Grand Seiko’s go-to colour) makes perfect sense, and wraps the entire package up very nicely indeed. 


Grand Seiko SBGA407 price

Grand Seiko SBGA407, steel on leather, $7900

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