FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 4th September, 2015 FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 4th September, 2015

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 4th September, 2015

Felix Scholz


Watches are emotional objects. They are worn on your body. They have a heartbeat of their own. They outlast our human life spans. They come to be as closely associated with us as our eye colour or stature. All of this is why, perhaps, the question led to so many personal and amazing stories. With only a couple of days to Father’s Day, we asked: What watch did your father wear? Tell us the best story about your dad and his watch?

The answers, and there were many – some public on Instagram and others private – brought home what doors Time+Tide has opened for us, and they lead right into the heart of what motivates us every week to get writing. To get calling, to get replying to comments and stories on social media. With a great story, a beat up old Bulova, or an overlooked Omega, a scratched Seiko, can take on epic, heroic qualities. With a story about a Dad, too? It all goes to new levels. And then of course there’s the less emotional dad and watch stories. Like the Aldi one below. Bless you, dads. Happy Father’s days to ours. Enjoy this dad themed Friday Wind Down.

What Happened?

These 5 Dad and Watch Stories. Must read!


“This looks like a very ordinary watch seen on the wrist of any average joe. But that average joe was my dad. He wore it every day. It was caked with grease after years of wear. He was an electrician and worked in grimy environments and his watch is testament to that. The crystal was scratched but you could still see that blue dial sparkling through. When Dad got sick he was wearing this piece. When he was being wheeled into theatre he asked me to look after his watch. He never really recovered enough after the op to wear a watch again. I wore it for while and gave it to my brother to keep. When Dad died my brother phoned me to say Dad’s watch had stopped working, and could I get someone to fix it. That was pretty spooky.” – Julian

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“My dad’s favourite (and only) watch, is a Tissot Helvetia T-Gold. I remember looking at it all the time as a kid, thinking it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. He wore it every single day. As far as I know, he bought it when he was the boss of a Norwegian ship somewhere around Oman. When he came home to us, after 2 or 3 months at sea, he always brought presents and all of the typical stuff, but I always wanted that watch so badly. One day I’ll wear it as a constant reminder of both my childhood and my father.” – @tomashaandlykken


“This is my Dad’s Timor Automatic, given to him by his father (my grandfather) on his 21st in ’67. My dad was a Stock & Station Agent in the late ’60s and ’70s and didn’t wear it enough to keep it wound, so my grandfather started wearing it – and did so until he passed away 35 years later. He was always strangely proud of his ability to keep it running while my dad could not (I don’t think either of them fully understood the principle of an automatic movement very well ☺). My dad wore it since but recently gave it to me to ‘pull apart and play with’… I can’t even bring myself to replace the crystal. Some things should stay the way they are.” -@orisian


Chronoswiss Kairos Chronograph – from

“My dad loved collecting watches in his day. I was 13 when he passed away. Before he left, he sold most of his timepieces. One of the watches he left behind was a Chronoswiss Kairos Chronometer. Beautiful watch. Found it earlier this year and I only wear it on special occasions. I have to search my house for more treasures and see what else he’s left behind.” – @banihidir1


Typical dad move. Son loves watches. Dad buys an Aldi watch just to get a reaction. Nice move, dad.

“My dad doesn’t understand my fascination with watches and bought a $6 one from Aldi to see the look on my face.” – @j6hno

What really mattered?

It’s an old story but a very relevant one. Jason Heaton (Gear Patrol’s resident watch guy) reflects on the impact his father’s Bulova Accutron had on his life. A must read for anyone with a love of watches.

The week in numbers

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