“Watch & Act!” Auction Item – Lot 7: One of a kind with the Zenith Pilot Rescue ‘Australian Rescue’ Edition “Watch & Act!” Auction Item – Lot 7: One of a kind with the Zenith Pilot Rescue ‘Australian Rescue’ Edition

“Watch & Act!” Auction Item – Lot 7: One of a kind with the Zenith Pilot Rescue ‘Australian Rescue’ Edition

Nick Kenyon

This unique piece, with a custom Australian-themed caseback and unique dial, has been conceived and created from scratch by the brilliant minds driving Zenith’s groundbreaking new era. It combines the slate grey dial of the brand new ‘Rescue’ series of Pilots, with a bronze case to dramatic effect. The blood-red crossed axe motif on the dial is another reminder of both its uniqueness and its mission. It is engraved with the words ‘Australian Rescue Edition – Unique Piece’ on the caseback. This watch is generously donated by Zenith.

Zenith Pilot Rescue ‘Australian Rescue’ Edition

This Piece Unique watch from Zenith is based on the Pilot Type 20 Rescue released in January of 2020, with a charming slate grey-toned sunray-patterned dial; however, there are a number of differences. The 45mm watch is uniquely cased in a warm-toned bronze and features a unique “Australian Rescue Edition” caseback with a Canadair CL-415 water bomber flying over rolling hills and a backdrop of the Australian flag. This pilot’s watch pays homage to the aviation watches from the middle of the 20th century, including period-correct design cues, such as bold luminous Arabic numerals and hallmark cathedral-style hands. The large onion crown is designed to be fully functional for pilots while wearing thick winter gloves. Offered with a dark slate grey dial, the contrast achieved against the stark white hour markers makes for a watch that can be read at a glance, while 30,000ft in the air.

What we like about it

Andrew – The caseback! An illustrated scene that captures the cause in vivid, and literal detail. A water bomber soaring over a heavily wooded hill. An Australian flag. For Zenith to turn this around in a matter of weeks – with a never to be seen again combination of slate grey dial and bronze case in a Pilot model – is just mind-blowing. Would have to be the pick of the litter for those who really want to freeze this summer in time to forever remember what we went through. It will also be the first of the new Pilot Rescue collection to land anywhere in the world for a matter of months!

Nick – Zenith have put together something special with this one. The slate grey dial plays against the warm bronze case nicely, and the image of the Canadair CL-415 water bomber in full flight on the caseback is an emotive scene that captures the mood of what this watch is supporting.

James – This Zenith Pilot Rescue is a pure aviation watch, making it only fitting that the heroic efforts of the firefighting air crews are etched into the caseback. The aeronautical focus of this part of Zenith’s heritage, as well as the crucial part that water bombing plays in extinguishing bushfires, makes this a fitting way to support such an important cause. Zenith Pilot Rescue ‘Australian Rescue’ Edition


Manufacturer: Zenith
Model Name: Pilot Type 20 Rescue Piece Unique
Year: 2020
Reference: Piece Unique
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: 45mm diameter
Calibre:Elite 679, Automatic
Bracelet/Strap: Black vintage calfskin strap with rivets

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