VIDEO: Top 5 watches of 2021 under $1000 (Part 1) VIDEO: Top 5 watches of 2021 under $1000 (Part 1)

VIDEO: Top 5 watches of 2021 under $1000 (Part 1)

Fergus Nash

The global pandemic has changed many of our approaches to “unnecessary purchases”. With mounting financial uncertainty, the idea of spending multiple thousands on a piece of jewellery can be hard to stomach, while the opposite thought process may be something like “treat yourself while you can”. Thankfully, there is a median option, by snapping up one of these amazing watches for under $1000.

1. Baltic HMS 002 Blue Gilt

Baltic’s approach to vintage is one of absolute elegance, retaining modest case sizes and dial design, keeping them free of unnecessary text, and keeping the price down with workhorse Miyota movements. The HMS 002 Blue Gilt has a distinctly nautical theme for a simple three-hander, with its abyssal blue-black dial begging to be read on board a 1940’s steamer by lantern-light, under the midnight stars. $332 Euros

2. Casio G-SHOCK “Casioak Mini”

If you’ve been chasing the hype train for the G-SHOCK “Casioak” but you’re worried you might not have the wrists to pull it off, Casio have answered your prayers. While they may have attempted to brand it as a ladies’ version with rose gold indices on some varieties, this 42.9mm version could absolutely be worn by anyone and proudly. Assuming they’re as popular as the previous models, we may see more colours introduced down the line too. $249 AUD. 

3. Tissot PRX Quartz

Tissot have really struck gold with the current integrated bracelet trend, releasing the PRX at the perfect time, with the perfect proportions, and perfect price. As an authentic recreation of their 1978 release, the PRX was announced bathed in purple and blue neon light with laser grids and a disco ball. Whether you settle on the sunburst blue dial, brushed white, or black, you’re bound to find the late ‘70s satisfaction you’re looking for. $550 AUD
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4. Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Bronze

Hamilton’s Khaki Field is certainly one of the best options for a military-style field watch, with its authenticity of the Hamilton brand having supplied military watches like this, and the quality they still provide. This version in bronze is an especially cool take, with the faux-aged lume matching the coppery case tones and brown leather NATO strap keeping the tones warm. The 38mm size is extremely versatile, and the hand-wound H-50 calibre is a welcome feature. $825 USD
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5. Seiko SRPG09J

The Seiko SRPG09J is a ‘60s delight, packing in a tonne of sleek sporty style that’s as versatile as anything. Although the slim bezel may give off vintage skin diver vibes, the SRPG09J is actually based on an old Seiko chronograph from 1964, with a fixed bezel and 50M of water resistance. It may not have the chronograph function of the original model, but it has all of the character. For $750AUD, it’s worth it on looks alone. $750AUD
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